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Feb. 1, 2001
The Tray Adhesive for A-Silicones ensures perfect adhesion between addition silicone-based impression materials (VPS) and minimally or nonretentive trays (metal, plastic, or resin). As an accessory to the HonigumRegistered impression-material product line, it is available now as a 10 ml bottle (Zenith-DMG product #110600).

Tray adhesive for A-Silicones

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The Tray Adhesive for A-Silicones ensures perfect adhesion between addition silicone-based impression materials (VPS) and minimally or nonretentive trays (metal, plastic, or resin). As an accessory to the HonigumRegistered impression-material product line, it is available now as a 10 ml bottle (Zenith-DMG product #110600).

Special end-user promotion for 2001: Purchase one package of Honigum® Light, receive one 10 ml bottle of Tray Adhesive for A-Silicones free. To redeem free goods for the above offer, fax a copy of the dealer invoice to Zenith-DMG at (201) 894-0213.

For more details, contact your dealer or Zenith at (800) 662-6383.

KaVo SENsit

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KaVo's new SENsit posture-pedic chair is designed to provide correct spinal position and support while working at a dental laboratory bench or office workstation. As a result, the ultra-comfortable SENsit virtually eliminates back fatigue that results from improper working positions.

SENsit conforms to your individual anatomy by employing a number of ergonomically engineered features.

The SENsit chair adjusts easily and quickly with fingertip lever action to maximize your comfort, optimize posture, and allow you total freedom of movement without stressing your back, neck, and shoulders. These adjustments are easily locked in any desired position.

For more details, contact KaVo America Corporation at (888) KaVo USA or visit

UltraDose® Germicidal disinfectant/cleaner

UltraDose® Germicidal, new from L&R Mfg. Company, has a unique detergent/phenolic structure that cleans and disinfects instruments and accessories while it cleans and disinfects the residual ultrasonic bath.

Used prior to terminal sterilization, UltraDose® Germicidal contains an effective detergent system that loosens, solubilizes, suspends, emulsifies, and removes the accumulated soiled deposits on which bacteria can thrive and proliferate.

Preclean instruments by immersing them in a presoak pan containing UltraDose® Germicidal. It will prevent contaminants from drying on instruments, ease the ultrasonic cleaning process, and eliminate all HIV-1 (AIDS virus) and a broad spectrum of other micro-organisms. Adding 1 oz. of UltraDose® to a gallon of water produces a hospital-grade, ultrasonic germicidal cleaner.

For more details, contact L&R Mfg. Company at (201) 991-5330.

PropEZ™ Plus

PropEZ™ Plus is designed to help simplify dental procedures and provide comfort and safety for the patient.

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PropEZ™ Plus is an effective, easy-to-use bite block and tongue guard/displacement apparatus. The device prevents the patient from closing down on fingers or instruments. The built-in tongue guard protects the patient's tongue from injury by inhibiting it from the procedural area. It also helps prevent contamination and provides an unobstructed view of the procedural site with no interference, resulting in reduced chairtime.

The new bite block is made of elastomer plastic and maintains a rubber-like consistency. Each PropEZ™ Plus tongue guard is molded with a "L" (left) or "R" (right) indicator for easy indication. The tongue guard also can be cold-sterilized, helping reduce cost.

For additional information, call Ultradent at (800) 552-5512 or visit

Gluma® Desensitizer Single Dose

Heraeus Kulzer announces the availability of new Gluma® De-sensitizer Single Dose. Each sealed, single-dose applicator contains 0.075 ml, enough to provide complete desensitization for one restoration. There is no need to mix liquids, light-cure, or open and close a bottle. Every patient may be assured that the application of Gluma® Desensitizer to his or her restoration is hygienic.

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Gluma® Desensitizer stops and prevents dentin hypersensitivity immediately after application by setting up multiple walls in the dentinal tubules to stop the fluid flow that causes hypersensitivity.

Gluma® Desensitizer Single Dose is available in a 40-dose carton.

For additional information, contact your dental dealer or Heraeus Kulzer at (800) 343-5336 or visit

Microetcher's™ next generation

New Microetcher™ II-A features full autoclavability by steam autoclave. Major internal improvements also provide enhanced performance with a 40 percent reduction in abrasive use. This allows the Microetcher™ II-A to be used effectively at pressures as low as 40psi.

