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March 1, 2008
If you were to design a new scaling handpiece, I think you'd be hard pressed to come up with a more comfortable design than the one from Hu-Friedy.
Symmetry IQ Multi-functional Piezo Device fro,m Hu-Friendly
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by Dr. Joe Blaes

Symmetry IQ™ Multi-functional Piezo Device from Hu-Friedy — If you were to design a new scaling handpiece, I think you’d be hard pressed to come up with a more comfortable design than the one from Hu-Friedy. Its large-diameter handpiece keeps my hand relaxed, so I avoid the kind of muscle strain and hand fatigue that I often experience when holding a handpiece. It also has a fiberoptic light source so I can see what I’m doing. Now, combine these great benefits with piezoelectric technology and you’re holding a scaler that’s a winner! My hygienists have been using piezoelectric scalers for more than 15 years and they’d never switch. When I gave them the Symmetry IQ to evaluate, they were thrilled with the truly user-friendly touch-pad controls that have three color-coded, predefined power settings for a variety of scaling procedures. The unit has a smooth, easy-to-clean surface that makes infection control easy. Of course, Hu-Friedy has designed an IMS™ cassette specifically for the Symmetry IQ handpiece that is available for double or single handpieces.

Now add to all of this the 100-year experience of Hu-Friedy designing and making scaling tips — and you have the Symmetry S-Series Piezo Tips. They also offer a comprehensive group of tip designs that are made to work with the Symmetry IQ generator. Included are a universal, standard-diameter tip for removing heavy supragingival deposits, a thin perio tip, a curette-style tip, and a diamond-coated tip for removal of residual debris. Last but certainly not least, the Symmetry Piezo Tips come with the patented Guardian™ Tip Carrier, which is a great torque-limiting wrench designed for safe and easy connection of the tip to the handpiece. The bottom line is that my hygienists gave this piezoelectric unit high marks as a great device — and they definitely want one! Order from your dealer, visit, or call (800) Hu-Friedy for more information.

N'Durance Composite from Septodont
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N'Durance Composite from Septodont — N’Durance is a new composite chemistry from a company I have learned to trust for my anesthetic needs. This composite was officially launched at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting last month. Much of what I am going to tell you about this composite is based on studies done at Loma Linda University and the K.U. Leuven in Belgium. N’Durance utilizes nano technology and proprietary Dimer Acid chemistry. This composite uses “N’D” conversion technology to create greater polymerization of the resin monomers while maintaining a low volumetric shrinkage — certainly something we have all been looking for. Chemistry has never been my strongest suit, but if the marketing claims are true, we are looking at a totally new concept in composites. Features such as greater strength, a final double-bond conversion of 75 percent, very low volumetric shrinkage, fast curing times, and a safer material with fewer free radicals are all on our wish lists for a better composite. I am an evaluator and I can tell you that N’Durance has great handling qualities, is not sticky, polishes well and has a radiopacity similar to amalgam. N’Durance is a universal composite for anterior and posterior use. Given the reputation of the company — Septodont — behind N’Durance, I recommend that you thoroughly investigate this new product because I think it is really on to something. This product is available through your dealer. For more information, call Septodont Materials Division at (800) 872-8305 or visit

Kolorz™ ClearShield™ from Zenith Dental
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Kolorz™ ClearShield™ from Zenith Dental — Here is a 5 percent sodium fluoride varnish that goes on clear, with no yellow discoloration, for greater patient acceptance. Like all Kolorz products, ClearShield is manufactured with proprietary flavorings developed by gourmet food industry professionals. Its child-friendly watermelon flavor is guaranteed to taste better than any other fluoride varnish, or you get your money back. Wow, you can’t lose on that one. And, ClearShield is gluten-free, contains no saccharin or aspartame, and uses Xylitol like all Kolorz products. Clear Shield comes in a convenient, hygienically sealed unit-dose package that includes an easy-to-use applicator and mixing well to ensure consistent fluoride levels. Its maximum 5 percent sodium fluoride formula offers patients long-lasting relief from dentinal hypersensitivity. Order from your dealer or call (800) 662-6383 or visit for more information.

TPH®3 flow from Dentsply Caulk
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TPH®3 flow from Dentsply Caulk — I have found just what you need in your restorative practice — a new flowable composite. Seriously, you need to take a look at this one from a leader in composites for many years. Caulk has introduced the new flowable based on the clinically proven TPH®3 composite formula. It’s a medium-viscosity flow-able for dentists who want the flowable to actually flow into those hard-to-get-to areas and not just stay where you put it. The new delivery system will really put it where you want it. The Compula® tip delivery incorporates a thin-gauge, metal cannula tip on a Compules® tip body that provides fast, easy access to posterior restorations and easy control of the flow of the material. TPH®3 flow allows precise color matching to TPH®3 composite, and its chameleon-like shading will blend into the surrounding tooth structure. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

The PASSION Centered Professional by Gary Zelesky
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The PASSION Centered Professional by Gary Zelesky — You may not recognize this author’s name, but perhaps I can help your memory if I use his nickname — The Z Man. I’ve heard Gary speak many times and have never been disappointed. It seems that he always has something new that causes me to look at my life in a different way and perhaps to make some positive changes. I love to hear — and now read — his wonderful stories that can so quickly take his audiences from tears of laughter to tears of joy with his wonderful stories about passion. The Z Man can teach you to become the person you have always dreamed of being by living your passion. If you don’t know what that is, Gary will help you find it with this amazing book! In The PASSION Centered Professional, Gary employs his trademark zest for life and boundless enthusiasm to teach you the nuts and bolts of passion and why it matters, and gives you a five-step program for exploring, defining, developing and living your passion every day. You don’t have to give up your career (unless you’re ready to), and you don’t have to live in a cave. All you have to do is listen to your soul and follow the advice of the man who knows more about passion than anyone — because he lives it! Every person who yearns for more in life should quickly order this book and find the passion for life. As Gary says, “Your passion for life creates your position in life!” To order, call (800) 558-GARY, (916) 366-3778, or visit

Venus® Smile: The Esthetic Practice Building System from Heraeus
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Venus® Smile: The Esthetic Practice Building System from Heraeus — This company has already integrated both direct and indirect restorative products through its Venus® line of products, including Venus® Composite, Venus® Flow, and Venus® Temp C&B. These products work together to help dentists provide great esthetic restorations to their patients. Earlier this year, dental laboratories specially trained and certified to deliver Venus® Porcelain restorations were introduced as Venus® Smile Centers. With the introduction of Venus® Smile, the brand further expands to include a suite of built-in, practice-building solutions that systematizes a practice’s functions around esthetic dentistry. The addition of these services helps practices gain critical efficiencies and improve practice profitability.

The Venus® brand includes Venus® Academy: on-demand clinical training and education for doctors and teams; Venus® Patient Network: direct-to-consumer marketing that includes a portfolio of well-designed, high-impact marketing and patient-education tools that can be easily customized to help practices effectively attract and educate patients — without spending a lot of time or money; and Venus® Express Patient Financing: built-in patient financing solutions offered exclusively through a leading national bank. Together, these solutions automate and streamline case planning and presentation — patient education, treatment, and management — and laboratory processes in a way that can help practices drive profitability and success. For more information on Venus® Smile or any product in the Venus® suite, please call (800) 431-1785 or visit

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