DE's Business Lab: Embezzlement—doctors do it, too

Feb. 3, 2022
If you suspect embezzlement, your instincts are probably to start paying more attention to the front desk staff. Unfortunately, doctors can steal from the practice too.

It’s a low blow when you realize that your partner, who shares your education and your code of ethics, is stealing from you. Betrayal is extremely hurtful.

I asked David Harris, CEO of Prosperident, how this even happens, and he shared examples and how events unfolded in some of the cases he's dealt with. There’s such a thing as a doctor being too detached from the business side, or of a doctor being too trusting that things are always handled correctly in his or her practice.

Many dentists have no idea what precarious situations their practice financials are in. David believes the only reason some have not been stolen from is because their staff chooses not to.

The advice David received from a dentist who has been embezzled was: trust systems, not people. This is something we should all take to heart. Listen to what else he has to say about partners who steal.

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