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Nov. 1, 2008
Flor–Opal® Varnish White from Ultradent Products, Inc. — With an innovative use of syringes, Ultradent has done it again, producing an easy, fast, effective...
Flor–Opal® Varnish White from Ultradent Products, Inc.
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by Dr. Joe Blaes

Flor–Opal® Varnish White from Ultradent Products, Inc. — With an innovative use of syringes, Ultradent has done it again, producing an easy, fast, effective, and beautifully white 5% sodium fluoride varnish. Flor–Opal Varnish White has a unique syringe–to–syringe system that eliminates separation of fluoride from the resin carrier, which assures an even distribution of fluoride throughout the varnish, and therefore, an even fluoride application for the patient. Syringe–to–syringe mixing also disperses the fluoride throughout the resin, which ensures consistent fluoride application to every tooth. And, the syringe delivery and FX Flex tip make placement effortless. The innovative FX Flex tip allows clinicians to see and control the varnish as it is expressed, for a thin, smooth, and controlled application. No more going back and forth to the well! It contains cavity–preventing xylitol sweetener, and your patients will love the flavors, which are mint and bubblegum. Flor–Opal's new white color will give both the doctor and patient something to smile about. Contact Ultradent at (800) 552–5512 or visit for more information.

Great White ® Z Diamonds from SS White
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Great White® Z Diamonds from SS White — If you have ever removed a porcelain–fused–to–zirconia crown, then you can appreciate what I'm about to describe. The first time I tried to remove a zirconia crown, I used four carbide burs, five diamonds, and about 20 minutes of my time. Zirconia crowns and copings are among today's most advanced esthetic ceramics and are gaining in popularity. While they are very strong and esthetically pleasing, they are also extremely difficult and time–consuming to access for endodontic treatment. When replacement is necessary, they can be frustrating to remove, as many of you know. Just trimming or adjusting sintered zirconia with standard diamonds and carbide burs can be challenging. Great White Z uses advanced diamond technology to cut easily through this super–hard material. You've always trusted Great White burs for your tough cutting procedures; now you can be prepared for the day you discover a zirconia coping underneath your patient's porcelain crown — with the diamond advanced enough to carry the Great White name. The Great White Z comes in specialty shapes for a slot crown removal technique, two sizes of round diamonds for endodontic access, and a football–shaped diamond for adjustment procedures. Order from your dealer or call SS White Burs, Inc., at (800) 535–2877 for more information.

Composi–Tight™ 3D from Garrison Dental Solutions
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Composi–Tight™ 3D from Garrison Dental Solutions — This long–awaited improvement in matrix band placement is easier and more accurate that ever before. Gone are the days of the screw–type retainers! Sectional matrix systems are unbeatable for predictable contacts on posterior composites, and Composi–Tight sets the standard. Garrison continually strives to make things better by asking dentists around the globe for ways to improve their sectional matrix systems. Composi–Tight 3D embodies their response and brings a new level of form and function to posterior composites. As Dr. Robert Lowe says, "Its not all contact … it's about contact and contour. With flat bands you get flat interproximal surfaces, but with Composi–Tight you get contour and contact." As a result of great materials and engineering, 3D–Rings provide maximum tooth separation. They are fast and easy to place, with a slotted bottom that fits directly over the wedge. Order direct toll–free at (888) 437–0032 or order online at

FenderWedge® from Garrison Dental Solutions
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FenderWedge® from Garrison Dental Solutions — This very new product is designed to Pre–separate and Protect™ the teeth while prepping. Conservative Class II preps are great for saving tooth structure, but can make the placement of your Composi–Tight® sectional matrix bands difficult. The FenderWedge will lend you a hand by "pre–separating" the teeth while you prepare the tooth. When the prep is done, remove FenderWedge and slide your Composi–Tight band into place. As a great, added bonus, the firm stainless steel shield protects adjacent teeth from inadvertent contact with the bur and resultant scarring of the enamel surface. This product assists in protecting natural tooth structure while saving you the hassle of having to polish out or fill in any nicks. To take advantage of a great introductory price, call Garrison toll–free at (888) 437–0032 or order online at

