Can you imagine this?

Can you imagine people living without secondary caries? Can you imagine if we could treat white spots noninvasively?

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In 1971, John Lennon famously asked us to imagine a different world.1 His words still resonate today, and we can apply them to our own dental world.

Can you imagine people living without secondary caries? Can you imagine if we could treat white spots noninvasively? We don’t have to imagine anymore. Let me introduce to you incredible upcoming technologies from Nobio and Greenmark Bio.


Dental caries remains the most common chronic infectious disease. About a decade ago, scientists from the Hebrew University and Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem made a major breakthrough in developing a new class of nonsoluble antibacterial materials that could be integrated into dental composites.

The active molecules were insoluble, which meant they didn’t release, fade out, or affect oral flora. They acted only on bacteria that was on the restoration surface, especially the tooth interface where the molecules were needed to prevent recurrence. Ten years and four 510(k)s later, it is a pleasure to introduce Nobio, a startup that is introducing a line of composites called Infinix, which will soon be commercially available.

“You may say I’m a dreamer,” but soon, these materials will make composite restorations one and done! “But I’m not the only one.” Stay tuned for integration of this antimicrobial into endodontic sealants, orthodontic cement, and much more.

Greenmark Bio

Imagine using starch nanoparticles that when seen under a special light illuminate enamel caries as bright as a Christmas tree. Imagine diagnosing these by asking the patient to swish during the hygiene appointment prior to moving into dentin.

Then, imagine no drill and no needle, just a gel that remineralizes the enamel to its virgin state! Imagine this same gel reversing white spots that occur due to poor hygiene during orthodontic treatment. Enter GreenMark Biomedical, another brilliant startup in the middle of a 510(k), which is working to bring this nanotechnology to your dental practice. 

Imagine the impact these technologies will have on your existing patient base and new patients to your practice. You’ll be able to improve the quality of life of those who trust their oral health to you and your team. 

You may say I’m dreaming, but thanks to Nobio and GreenMark Biomedical, these dreams will come true and arrive in your office soon. Follow these products at and  


1. “Imagine.” John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Imagine. Capitol Records. Released September 1971.

LOU SHUMAN, DMD, CAGS, is the CEO of Cellerant Consulting Group, dentistry’s leading corporate incubator and accelerator. He is a venturer-in-residence at Harvard’s i-Lab, the chairman of the technology advisory board at WEO Media, a member of the editorial advisory board of Dental Economics, and founder of the Cellerant Best of Class Technology Awards.

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