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Best Pearls For 2012

Dec. 1, 2012

Joe Blaes, DDS

SureFil® SDR® flow Posterior Bulk Fill Flowable Base

from Dentsply Caulk.

Now here is a company that listens to its customers who did not like the initial Compule packaging.
Dentsply Caulk heard from us (their customers) that we would like it packaged in syringes and now it is available! SureFil SDR flow is now recommended for three new indications. A great pit and fissures sealant, for conservative Class I restorations and it will fill in those little defects and undercuts in crown, inlay and onlay preparations as a Core Build Up material. No incremental layering, SureFil SDR flow has a unique self-leveling feature that allows it to adapt to the walls of the prep with minimum to no manipulation.

Order from your dealer or better yet arrange a hands on lunch and learn session for you and you team with your Dentsply Caulk representative. Visit for more information.

Steam Sterilization Integrator

from Hu-Friedy.

At last, a foolproof and accurate indicator of sterilization based on a chemical that integrates the three essential criteria for proper steam sterilization: time, temperature and steam. This product, when processed along with a load, indicates (within a margin of safety) whether the proper steam sterilization criteria have been achieved. The Hu-Friedy Integrator consists of aluminum foil coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive that has an embossed cavity at one end filled with a steam sensitive chemical. The dry heat melting point of the chemical is higher than the normal steam sterilization temperature. The presence of steam lowers the melting point of the chemical. This system gives the office peace of mind that the sterilization process has taken place without any guessing on colors. The product is also lead and latex free, adding even further peace of mind.

Visit for more information.

x-tra base Bulk Fill Flowable Posterior Composite

by VOCO.

I have done Pearls on several of the VOCO products because my experience has been excellent. Now comes x-tra base, a fast setting bulk fill posterior composite that cures a 4mm deep layer in only 10 seconds when using the universal shade. This 75% filled composite exhibits a low shrinkage stress, a high compressive strength (350 MPa) and a high flexural strength (133 MPa) making x-tra base a perfect foundation for your posterior fillings. Use in the open and closed sandwich technique. x-tra base will readily adapt to cavity walls and fill in all the nooks and crannies. It is highly radiopaque (350% Al) for easy x-ray identification. It is packaged in VOCO’s unique patented non-dripping (really!) syringe OR get my favorite, the unit dose caps with extra long bendable metal tips. x-tra bases come in universal or A2 shade.

Order from either Patterson Dental or Henry Schein Dental or visit for more information.

Herculite™ Ultra

from Kerr.

This is a brand that has been around for 20 plus years, with multiple studies and research reports that affirm its quality. I have used Herculite for years because of its performance and predictability. I used it because of the great wear resistance, good packing, polishing and esthetic characteristics. So while Herculite Ultra has many new benefits, the one that impresses me most is that the resin matrix now has a creamy, non-sticky consistency that makes handling and sculpting easy to produce great esthetic results. Herculite Ultra polishes quickly, easily and beautifully with a long-lasting clinical luster. True Vita® shade match gives a chameleon effect with surrounding tooth structure. This simplified shading system, combined with high wear strength and mechanical properties based on the original Herculite’s proven durability gives you a great nanohybrid composite.

Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

PermaCem 2.0

from DMG America.

One of the big questions in clinical dentistry today is what cement to use. There are so many new
types of crowns to be attached to different substrates. DMG America has answered these questions with a new self-adhesive cement that features the strongest bond to Zirconia of any leading product in this category. They have incorporated a recently developed adhesive monomer formula with the dual curing properties of PermaCem 2.0 offer an exceptional bond across all substrates. It is a single step cement, so no etching which saves time and the possibility of sensitivity in your clinical practice. It has a good viscosity and flows well under pressure. It cleans-up easily resulting in less stress and chair time for you and the patient. PermaCem 2.0 will give your patients the best in strength, stability and esthetics.

Visit for more information.

Premier® Implant Cement™

from Premier.

Dental Products provides the strength and durability of resin cements, assuring long-term performance for permanent implant-retained restorations and long-term provisionals. This cement will not wash out. The main thing about Premier Implant Cement is that it can be both a temporary and permanent implant cement. Because the retention is mechanical, the crown can be removed without destroying it. The automix syringe ensures controlled dosing and the unique two-stage autocuring makes seating the restoration and removing excess cement quick and simple. Syringe a thin layer of the cement around the inside margin of the restoration before seating. Safely remove excess cement after 2.5 minutes, during the gel phase. The radiopacity of Premier Implant Cement improves detection of excess cement. The Standard Pack has 1 5ml automix syringe with mixing tips but the Value Pack offers 3 5ml automix syringes lower price.

See a brief tutorial at

Waterpik® Complete Care Water Floss Plus Sonic Toothbrush

My patients have been asking for a toothbrush with the Waterpik and now they can have it.
Waterpik’s new Complete Care Regimen combines proven Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush technologies. Easy and more effective brushing and flossing is now possible with one convenient device that saves counter space and power outlets. This unit has a contemporary, compact design that will look good in the bathroom. It can be used with your favorite mouthwash. It has an advanced pressure control system with ten pressure settings. The unit has a high volume, covered reservoir with 90 seconds of water capacity. It has convenient covered tip and brush head storage compartment that holds five accessories. The Waterpik Complete Care comes with five Water Flosser Jet Tips and two Sensonic® Brush Heads and a two year warranty.

Visit for more information.

NuSmile® Pediatric Crown

from ZR.