bluephase® G2 from Ivoclar Vivadent
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bluephase® G2 from Ivoclar Vivadent — This is the first cordless, high–performance curing light to offer limitless LED curing to the dental office. This light is suitable for every clinical situation because it can be used for the fast polymerization of all light–curing dental materials in the wavelength range of 380 nm to 515 nm. So the bluephase G2 has taken a great step forward with the Polywave LED, which makes the light suitable for all light initiators, meaning it will cure all composites. This light can be used for an unlimited period of time to cure all indications. For example, it can be used for extensive cementation procedures involving multi–unit restorations without going into automatic shutdown to cool, thanks to a very quiet built–in cooling fan. In a bench test, we ran the light continuously for 20 minutes and stopped only because I had never run a light longer than that. The light is powered by a 60–minute–capacity lithium polymer battery. Other features of the bluephase G2 include high light intensity of 1,200 mW/cm2 for reduced curing times starting from 10 seconds, a 10 mm light probe for a larger curing area, and three available modes for maximum, deep, and stress–reduced polymerization. The unit also has seamless construction of the housing for optimum practice hygiene. I was sometimes frustrated by my old light not coming on when I needed it, but the bluephase G2 solves this with the innovative movement sensor that ensures immediate readiness for operation. Order from your dealer, or for more information call (800) 533–6825.

Strong–Massad DenPlant™ Impression Tray from Global Dental Impression Trays, Inc. (GDIT, Inc.)
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Strong–Massad DenPlant™ Impression Tray from Global Dental Impression Trays, Inc. (GDIT, Inc.) — I am sure many of you are acquainted with the Massad™ Impression Tray, which was designed for the edentulous patient. Always restless and searching for new innovations in impression trays, Dr. Joe Massad collaborated with fellow team member, Dr. Samuel Strong, with one goal in mind — to create an impression tray that provided better clarity, strength, and design than conventional trays, and could be used for a variety of different procedures. Together, the entire Massad team poured months of research and development into satisfying this goal. The result is the Strong–Massad Denplant Tray, the most versatile and feature–packed tray on the market. These trays are heat–moldable, which allows you to manipulate the tray by applying heat to the area to be changed using a simple micro torch and/or hot water bath. In seconds, your tray has become a custom tray! Key features in this new dentate tray include a deep and wide tooth channel that will accommodate most dental arches, an extended handle for ergonomics, and retention slots for proper flow of material. The Strong–Massad Denplant Tray has a new feature that allows for easy removal post–impression via integrated ledges that provide a convenient lip to catch with your finger — no more fishing around inside the patient's mouth! Drs. Massad and Strong set out to produce a tray that would be suitable for a wide variety of situations and procedures. I am using their trays and I think they succeed very well. Visit or call (888) 336–8729 for more information.

ResinRock from Whip Mix Corporation
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ResinRock from Whip Mix Corporation — I have been giving a hands–on veneer course for more than 15 years, and I have had many compliments about the quality of the models that I supply for the course. There are a few reasons for this. Reason one is the person pouring the models. Attention to detail is extremely important. I started pouring the models, and then Genna (my executive assistant) came along and wanted to learn. She now does all the model work for our hands–on veneer and hands–on provisional courses, plus she books all of the courses, takes care of my travel schedule, helps with the magazine, does her best to keep me on schedule, and occasionally is a dental assistant. Reason two is the quality of the stone used to make the models. I began using ResinRock after trying a number of other dental stones. I spoke to a Whip Mix representative who was extremely helpful, and I was told that for what I was doing, the best product would be Resin Rock. It is a resin–fortified die stone that produces models of the highest quality. The unique blend of synthetic resin and alpha gypsum results in improved surface smoothness and increased resistance to abrasion and breakage. Its low setting expansion of 0.08% and dimensional stability make it ideal for implant and complex restorative cases where precision and accuracy are required. Resin Rock is easy to work with — its creamy, thixotropic mix pours easily under vibration and stacks readily. Also available is ResinRock XL5 with an increased setting expansion of 0.20%. Both are available in a number of popular colors. If you are looking for outstanding–looking models for your presentations, this is the one! Order from your dealer or go to for more information.

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