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Pearls for Your Practice: Invisalign Professional Whitening System

July 22, 2022
Do you remember the first time you had a peanut butter cup? Dr. Joshua Austin explains how Invisalign is just as good.

Do you remember the first time you had a peanut butter cup? That might be a weird question, but I do. I probably remember my first one because it instantly became my favorite candy and remains so to this day. It was Halloween night, 1984. I was 5 years old and dressed as Kermit the Frog. Mom let me have three pieces of candy that night. I picked a peanut butter cup because it looked big and it had bright colors. I was hooked.

That was 38 years ago, and I would pick it again today. Something about that mix of chocolate and peanut butter in one package made bliss. And recently, I had a familiar experience in my dental practice with the Invisalign Professional Whitening System.

I love Invisalign! I really do. It is probably my favorite thing to do in my practice. However, I am not an orthodontist, so I have to be selective with what cases I treat. That means that when I see a good case for me, I need to close the deal. One of the ways I raise my chances of closing on the Invisalign cases I want to do is by adding in some value to the deal. Whitening is the peanut butter to the Invisalign chocolate. By adding whitening at no cost into our Invisalign package, we get more “Yes!” to Invisalign from our patients. Thankfully, Invisalign has made it easier with the Invisalign Professional Whitening System.

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The great thing about the Invisalign Professional Whitening System is that they use the same source of whitening I would use: Opalescence PF by Ultradent. I find there are few other products that offer as good results with as little sensitivity. The Invisalign system has two different options: at-home and in-office. At-home whitening is an Opalescence PF 10% carbamide peroxide gel made specifically to go into Invisalign aligners and Vivera retainers. With a recommended regimen of 14 overnight treatments, the at-home version of the whitening system is easy to use. When patients are in the habit of wearing an aligner or retainer at night anyway, having them add a little special Opalescence PF gel is an easy ask! Simply select the Invisalign Professional Whitening System in the Invisalign Doctor Site as you are ordering aligners or retainers to get this add-on to the patient’s Invisalign kit. Four syringes of 3-ml gel is $50.

The in-office version of the Invisalign Professional Whitening System is $75. It includes one 3-ml syringe of specially formulated Opalescence PF 45% carbamide peroxide designed to be administered chairside in three 30-minute applications. Also included is one 3-ml syringe of Opalescence PF 10% carbamide peroxide designed to be worn overnight over three nights in aligners or retainers at home after in-office treatment is complete.

Being able to offer whitening and Invisalign together is like offering your patients chocolate and peanut butter. This whitening is specifically designed to work within aligners and retainers, and is a turnkey solution for your practice. The Invisalign doctor site makes it easy to order it as you need it, as well! Plus, it will definitely help you close more Invisalign cases by adding much-desired value.