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The patented design allows the nozzle to be rotated 360° and interchanged with other sizes and angles. The new nozzle is also slimmer in profile for greater visibility. The Microetcher™ II-A is precision machined from stainless steel with a slender .50" diameter body.

For product and ordering information, contact Danville Engineering at (800) 827-7940.

Dental Success System training presentation

Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc. introduces the Oxyfresh Dental Success System training presentation on CD-ROM. Created by dental professionals, this 65-slide PowerPoint (instructions for free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer are included) presentation shows dental offices how to support their patients' long-term oral hygiene needs safely and effectively. The presentation offers a complete alcohol-free, nonstaining program with a 16-year track record in dentistry. The presentation outlines topics such as general benefits, product profile, active ingredients, clinical uses, and displays "before" and "after" photos. Office set up, introduction to patients, and maximizing profitability are also reviewed.

For your free copy and/or additional information regarding Oxyfresh dental products, call Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc. at (800) 540-7656.

Gingival reproduction material

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Colténe/Whaledent, Inc. introduces Gi-Mask Automix A-Silicone gingival reproduction material to provide vital information for optimal functional and esthetic design in fixed prostheses or implants. Reproducing the gingiva allows the dentist and dental technician to identify the necessary references to determine the appropriate anatomical contour and emergence profile. This assists in creating restorations that are both esthetically pleasing and promote gingival health. It also depicts the gingival tissue in a natural texture and color, providing an esthetic model for preview.

Gi-Mask Automix is a polyvinylsiloxane material with high tear strength. It is offered in a 75 ml Automix cartridge with small mixing tips and extra-fine application tips for direct application with minimal waste.

For more information, contact your dental supply distributor or Colténe/Whaledent, Inc. at (800) 221-3046, Ext. 8198, or visit

Cosmetic direct laminates video

Direct Composite Lamination, a one-hour video seminar, provides an extensive background plus a step-by-step procedure for diagnosing and creating cosmetic direct laminates.

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According to the instructor, new advances in materials now allow the typical dentist to offer patients direct composite resin veneers that rival ceramic laminates in vitality. Using a direct technique, an entire cosmetic rehabilitation can reportedly be achieved in a single, three-hour appointment, bringing cosmetic dentistry to patients who cannot afford traditional restorations.

After reviewing the principles of patient selection and tooth preparation, the viewer is shown each step in an actual cuspid-to-cuspid rehabilitation.

Also covered are techniques for repairing fractured laminates, treating the severely discolored tooth, and patient home care.

Clinical Restorative Programs is an independent educational firm and receives no compensation for any of the products mentioned in its programs. For a detailed syllabus, contact Clinical Restorative Programs, 8 Fulling Mill Lane, Ridgefield, CT 06877.

Cerinate® Fast Track™ Investment

Den-Mat Corporation introduces Cerinate® Fast Track™ Investment for the fastest possible porcelain pressing. In only 15 minutes, Cerinate® Fast Track™ Investment will set and can be placed immediately into a furnace maintained at maximum burnout temperature. There is no need to operate the burnout furnace in a cyclic mode, and burnout only takes 30 minutes. Operating the furnace at a constant temperature saves wear and tear on the equipment and gains higher production at a lower capital investment.

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Cerinate® Fast Track™ Investment produces fracture-free molds and extremely smooth restorations. It is ideal for rush cases as well as routine production because it sets quickly, has a short burnout time, and divests easily and rapidly. The investment can be used with any pressable porcelain or metal system.

For more details on the Cerinate® Fast Track™ Investment, call Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 433-6628.

First online school program launched

Colgate-Palmolive launches its first-ever online school curriculum as part of its "Bright Smiles, Bright Futures" oral-health education and community-based program. The online education program is part of a new Web site,, dedicated to oral-health education.

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The program includes an in-school curriculum, community awareness activities, and mobile dental vans. The vans, staffed by volunteer dentists who conduct free dental screenings, allow Colgate to reach five million children in the U.S. every year. features a "virtual classroom" with online versions of the printed material and in-school curriculum for third-graders. In addition to the online education materials, Colgate has added a new interactive section that promotes oral-health education with fun and entertaining activities for students, parents, and teachers.

