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Dental marketing that makes a difference

Nov. 22, 2022
Giving back and attracting patients can go hand-in-hand. Today's ethically minded patients will take a close look at your practice when they learn you're involved in charitable events.

Although doing good has an intrinsic reward, that doesn't mean you shouldn't share your charitable efforts online and in your dental marketing campaigns. This helps build a positive presence for your business and is great for team camaraderie!

Patients today, especially millennials, are very socially conscious consumers. They care about receiving high-quality services and want to know that the companies they support have ethical labor practices. A Nielsen study reports that two-thirds of consumers will spend more money on a product or service from an ethically minded company. Bottom line, many of your patients and potential patients want to know what type of difference you're making in the world. They need to be confident that you're treating team members and patients with respect. They should feel like human relationships are your top priority, not selling dentistry. 

Charitable outreach creates connections called transference, which increases the perceived value of your dental practice in patients’ minds. When they see you making a difference, they assume there are other areas of excellence in your practice, such as cutting-edge technology, continuing education, quality care, and excellent customer service, not to mention reasonable pricing. 

It's not just about the quality of dental services your patients receive; they care about who provides those services. On social media with posts featuring your team and highlighting what sets you apart from other practices, you can show potential patients who you are and what makes your practice unique.

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Charitable ideas for great marketing opportunities

1. Run a one-day “Whiten for Charity’” campaign

Donate the proceeds from one day of teeth whitening in your practice to children’s charities. Remember that philanthropy fuels practice growth. When your team comes together for a common cause, this creates strength and unity. Your team and patients want to support an ethically conscious business. We've developed a simple strategy for a one-day whitening event. All the instructions and marketing materials to run the campaign are ready to go. You can download the one-day whiten for charity event complimentary materials here.

2. Become involved with a dental charity organization

Dental practices gain enjoyment and fulfillment from giving back to their communities and national organizations. Not only does it make them feel good, but it cements the practice's values and enhances its connection with patients. Dentists make a difference in people's lives by improving quality of life and health. Outreach in any way, even education, can help decrease myths regarding oral health. An often-overlooked benefit of being involved in a charity is that it can reduce burnout. The expression of gratitude involved in philanthropy can help decrease burnout. 

If you're just becoming familiar with dental charity options, here is a list of the top 16 charities for dental practices.

3. Donate to a local charity in honor of patients’ life events

As you get to know your patients, celebrate events in their lives by snapping a quick photo and posting it to your social media accounts. When you post photos, mention that you donate to a local charity. Use the life events social sign pack to make the process simple. Your social media presence speaks volumes about how much you value your patients and team. This builds your brand, strengthens relationships, and encourages people to recommend your practice.

When you post, remember that transparency is critical. People can tell when charitable efforts are sincere and when they’re being used to promote sales. Avoid trying to "sell dentistry" in your posts. For example, do not end a post inviting people to donate to a local food drive with "and make sure to schedule your next cleaning!" 

Remember to stay HIPAA-compliant when you post photos online that include PHI. HIPAA regulations require a signed authorization form for each photo that’s posted online. If you don't have a proper photo release form, you can download one here.

If you want to show potential patients that your practice culture is focused on giving back, share it! Don’t hesitate to post to your social media accounts about what you and your team are doing. When it comes to your dental website design, add a page titled "Community Outreach" where you add short descriptions and photos of your involvement. Let your charitable efforts be known! Informing potential patients that by choosing your office they are also giving back to their community lets them know that their choice matters. That's something worth being proud of.

About the Author

Adrian Lefler

Adrian Lefler is a dental marketing expert and the vice president of My Social Practice, a digital dental marketing agency. Lefler regularly travels to speak and educate dentists about dental marketing topics. You can book him to speak on this page. He lives in Draper, Utah, with his professional chef spouse, four  kids, and two dogs.

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