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HYGIENE Pearls for your practice™

Nov. 1, 2012

Joe Blaes, DDS

Cavitron® PowerLine™, FSI-SlimLine® and Thinsert® Ultrasonic Scaling Inserts


I never could understand why my hygienists needed all those instruments. I got along quite nicely with my 2Y-3Y scaler and my Sickle scaler. That is, until one talented hygienist asked me to sit across from her and watch her work. That was a long time ago, and ever since I've been in awe of hygienists! I found out that in any given situation, one or two hand instruments or one or two ultrasonic scaling inserts is not enough. Choosing the correct instruments and inserts can help a hygienist work more efficiently and provide a higher level of comfort for her and her patients. Isn't that what we all want in our dental practices? When my hygienist has the right tools, she is much more productive and much more comfortable throughout the day. The right instruments are less stressful and prevent the common injuries that some hygienists suffer. DENTSPLY Cavitron's PowerLine™, FSI-SlimLine®, and Thinsert® Ultrasonic Scaling Inserts have given my hygienists all of the advantages that I've outlined here, while providing great tactile sensitivity. The Focused Spray® PowerLine inserts are designed to remove heavy calculus deposits quickly and easily, while the FSI SlimLine inserts are thinner to provide increased subgingival access while keeping a patient comfortable during a procedure. For really tight areas, my hygienists use the ultrathin Thinsert®. Cavitron's patented Focused Spray® technology is designed to deliver targeted lavage for increased clinician visibility and patient comfort. Additionally, my hygienist loves the Bellissima® Soft Grip that is available on all PowerLine, FSI SlimLine, and Thinsert 30k inserts, which gives her increased comfort and control with a soft, dimpled grip. I can guarantee that your hygienists will love you if you get them a variety of DENTSPLY Focused Spray inserts, particularly with the Bellissima Soft Grips.

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UltraControl Fluoride Foam

From Waterpik®.

If you treat children, I'm sure you've had at least one vomit during a fluoride application. Before I quit seeing children (except the grandkids) in my practice, every other Thursday afternoon was designated children's day. I offered a special price if parents brought all of their children in for a recall visit on a designated Thursday afternoon. My assistants, hygienists and I would see 60 to 75 children in an afternoon with six chairs. It was a sight you had to see to believe. We never knew which kid was going to throw up the fluoride, so we always kept the suction tip close by. I tell this story to introduce Waterpik's new UltraControl Fluoride Foam, which is a 1.23% APF foam for the application of fluoride to aid in the protection against dental caries. This is an extremely easy to control aerosol foam so that you have very little waste. You will use less foam, which reduces the risk of gagging and vomiting. It is a quick one-minute application, which will save the team time. UltraControl Foam also contains xylitol and is gluten-free.

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Fluoridex Daily Defense Toothpaste

From Philips Oral Healthcare.

The value of recommending and dispensing a professional fluoride toothpaste is undeniable! However, patient compliance is our foremost challenge; patients must use it consistently to be effective. Philips Oral Healthcare created Fluoridex with this in mind. Not only does it contain four times more fluoride than over-the-counter toothpastes, but it also offers the same look, taste, and feel of the most popular consumer toothpaste brands, so your patients are more likely to use it on a routine daily basis. There are four patient-friendly formulas — 1) Sensitivity Relief combines maximum strength fluoride to enhance remineralization with 5% potassium nitrate. This is ideal for patients with sensitivity caused by gum recession, enamel abrasion, and abraded dentin. 2) Daily Defense is ideal for patients with root caries, xerostomia-induced caries, and high to extreme caries risk. This formula offers your patients maximum professional strength fluoride and aids in remineralization. 3) Sensitivity Relief SLS Free provides maximum fluoride protection with 5% potassium nitrate and no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) to irritate the oral mucosa. SLS is a foaming agent that can irritate sensitive skin and cause cell sloughing. Studies have shown that using SLS-free toothpaste may be beneficial for people with recurrent aphthous ulcers, reducing outbreaks. 4) Enhanced Whitening is the first professional strength fluoride toothpaste to provide the additional benefit of whitening to keep patients' teeth healthy and beautiful.

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