For more information about Colgate and its products, circle the number below or visit

Vital Shield fitted latex gloves

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Vital Shield Gold Powder free-size, fitted latex gloves are separately formed for both the left and right hands. This design provides optimum comfort with reduced hand fatigue. The unique "clutched-hand design," with offset thumb, relieves stress on the hand and thumb muscles, thus reducing symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The gloves contain 50 micrograms or less of water-extractable protein per gram. They are packaged 50 pair per box, 20 boxes per case, and available in four sizes: 61/2, 7, 71/2, and 8.

For additional information, contact Lenty Sales, Inc. at (800) 63-LENTY.

Composite restorative instrument kit

Ultradent Products has released its Fischer's Composite Restorative Instrument Kit. The kit is designed to address virtually all composite restorative dentistry needs.

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Each instrument is made of high-quality stainless steel and is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, even during long procedures. The instruments feature an exclusive, contoured grip allowing slip-free handling and greater hand-to-instrument comfort. The Fischer instruments have no grooves or serrations, making cleaning easy, while ensuring sterilization.

The kit includes a royal blue, flannel carrying/storage pouch; one mirror with head (threaded handle for mirror-head replacement); one composite packer; one proximal carver; one curved explorer; one small excavator; and one medium enamel hatchet.

For more information on the restorative instrument kit, contact Ultradent Products at (800) 552-5512 or visit

QuickCam - now a docking station

The QuickCam DDS 2001 allows you all the benefits of the QuickCam PC in a docking-station model. The QuickCam PC and DDS 2001 are the first fully digital intraoral video cameras. The DDS 2001 delivers the same superb intraoral camera images as the Quick-Cam PC. The light-weight handpiece can be moved from room to room and conceals a wealth of high technology features, like the autofocus. Unlike other cameras, which have a fixed depth of field or require multiple lenses, QuickCam DDS 2001 has a micro motor, which automatically adjusts to the focus and optimizes the exposure. QuickCam DDS 2001 comes with memory and foot control.

For additional information and prices, call Video Dental Concepts at (800) 323-2690.

Neosono™ Co-Pilot apex locator and pulp tester

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Satelec introduces its newest Neosono™ Co-Pilot apex locator and pulp tester. Encased in a new contemporary-designed enclosure and front panel, the unit provides dual circuitry for maximum accuracy approaching 100 percent in all canal conditions. This unique system measures in all fluids (hypocholorite, anesthetic, saline, EDTA, etc.) as well as in totally dry canals. The user-friendly Neosono™ Co-Pilot quickly pays for itself in terms of accuracy, time saved, X-rays eliminated, and patient confidence provided. The unit is self-calibrated, gives digital readouts in tenths of a millimeter, provides graphic illustration, and an audible signal.

For more details, call Satelec at (800) 289-6367.

Product Showcase brochure available

Heraeus Kulzer introduces its first Product Showcase brochure. The 22-page, full-color brochure highlights 16-plus brands. A helpful chart listing various shades, product sizes, and types is located inside the back cover.

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A Product Showcase brochure may be ordered by faxing a written request, complete with name, mailing address, and phone number, to (219) 299-6616. Allow two to three weeks for fulfillment of the request.

4mm Deep Thread Implant

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Osteo Implant Corporation introduces the 4mm Deep Thread Implant. This implant has been university and clinically tested for over five years. It has been proven to significantly increase initial stability in soft bone, such as Type 2, 3, and 4, and is ideal for guided bone-regeneration cases, such as immediate implant placement. Osteo Implant offers four diameters of implants. For prices and more information, contact Osteo Implant Corporation at (724) 658-5321.

Cool Gel disposable toothbrush

NexaDental's Cool Gel disposable toothbrushes provide your patients with a quick cleaning prior to treatment. It offers gentle foaming action that will provide your patients with an excellent cleaning. No more dried-up, rock-hard paste on the bristles. Economical and safe, each brush is individually wrapped and ready to use. There are 144 brushes in each box and 10 boxes in each case.

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The two models available include: Item #950-01 - non-pasted disposable toothbrushes for those offices that prefer to provide the toothpaste for patients at the tooth-brushing station.

Item #950-12 - Cool Gel: prepasted disposable toothbrush. This brush arrives ready to use with a clear gel dentifrice already on the bristles.

For additional information or to place your order, call (800) 437-5606, e-mail to [email protected], or visit

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