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Feb. 1, 2012
In my practice, one of the greatest ideas I ever had was to get out of the banking business with my patients.

Joe Blaes, DDS, Editor

In my practice, one of the greatest ideas I ever had was to get out of the banking business with my patients. Over 30 years ago, I found a third party to finance my patients’ dentistry. However, the system we set up was not without its difficulties. Many patients were turned down because of poor credit. That made me wonder if I wanted to carry the financing on those that didn’t qualify for credit. Funny story here — I once treated an elderly patient on a fixed income. She really valued her teeth and made regular visits for hygiene. Everyone in the office loved her. However, her teeth were chipped and wearing, and fillings were no longer the answer. I knew what she needed, but I was hesitant to suggest anything.

Finally, she begged me to do something to permanently fix her teeth. I did a comprehensive examination with X-rays and mounted models, and made an appointment for a treatment consultation. At that appointment, I presented the treatment that I recommended and the cost, which as I recall was about $7,000. She was so happy! She said that she had worked on her budget and she could pay me $50 a month. I said that I wasn’t sure if she or I would still be alive when she got the bill paid off at that rate. I told her we would try to find another way for her to do it, but she left the office very disappointed. I told her we would call her on Monday. The team members were all crying and said that we should do the case for free. I said we should think about it over the weekend.

On Monday morning, before we could discuss her case, she called the office and told the receptionist that she wanted to make the first appointment for her restorations. The receptionist did not know what to say, but finally asked her how she was going to pay for it. She said her children had called over the weekend and she had told them about how disappointed she was that she couldn’t afford the restorative dentistry she needed. On Sunday, the children called back and said that they wanted to pay for restoring her mouth. She was so thrilled when she came in for her first appointment, and even more thrilled when we were all done!

I’m telling you this story to make an important point. A few years later, a company called CareCredit® was started. This year, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary in business. CareCredit has been the answer for many of my patients to be able to afford the dentistry they need and want. Since its inception, CareCredit has continued to focus solely on health care and has helped more than 20 million patients receive care. The CareCredit health-care credit card is now accepted at 150,000 enrolled practices nationwide, including veterinary, ophthalmology, cosmetic services, audiology, podiatry, chiropractic, optometry, and other specialties. Happy anniversary to CareCredit, and I give my best to Bete and Doug!

So far this winter, the weather in St. Louis has been fantastic! With very little really cold weather and no snow, the poor man-made snow for skiing has not been possible and the slopes have not opened. The snow melts as fast as they can make it. Bummer for them, but great for me! To put this in context, I am writing this on January 5th, so there is plenty of winter left. Maybe the squirrels were messed up when they were collecting all those nuts last fall!

This month, I will be travelling to Chicago for the Midwinter Meeting. Sure hope the weather is good there this year! I have been attending this meeting since I opened my practice more than a few years ago!

In March, I will be traveling to Atlanta for the 100th annual Hinman Dental Meeting. It will be my honor to be a featured speaker at this meeting. It will be difficult to miss me at the Hinman, as I am speaking all three days, doing five half-day programs. I hope to see you at one or more of these programs, where I can promise you the latest and best information on new products and techniques that can make dentistry faster, better, and more fun for your entire dental team.

Joe Blaes, DDS, Editor
email: [email protected]

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