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Dr. Pam’s Practice Picks: February 2022

Feb. 8, 2022
Dental Economics Chief Editor Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz shares her current must-have products and wish list items.

My goal for all my restorative procedures is predictability. Having systems in place will promote efficiency and predictability, especially when multiple team members are maintaining burs and equipment.

KaVo SonicFlex

The SonicFlex by KaVo is awesome for smoothing margins. This is excellent for inlay preparations or when a contact is tight and gingivally placed. The SonicFlex tips idealize margins without iatrogenic damage to adjacent tooth structure.

Brasseler Bur Kits

A special thanks to Drs. Pascal Magne, Robert Winter, and Newton Fahl for creating the ideal kits for my restorative procedures! These bur kits are helpful to me to ensure my preps are efficient and well polished, but are also great because my assistants can easily replace burs when needed since the type of bur is labeled on the bur block.

Previous Practice Picks: 

Bien-Air Electric Handpieces

Electric handpieces are a must for restorative dentistry—the constant torque will ensure a smooth and efficient tooth preparation. Bien-Air handpieces have an antiretraction valve in the head of the handpiece, meaning no contaminated water can be sucked into the handpiece.

GC America’s G2-BOND Universal

Two-bottle bonding systems are back! G2-BOND Universal has Dual-H Technology—a hydrophilic primer and a hydrophobic bonding agent. It’s strong and will contribute to restorative success.

Bisco Modeling Resin

When I see my composites during hygiene visits and the cavosurface margins are smooth as glass, I always thank modeling resin. A little goes a long way, and Bisco modeling resin helps me create restorations that last a very long time.

Hu-Friedy Composite Instruments

These are my workhorses! Hu-Friedy composite instruments are awesome for packing and sculpting almost every restoration I place. The color-coding on the handles is super helpful; I ask my assistant for them by color and they are easy to find and hand over. These instruments help me work efficiently and they help to create gorgeous, lifelike restorations.

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