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Panavia Veneer Lc Clear Syringe

Pearls for Your Practice: Panavia Veneer LC by Kuraray

Sept. 19, 2022
Panavia is one brand that has stuck out to Dr. Joshua Austin since dental school, and with good reason. Learn about the newest addition to its product line: Panavia Veneer LC.

When I was in dental school, I didn’t know a lot of brands. I was still young and learning; I was just trying to survive every day. However, even then I knew the name Panavia and that it was the go-to cement when you needed the best bond and the most retention.

The name Panavia carries the same weight today—Panavia V5 or Panavia SA; we all know that Panavia brings great retention. This is why I was so excited to see the newest addition to the line of Panavia products: Panavia Veneer LC. Where else do we need more retention than on a veneer?

Panavia Veneer LC is a light-cured adhesive resin cement system that has excellent bond strength to enamel, dentin, glass ceramics, and zirconia. It is labeled to be used for veneers because of the light-cure aspect. There is no dual-cure component, so using it on a thick crown would not be ideal. This product is best used for anterior restorations that we can get light through (less than 2 mm thick). Using a light-cure material for veneers is a great choice for another reason: color stability. Dual-cure products often have amine-reducing agents, which can discolor over time. This gives great long-term color stability that’s perfect for veneers.

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Either Clearfil Universal Bond Quick or Panavia V5 Tooth Primer can be used on the tooth for Panavia Veneer LC. Both provide similar results; however, Panavia V5 Tooth Primer will increase the working time, and it provides a “touch cure” mechanism that seals the bonding interface before the final light cure. An increased working time with veneers is ideal as the placement can be a bit more technique sensitive. Knowing you have a little extra time to get everything where you need it to be will make your life easier.

Panavia Veneer LC is also ideal for these types of restorations because of the film thickness. At around 8 μm, it can fill any little nook and cranny, and will definitely seal the margins. The filler system that gives Panavia Veneer LC its low film thickness also gives it an excellent handle that is not runny and is resistant to sagging.

There are four shades of Panavia Veneer LC: clear, universal A2, white, and brown, and each has a corresponding try-in paste for accurate try-in. One important consideration of Panavia Veneer LC is that it should be stored in a refrigerator and brought out 15 minutes before use to get its viscosity where it should be. This is something to think about in the rush of a day. We don’t want to forget to pull it out and then try to use cold cement that won’t handle well!

Panavia Veneer LC is a great cement system for your veneers. It is strong, handles well, and is color stable. Triple to the left field gap for Kuraray!

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