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March 1, 2013
Here is the answer to your concerns regarding which cement to use for some of the new restorations we're now seeing from dental labs.

Joe Blaes, DDS


by Bisco

Here is the answer to your concerns regarding which cement to use for some of the new restorations we're now seeing from dental labs. I hope you're aware of the many opinions out there via the printed word and the Internet about which cement to use for which material. Now there is a new cement available from the proven chemistry of a trusted name in dental materials -- BISCO. Duo-Link Universal is an adhesive resin cement that has been specially formulated for the cementation of all indirect restorations. This includes crowns, bridges (fixed prostheses), inlays, onlays, and posts that are fabricated from metal, composite, porcelain, ceramic, zirconia, alumina, and CAD/CAM restorations. This cement is formulated for quick and easy removal of excess cement, and it is highly radiopaque for easy identification on X-rays for quick and effective diagnosis. This material has a high degree of conversion in light- and self-cure modes to ensure a strong, long-lasting restoration. Duo-Link Universal is easy to use in an auto-mix, dual-syringe that provides a consistent mix when prepared by an assistant. This material is made in two new shades. The Universal shade has some translucency at a low film thickness, and the Milky White shade is more opaque and can be used to mask darker tooth preparations. You can put your mind at ease when cementing restorations made of new materials by using this cement.

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Dental System™ 2013

from 3Shape

This is the latest entry into the 3-D scanner and CAD/CAM market. I was introduced to this system at the ADA meeting in San
Francisco. I was impressed, and I plan to spend more time with 3Shape at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. New features include: 1) A new, intuitive workflow progress bar that guides users through each design step; 2) Advanced implant bridges that can be designed complete with gingiva, teeth, and implant interfaces in a single-smooth workflow; 3) A new post and core solution with unique scanning and design workflows. Special scan posts capture post positions and depth from the model. All layers are designed in a single workflow, starting with the anatomy layer first. The system uses scans from 3Shape TRIOS® and 3Shape desktop scanners. 4) TRIOS® Inbox – labs can connect to TRIOS® digital impression systems anywhere in the world. The new TRIOS® Inbox enables labs to receive scans from 3Shape TRIOS® Digital Impression Systems in dental clinics and discuss cases with dentists online. Incoming cases are accepted or rejected with a single click, and a notification is immediately returned to the dentist. 5) 3Shape's new Denture Design™ software brings digital precision and efficiency to a traditionally technique- demanding process. Technicians use 3Shape's Smile Composer™ and a Gingiva Creation Tool to efficiently model highly esthetic and functional dentures. If you're looking at digital scanning for your practice, I urge you to check out 3Shape and TRIOS® before making a decision. for more information.

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