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Dec. 2, 2010
This is the next generation of the brand that set the benchmark for esthetic provisional materials in dentistry more than 20 years ago.

Joe Blaes, DDS

Luxatemp Ultra from DMG America – This is the next generation of the brand that set the benchmark for
Luxatemp Ultra from DMG Americaesthetic provisional materials in dentistry more than 20 years ago. I know that because I started using Luxatemp at that time. I remember the day I saw the ad for the original Luxatemp and told my dental assistant to order the material because, if all the claims were true, it would solve our temporary problems forever. And that is exactly what it has done for more than 20 years. Now, new Luxatemp Ultra incorporates a proprietary technology that gives it increased strength when used for temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers. Through innovation and R&D, the company has taken what I considered to be the perfect provisional material and made it even better. Luxatemp Ultra continues to deliver unmatched esthetics synonymous with the Luxatemp name. Fluorescence has been infused with the nano material to make temporaries look beautiful and more natural in all lighting conditions. In addition, the material is highly accurate with outstanding adaptation to margins. Luxatemp Ultra is also faster curing and easier to handle than before. If you liked the original, I am sure you will be happy with the new Luxatemp Ultra. Order from your dental dealer or visit with GingiBRAID+ Retraction Cords by DUX – What a nifty idea! A container for GingiBRAID with a
ShortCut with GingiBRAID+ Retraction Cords by DUXbuilt-in cutter that allows cutting any length of cord you need. This is a real time saver. No more searching for scissors to cut the cord because the cutter is built into the ShortCut. The cord dispenses with a simple turn of the dial. This is an all-in-one device that fits comfortably in your hand, and has a label that is easily cleaned and will not wear off even with continued disinfection. The amount of cord dispensed with each click, on average, is 0.4. Try three to four clicks for anteriors and four to five clicks for posteriors. GingiBRAID is a specially treated retraction cord that has great absorbency, less memory, a fast-acting hemostasis with aluminum sulphate, and low instrument penetrability. ShortCut comes in three cord sizes – 0, 1, and 2 – with epinephrine or with aluminum potassium sulphate or nonimpregnated. Your dental assistant will appreciate the convenience of ShortCut for dispensing retraction cords. Order from your dental dealer or visit Film Digitizer by VIDAR – This is the only product available for the dental office to easily scan analog
Dental Film Digitizer by VIDARdental films and create digital images. VIDAR's new Dental Film Digitizer allows dental professionals to create quality digital images from analog dental film for primary diagnostic use. It is the only scanner available that meets U.S. and European guidelines for dental applications.The digital image can legally replace the original X-ray film. An efficient and affordable solution, the Dental Film Digitizer is ideal for dental offices that are already using digital intraoral imaging but have not yet made the conversion with their panoramic and cephalometric imaging equipment. The device is compact, easy to use, connects to a PC with a USB cable, and uses a simple TWAIN interface to connect to dental imaging software. Dental films of all standard sizes can be digitized quickly; panoramic films can be digitized in just 18 seconds. Digitize intraoral, panoramic, and cephalometric films and watch the image quality actually improve. Dark, unreadable films become improved, readable digital images. The process is simply amazing. In addition, use the Dental Film Digitizer to digitize referral films sent from other offices, to digitize legacy patient record files to reclaim file space for other uses, and to digitize films for electronic insurance claims filing. VIDAR is a name you can trust since it is the world's leading medical film digitizer. In the medical market, the company partners with General Electric, Siemens, Philips, McKesson, Carestream Health, Agfa, and Fujifilm. For more information, call VIDAR at (703) 925-2371 or see the Web site at Pearl Update: Maxcem Elite from Kerr – My experience with Maxcem Elite has been for seating crowns,
A Pearl Update: Maxcem Elite from Kerrinlays, and onlays. I have been pleased. It is easy to make the material set as fast or as slow as you want. I like fast so I tack cure the margins to the gel state so that I can clean the cement easily. I do not like digging hardened cement out of contacts. So I floss the contacts to remove any additional cement while it is still in the gel stage. Once done, I cure the entire all-ceramic restoration. In my seminars, some dentists say that they are concerned with the bonding capabilities of these new cements that are self-adhesive. I tell them Maxcem Elite uses the same GDPM adhesive monomer found in the OptiBond family of adhesives. OptiBond's long-standing clinical history speaks for itself. This material is indicated for cementation of anterior or posterior composites, ceramics, PFMs and metal restorations, CAD/CAM materials, zirconia-based restorations, posts, and cementing crowns to implants. Maxcem Elite comes with a technique guide that summarizes the full instructions for use. This makes the cementation process an easy and user-friendly experience. Order from your dealer or visit Lasers and Procedures, a continuing education course from – The course is
Soft-Tissue Lasers and Procedures, a continuing education course from IneedCE.comtipped in to this issue of DE. Dental lasers are used for multiple dental procedures, including soft-tissue procedures. Soft-tissue lasers are available at varying wavelengths and powers and can be used for procedures that would otherwise be performed using a scalpel or an electrosurgical unit. Soft-tissue lasers enable safe and effective removal of soft tissue when used properly, and contribute to the efficiency and marketability of the dental office. The specific procedures that can be performed depend on the type of laser and its wavelength. The article's focus is on the use of lasers for oral soft-tissue procedures. Visit for more information and the number of CE credits for the course.
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