HR in the dental world: It's complicated

Sept. 29, 2022
HR issues are wide and varied, from knowing your rights as a boss, to figuring out how to stay fully staffed, to keeping team members content. Here's a roundup of some popular articles about these issues.

Being the boss comes with its share of challenges, not the least of which is managing your staff legally and compassionately. There are many nuances to the human resources game, often depending on the state where you work, number of employees, and government employee rights laws.

While it’s a vast and complicated topic, we’ve gathered some of the topics on dentists' minds. Read on to see what's covered in this latest gallery, including some recent HR struggles among dentists. Not only will you learn a few legal ins and outs; you’ll also gain some tips for managing the staffing shortage, keeping staff members who you do have happy, and finding out whether dentists might be partly to blame for the staffing shortage.

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