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Feb. 1, 2009
I spent almost the entire month of January at home. I think I drove my wife crazy, because she is not used to answering questions about her plans for the day ...

I spent almost the entire month of January at home. I think I drove my wife crazy, because she is not used to answering questions about her plans for the day — like when she is leaving and when she is coming home. She was glad to see me on the road again!

This issue of Dental Economics® has something for everyone. The “Focus On” topic is office design, and we have one of the best dental office designers in the business — Dr. Michael Unthank — authoring a great article. I have followed Dr. Unthank for many years, and have seen many of his designs. He always has fresh ideas that work together well with the wishes of the client. The final result is the creation of a beautiful office that will meet the requirements of the dentist for many years.

Michael started out his career as a dentist, and later became a registered architect, so he knows dentistry and can speak the language. I know you will enjoy his article, and I hope that when you decide to build or remodel, you will at least take his course. The time you spend with him will give you a unique insight into dental office design.

The cover story this month is a great one. Baker Dental Care is 101 years old. The practice was started by the current owner's grandfather. Not many doctors can say they have kept their practices in the same family for that many years. The new office has some great features and ideas that will inspire you.

A couple of years ago, Larry Katz, one of my best friends in the dental industry, insisted that I go to Phoenix to see Dr. Joyce Bassett's dental office. He described it as one of the most innovative dental offices he had ever seen. When I saw the office, I was blown away! Joyce has designed an office that is special, but what really impressed me is how she “brands” herself. I featured her office as a cover story in the September 2007 issue of DE, but the story was more about the office. So, for this issue, I had my best interviewer, Dr. Jeff Dalin, talk to Dr. Bassett about how she made “Smiles by Joyce” a recognized brand in Scottsdale. If you are visiting Phoenix, call her for a tour. You won't be disappointed!

Dr. Earl Douglas has finally shown me why I always thought I was losing money on my associate! I now understand after reading his article that I was actually making money. This is one article you won't want to miss! Also, don't miss Dr. Chris Kammer's article on the use of ozone in dentistry. He is probably the expert on this subject in the U.S. Finally, be sure to read my Pearls, featuring some great new products.

Speaking of new dental products, the Chicago Midwinter Meeting is at the end of the month. I have been attending this meeting for more than 40 years! I have put together a list of new products that I have had a chance to try, and I recommend you tear the list out and check out all of these great new products at the Midwinter meeting.

With all of these comments, I have barely scratched the surface of this issue. I hope you will read all of the regular columnists because they have some great ideas for your practice.

In this economy, I know we are all looking for ways to save money. I know that most dental offices accept credit cards for payment of fees. I have talked to many dentists who were paying high rates to the providers of these services. I was amazed that many doctors did not even know what rate they were paying! Some later told me they were paying 3.5 or 4%. I have found a company that has saved me thousands of dollars during the past five years with its low rates. I invite you to check and see how the company can save you money. Pick up the phone and call Leo Townsend, the president of International Payment Solutions, at (877) 684-5785, and tell him that I recommended you call. This is one call that will definitely save you money!

Next month will be our first "green" issue of DE, featuring a dental office that was built to environmental standards.

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