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Pearls for Your Practice: DualForce Sectional Matrix System by Clinician’s Choice

March 3, 2022
Joshua Austin, DDS, MAGD, discusses the features that separate this from other sectional matrix systems.

Competition is good—to paraphrase Gordon Gekko from Wall Street, it really does make everyone better. Competition allows for development and growth and makes for more and better choices in the market. Sectional matrix systems seem to be one of those niches that improve because of competition. There are a lot of great choices when it comes to sectional matrix systems, and each has a slightly different feature or tool that sets it apart from the others.

One of the latest and best entries on the market is the DualForce Sectional Matrix System from Clinician’s Choice. It is a full system that will set you up for success in restoring class II lesions. Nothing looks more dated than Michael Douglas’s Gekko walking down a beach in the Hamptons with a cell phone the size of a football. Well, nothing except a Tofflemire matrix. The age of the Tofflemire is dead, and DualForce can help bring you into the 21st century.

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The DualForce kit includes everything you need: two different rings, three sizes of matrices, five different sizes of active wedges, a pair of pin tweezers, and a set of ring forceps. Having this all in one kit makes it a simple setup with no second thoughts. So what are some features that separate this (no pun intended) from other sectional matrix systems? First, let’s talk about the thing that actually separates: the ring. The DualForce kit comes with two different rings. The green ring is designated for molars while the orange ring is designated for premolars. The DualForce rings have dual NiTi (nickel titanium) wires, which provide a ton of separation force while resisting breakage. When applied to the tooth, they have a 20-degree offset to clear things like other rings for MODs or quadrant dentistry or rubber dam clamps. Convenient! Also included in the kit is a set of ring forceps specifically made for the DualForce rings.

Another separating factor are the DualForce Active-Wedges. These wedges are designed to provide up to two pounds of separating force themselves! In many systems, the wedges are specifically for sealing the gingival of the matrix and nothing else. These active wedges and their separation force are another bonus for us in getting the best contact possible. The Active-Wedges glide easily into place with their collapsing tip that reopens once fully in place. They should be put into place with a motion similar to passing a suture. With five sizes to choose from, you can find one to fit into almost any embrasure.

The actual matrices in the DualForce kit are termed Ultra-Wrap Matrix Bands. They are thin but rigid, so they’ll slide into place without bending and still give a great contact. They’re put into place with the included punch pliers. These also make it easy to remove the matrix. They will literally punch a hole into the matrix so that it can be pulled out, which is a cool and practical feature!

The DualForce Sectional Matrix System by Clinician’s Choice is a great option for anyone looking to get more reliable interproximal contacts with their class II restorations. It has everything you need from start to finish.

Editor's note: This article appeared in the February 2022 print edition of Dental Economics.

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