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Dentists Instagram Reels

How dentists can use Instagram Reels to attract new patients

April 28, 2022
Connect to new patients without giving a single sales pitch. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Have you ever come across a social media video and stopped your scrolling to watch it because it was so entertaining? If you're like a majority of social media users, then chances are you have.

As a dentist, have you ever thought about using Instagram reels for your dental office account? If you are like most dentists, chances are you have not. So, let’s talk about why Instagram reels can be a huge asset to growing your audience for your dental office Instagram account, as well as a few ideas to get you started.

Statistics show that 81% of Instagram users utilize the platform to research products and services.1 This means that many people who are scrolling on Instagram already have purchase intent or patronage in mind. However, people are on to marketing and advertising tactics and they don’t enjoy being “sold to.”

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This is where social media, and particularly Instagram, can shine. By being authentic and letting people into your world through organic content, you can market yourself, your team, and your practice without giving a single sales pitch.

You can market yourself, your team, and your practice without giving a single sales pitch.

With the most recent statistics showing that Instagram reels receive 22% more engagement than videos2—which previously were shown to reach more people than photos alone—now is the time to try them out.

The Instagram algorithm is naturally built to push the use of new trending features such as the reels feature. This means that you will reach more people by creating reels content than with other types of content on the platform.

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When it comes to attracting new patients via social media, it’s all a numbers game. The higher your reach, the higher your chances of someone in your local area seeing your content who never has before. Not only do you have the potential to reach more people, but with the varying creative options available for reels, you can also create far more engaging content for your audience.

As far as the creative options go, Instagram reels allow 15-, 30-, and now 60-second videos to which you can add music, text, GIFS, stickers, and voiceovers. For videos in which you are talking, there is even a fun new “captions” sticker option that will transcribe the audio of your video clips. This will allow people who are watching with the volume turned off to know what is being said.

The number one key to increasing the number of views that your reels get is holding a viewer’s attention until the very end. This tells the algorithm that people loved your reel so much that they wanted more. You can see that this idea favors shorter reels as it is much easier to hold a viewer’s attention for 15 seconds than for  30 or 60 seconds.

A helpful tip is to try to do something to hook a viewer’s attention right in the beginning. Ask a question, promise a surprise at the end, say something bold, or utilize special video effects.

And now that you have an Instagram reels foundation, here are three ideas to get you started.

Before and after

It’s a well-known fact that social media audiences love a good before-and-after photo. With Instagram reels, you can string together video clips showcasing before-and-after views of some of your best work. If you only have photos of your work, don’t fret! You can compile photos together to create a video in a separate video-making app that you can then upload to Instagram reels. Because people love to see real-life befores and afters, there is a good chance that viewers will hang around until the end of your reel, which will greatly expand your reach!

How-to tutorials

Is there something dental related that you feel would be helpful to demonstrate to your audience? In this scenario, you are trying to be as helpful as possible to your viewer but with a level of excitement they can’t ignore. The best how-to video reels have no more than three or four easy-to-follow steps along with a short video clip demonstrating each step. A few examples for dentists can include how to use a Waterpik, how to brush along the gumline, and how to floss with braces.

Answer common questions

What are some of the most common dental-related questions that you get asked by your patients? It’s likely that if your patients have these questions, many others do as well. In this scenario, you can even start a weekly series of reels answering some of the most common dental-related questions. A good strategy for this type of reels content would be to utilize the “captions” sticker within the reels feature to provide audio transcription so viewers don’t miss a word. Another bonus of the captions sticker is that the color can be changed to match your branding, creating a cohesive look for your Instagram page.

And now that you know the why and the how of Instagram reels, the question is, what will you create first?

Editor's note: This article appeared in the April 2022 print edition of Dental Economics magazine. Dentists in North America are eligible for a complimentary print subscription. Sign up here.


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