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Dr. Pam's Practice Picks: Winter 2021

Dec. 4, 2021
Dental Economics Chief Editor Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz shares her current must-have products and wish list items.

I’ve found that my product choices can make or break my day—I always have the most fun when there are no surprises. When it comes to dental implants, a consistent workflow has many benefits. It allows my assistant to anticipate my next move and plan accordingly, and I work most efficiently and methodically when procedures and materials are consistent. Similarly, when I use quality products, I get the most predictable results. For this new DE feature, I’ve picked some products that streamline my appointments and consistently provide the best results. You’ll see that technology is a bit of a theme; I find that it makes implant planning, placement, provisionalization, and restoration more efficient and accurate. It’s important to keep up with technology, and while I have a lot, I don’t have it all. I’ll also share with you a product that’s on my wish list!


This product is awesome! FirstPlug from 35 Newtons is specifically designed to close screw access channels; it is thick, cylindrical, and easy to place. You can cut a piece of FirstPlug the same way you cut a piece of dental floss. It has a measurement guide to encourage clinicians to dispense the amount needed, an indicator on the back so you can see the remaining material. Sometimes something this simple can make your procedures run more smoothly. 

Airflow Prophylaxis Master

One of the most important factors affecting implant success is maintenance. The Airflow Prophylaxis Master from EMS Dental is a supra- and subgingival air-polishing system with Piezon that allows dental hygienists to remove harmful biofilm around implants and underneath prostheses. Erythritol powder is used to safely remove biofilm from implant surfaces. 

OraCare Reassure Implant Care Kit

The OraCare Reassure Implant Care Kit is a great postoperative rinse for use after implant surgery. OraCare is known for its active ingredients: activated chlorine dioxide, xylitol, and aloe vera. It has been shown to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, as well as help prevent peri-implantitis. There is a gel that can be professionally applied directly after implant surgery or before abutment placement and a two-bottle rinse system for at-home use. I love using the gel when placing immediate provisionals. Patients heal beautifully and soft tissues around implants look very healthy! 

Trios 4

I’ve had my Trios 4 by 3Shape for approximately six months, and I use it for everything! I love being able to scan a case right after implant placement and have a provisional restoration fabricated in the lab. The scan can be stored, and if the provisional doesn’t require any major modifications, the permanent abutment and restoration can be fabricated from that initial scan. It’s a huge time-saver, and my implant provisionals have never been better! I used to have to go through many clinical steps to duplicate the soft-tissue contours from my custom healing abutments or provisional restorations. This scanner can perfectly capture soft-tissue contours with ease. 


We’ve all seen the negative impact of a poor emergence profile on implants resulting from food impaction, difficult maintenance, caries on adjacent teeth, peri-implant inflammation, and compromised esthetics. Prosthetically driven implant placement and proper soft-tissue support can help minimize these complications. Cervico by VPI can help you place implants in the ideal position and fabricate efficient custom healing abutments and emergence profiles for implant-supported provisional restorations (immediate or delayed). 


While I prefer fabricating screw-retained, implant-supported restorations, sometimes my patients are unhappy with the visibility of the screw-access channel. Placing Omnichroma Blocker (Tokuyama Dental) just beyond the metal-ceramic junction in the screw-access channel adequately blocks the grayness that is commonly seen when a conventional composite is used. Finishing the rest of the restoration with Omnichroma will create a virtually undetectable occlusal surface. If you prefer injectable composites, Omnichroma Blocker Flow and Omnichroma Flow can also be successfully used. I get my screw-retained restoration and my patient is happy with how it looks; everybody wins!

This one’s on my wish list: offers a complete in-office CAD/CAM solution for the modern general dentist, including software and design, milling materials, and in-office mill. BruxZir Now zirconia crowns are ready for delivery without the use of an oven! I like that this is a complete system that uses the latest technology, including artificial intelligence for restoration and abutment designs. If you have a question or need some help, support is on standby, which is incredibly valuable. I appreciate that if, after scanning, it seems that the case is better suited for the dental laboratory, it can be easily redirected for a seamless workflow. 

Editor's note: This article appeared in the November 2021 print edition of Dental Economics.

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