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Grow your practice and reduce reliance on PPOs with a dental membership program! (Sponsored)

Feb. 14, 2020
Dentists are dominated by insurance companies and getting sick and tired of being pushed around!

If you haven’t noticed, lately a shift has been happening in the dental industry. You are dominated by insurance companies and getting sick and tired of being pushed around! Practice owners struggle with the following: cash flow issues, working with insurance companies that drive down profit margins and complicate practice management, and dealing with disloyal patients who have the option to pick a dentist down the street or in the PPO network. I want to share a simple but powerful strategy that can help your practice fix or improve the above issues. 

A dental membership program is a set of plans that your office creates, and your uninsured patients pay a monthly or yearly fee to get access to certain benefits and discounts in your practice. It’s much like Amazon Prime but built for your specific dental practice. 

Benefits of membership plans

Here are some of the benefits of creating and growing your own membership program.

Monthly and yearly recurring revenue—This by far is one of the biggest benefits of creating a membership program. If set up correctly, you will automatically collect membership fees each month or each year from your patient base. This could result in collecting $10K per month to $50K per month or more. Can you imagine how this could change your practice? You will never start at zero at the beginning of each month, and your cash flow problems disappear! 

Patient loyalty—When you are signed up with a lot of PPOs, patient loyalty can go out the door. But when patients commit to your practice by paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee, they are less likely to cancel appointments or research your competition.

Increase case acceptance—Did you ever notice that when you signed up for Amazon Prime, you started spending more with Amazon? A wonderful benefit is that members buy more. My team at BoomCloud (boomcloud.com) looked into the data, and we found that member patients spend 2x to 3.5x more with a dental practice compared to nonmembers! This is one of the best ways to grow your practice revenue.

Reduce dependence on PPOs—As mentioned above, insurance companies complicate your practice. When you create and grow a dental membership program, you are creating a system that allows you to reduce reliance on the PPO networks.

Increase valuation of your practice—When you introduce true recurring revenue to your practice, this increases your practice’s value. When you have revenue coming in each month, this automatically reduces your risk of managing your business. If you are thinking about selling your practice, you will get a premium price for it. It is less risky and provides guaranteed automatic revenue!

Practice snapshot

Look at Figure 1. This is a screenshot of a practice that uses a dental membership tool called BoomCloud to create, organize, track, and automate a successful membership program.

This particular practice is generating more than $30K per month in predictable recurring revenue, which equates to more than $400,000 per year in annual revenue. They have more than 1,600 active membership patients who pay either monthly or yearly fees. How would this change your practice? How would you benefit from this type of business model? You will probably sleep better at night because cash flow is healthy and you are not starting at $0 in revenue at the beginning of each month.

Free e-book

My team and I at BoomCloud want to help your practice create and grow a dental membership program, so I have written an e-book for you. Your team will learn how to have the right mindset and strategy to grow your own dental membership program. You’ll learn how to achieve similar success as the practice we highlighted above. I have also recorded a complimentary video course for you and your team. Check it out!

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