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April 1, 2008
TECO™ Total Etch Control from Zenith Dental — Here is a new approach to using an adhesive.
TECOTM Total Etch Control from Zenith Dental
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by Dr. Joe Blaes

TECOTM Total Etch Control from Zenith Dental — Here is a new approach to using an adhesive. Some might call it a backward approach, but it makes sense. By controlling the acid etching of the enamel and dentin, TECO achieves bond strengths approaching 38 MPa. TECO has it all — clever packaging, outstanding bond strength, and a one-step application system. TECO's unique single-dose dispenser (giving you the best chemistry available) lets you bond with push-button convenience. The bonding material is activated by a simple push of the "SilvR" between the thumb and forefinger, making it easy for the assistant to hold the unit for the doctor's use. Once activated, it may be used immediately with a wet or moist bonding technique. The built-in microbrush applicator easily slides out of the SilvR dose capsule. The application is simple: etch, rinse, and apply adhesive for 20 seconds, then light cure. TECO has great bond strengths, which have been measured by a University of Alabama study. It has an acetone-free formula. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

PerioWise® from Premier Dental
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PerioWise® from Premier — If you struggle to read your periodontal probe, this one is for you: the Friendly Probe from Premier. Vibrant color lines against the white probe body provide excellent contrast. At a glance, you can determine the depth of the pocket quickly and accurately. On the tip is a 3 mm green band so you can do screening exams quickly. As long as you see green, you are good to move on. PerioWise periodontal probes are very easy to read and gentle to the tissue. Slightly flexible with rounded tips, they offer greater comfort for your patients and are safe to use around implants. The probes can be autoclaved and used repeatedly. Over time, the colors will come off and they will need to be replaced, which you will be happy to do because they work so well. The multi-colored periodontal probes are available with 3-5-7-10 and 3-6-9-12 markings. A green mark from 0 mm to 3 mm indicates healthy tissue; readings in the probe"s red markings indicate the need to do a comprehensive periodontal examination. PerioWise multi-colored probes work well for quick periodontal screening or complete examinations. These probes are clearly visible when using your intraoral or extraoral cameras, making patient education very easy. The new PerioWise UNC 12 provides the same comfort and ease of use as the original multi-colored PerioWise probes, but in the popular UNC 12 style. The intense purple markings provide excellent contrast, indicating 1 mm increments up to 12 mm. These probes are recommended for complete periodontal exams. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

DownPak by EI-Endo Ingenuity, a Hu-Friedy Company
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DownPak by EI-Endo Ingenuity, a Hu-Friedy Company — You probably thought that after all these years, no improvements could be made to obturation devices. Thank goodness you were wrong! The cordless, handheld DownPak uses 3D Precision Technology to heat and compact gutta percha or Resilon used in root canal obturation. This unit is designed for more predictable endodontic treatment. It uses heat, vibration, or both to achieve a fill of the main and ancillary canals during the filling material down-packing process. I am always looking for a product that will give me consistent results every time. DownPak does it. The obturation device uses a wide variety of tips that make the following techniques possible: softening and spreading root canal filling material laterally and vertically; compacting root canal filling using vibration and heat, together or separately; removing excess root canal filling materials; and cutting plastic obturator handles. The unit has rechargeable Ni-MH battery technology, so a single charge will last an entire day of endodontics. This is truly an innovative product that will give you years of service. Order from your dealer or go to or for more information.

Maxcem Elite from Kerr Dental
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Maxcem EliteTM from Kerr Dental — I have often struggled with the sensitivity that is sometimes a byproduct of adhesive systems, so it"s great to have a cement that is not technique sensitive. Maxcem Elite eliminates the worries associated with bonding by using the same unique adhesive used in Kerr's OptiBond family of adhesives. The optimized resin matrix and filler systems improve wettability, resulting in greater adhesion and allowing for immediate tack curing and better shelf-life stability. The immediate tack-cure ability saves time at chair side. Maxcem Elite is a self-etching, self-adhesive resin cement for indirect restorations (anterior or posterior ceramics, PFMs and metal restorations, and CAD/CAM materials) with higher bond strengths and ease of use. It offers easy cleanup, and no refrigeration is required. New intraoral and root canal tips allow for dispensing of cement into hard-to-reach places. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

doctorseyes dental ring and wing lights
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doctorseyes dental ring and wing lights are a new concept in dental photography. A flash ring has been the standard for many years, but the continuous LED lighting that the doctorseyes system provides will give more depth and detail to your photos. Each group of ultrabright LEDs can be switched on or off, which allows you to choose the direction as well as the intensity of the light. This continuous lighting allows you to view your photo before the release button has been pressed. The autofocus of the camera is faster and more precise when light is already present in the oral cavity. The universal doctorseyes photo system will work with almost any digital camera. This is an extremely simple system to use with excellent results time after time. There is no need for special and complicated flash settings because continuous lighting provides optimal daylight photo conditions to produce the photos you desire. The first time I used this system, I found it to be extremely easy to produce professional images with its flexible zoom that ranges from a smile to a single tooth. The doctorseyes chin support provides a distance guide and allows for easy reproducibility. The constant light provided by the LEDs allows you to see what you will get as a final image. The 12.1 megapixel Canon A650 has a 2 1/2 inch adjustable LCD display for ease of viewing. The camera also has an image stabilizer and display grid. The system is as easy as ready, set, go, or in other words, turn it on, point, focus, and shoot. To order call (800) 200-3594 or go to or for more information.

Implants and Others...When Teeth Go Missing, by Carol Tekavec, CDA, RDH
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Implants and Others ... When Teeth Go Missing, a new brochure by Carol Tekavec, CDA, RDH – This is the newest brochure to join the Stepping Stones to Success family of products. Implants are a proven and increasingly common treatment option for patients with missing teeth. However, implant misinformation is widespread among the general public. Standard brochures do little to help patients with answers to the questions they really ask. This brochure is different. It is written in easy-to-understand terms and focuses on questions your staff will recognize as the ones they hear every day. It addresses the reasons missing teeth should be replaced (many patients do not understand this!), presents a simple description of how an implant "works," and even covers the limited nature of insurance payment for implant services. Written by Carol Tekavec, CDA, RDH, 28-year practicing clinical hygienist, insurance columnist, and ADA Seminar Series speaker, this brochure is the sixth in her popular Stepping Stones series. For more information or to read the high-quality, eight-panel brochure, go to www.steppingstones or call (800) 548-2164.

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