I have made my last apology to a parent or a child for giving them a very ugly stainless steel crown
smile. I have found a new crown made from monolithic zirconia ceramic that look like the real thing and is 9 times stronger than natural teeth but with the lowest wear to opposing natural teeth. Our patients love the look and feel of these new esthetic crowns! Easy to place with conservative preps, NuSmile ZR offers the highest esthetics to satisfy the most demanding clinicians and parents. A unique internal retention keeps the crowns in place. These crowns offer superior durability to last until the tooth exfoliates without needing any ongoing repairs. They are anatomically contoured, strong, metal free, autoclavable and offer excellent biocompatibility! They are available in Light and Extra Light shades.

Visit for more information.

VALO Cordless Broadband LED Curing Light

from Ultradent Products, Inc.

The collimation and uniformity of a curing lights beam directly affect the amount and quality of the power that reaches the restorative site. Studies have shown that the VALO Cordless beam remains ideally collimated and concentrated to provide the optimal power and prevent hot and cold spots. The VALO weighs in at 6 ounces making it easy to hold and maneuver even for my big veneer cases. With this curing light, I am not limited to any particular materials. The LED pack offers multiple wave lengths that will consistently cure all materials within the 395 to 480 nm range including camphorquinone and proprietary photo initiators. The five degree head angle allows you to keep the light source parallel to the restoration preventing power dispersion and loss. Three curing modes – Standard, High Power and Xtra Power.

Visit to learn more.

The CS 7600 Digital Imaging Plate System

from Carestream Dental.

provides the elements need to generate intraoral images with speed and quality with a compact size to form one versatile solution. Access your first image in as little as five seconds, or scan and display a full mouth series (FMS) in just a few minutes, the system generates the high-resolution images you need for confident diagnosis. The CS 7600 is the first imaging plate system to offer a fully automated and secured workflow. Specifically designed for consecutive use, multi-patient and user management, there’s no need to reserve the system when scanning a plate. The system electronically identifies each plate prior to the exam, and then automatically routes each scanned image to the appropriate computer and patient file. Scan plates in any order with minimal user intervention and no risk of plate mix-ups.

See video at

Snap-On Smile®

by DenMat.

Many dentists avoid full mouth restorative dentistry simply because temporization can be difficult. This appliance can provide you with excellent provisionals and great esthetics. It can act as both an interim appliance in extensive reconstructive cases as well as a longer term restorative appliance. Patients looking for a non-invasive, reversible, affordable approach to restorative and cosmetic dentistry are excellent candidates for Snap-On Smile. It’s an easy, quick and affordable solution for patients who want to feel better, look better, and function better. Patients report an immediate boost to confidence and self esteem. No shots. No drilling. No adhesives. You can even eat while wearing the Snap-On Smile® appliance. Most are impressed with the natural look and feel of Snap-On Smile and are grateful for the brief time investment - about two weeks - to achieve such life changing results.

Go to to order and for more information.

Physics Forceps®

by Golden Dental Solutions.

Remove teeth with NO damage to the bone and NO broken root tips! The Physics Forceps are a
unique type of extraction system that provides:
  • Predictable and efficient extractions in less than 4 minutes
  • Atrumatic extractions where the bone is preserved
  • Elimination of root tip fractures
  • No need for elevating or laying a flap
  • Very little operator movement is necessary

The Physics Forceps are an innovative design that provides a simple mechanical advantage by employing first-class lever mechanics. Utilizing the patented “beak and bumper™” technique, you can simply and predictably extract virtually any tooth in any condition, while preserving the buccal bone and socket. The beak of the Physics Forceps is designed to apply controlled pressure parallel to the long axis of the root. The bumper acts as a simple fulcrum or pivot point.

To order or for more information visit or call 877-987-2284.

GC FujiCEM™ 2

from GC America Inc.

This next generation resin modified glass ionomer luting cement is powered by F², Flex Fuse Technology. The Flex part incorporates new high-elastic crosslinking monomers that give higher flexural strength which allows it act like a shock absorber to better resist the challenges of occlusal loads. The Fuse part is a modified filler-surface treatment that creates a strong bond between the glass particles and the resin matrix, increasing strength properties. Now you have a product that will significantly increase bond, flexural and compressive strengths to enamel and dentin and some of the most popular substrates in the dental market providing the best support for your indirect restorations. Chemical bonding to the tooth structure maintains the marginal seal which minimizes micro leakage and secondary caries. Sustained fluoride release is designed to protect the tooth structure from recurring caries.

Visit to learn more.

Zoom WhiteSpeed System

from Philips Oral Healthcare.

The new improved system is clinically proven to whiten teeth up to 8 shades is 45 minutes. The new LED light technology emits at the optimal light spectrum and then activates a photo catalyst within the Zoom Chairside Light-Activated Gel to greatly accelerate and enhance whitening results. The new design of the Zoom WhiteSpeed has an adjustable light intensity with settings of low, medium and high, making the intensity customizable for sensitive patients to ensure each patient has a comfortable treatment. Philips Zoom In-Office Whitening kit is packed in procedural order, you get all the supplies you need for every treatment, from cotton balls to IsoPrep small and universal retractors complete in a single package that includes simplified visual instructions. Each treatment comes with a Patient Post Care and Maintenance Kit that includes the Relief ACP Oral Care Gel.

Learn more at

Resin 8 Colors Scalers and Curettes

from Hu-Friedy.

Every instrument, from its proprietary metal and textured design, to the color for organization, is
designed at Hu-Friedy with one purpose—to help you perform at your best. When they created Resin 8 Colors scalers and curettes, they combined resin handles in 8 eye-catching colors with features that maximize your comfort and efficiency. The color-coding system is based on the specific area of the mouth where it is used making it simple for my hygienist Karen to find the next instrument she wants. I know that maintaining a sharp edge is important to Karen because I see how much time she spends keeping her instruments sharp. She has told me many times that a dull instrument only burnishes calculus instead of removing it. Hu-Friedy’s Resin Color Instruments are made with EverEdge® technology which keeps the working ends sharper longer.

Visit for more information.

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