DE's Business Lab: What is financial articulation?

Jan. 14, 2022
Financial articulation is not much different from dental articulation: things must line up perfectly—in this case, your practice's numbers. What exactly does that mean, and why is it important?

I've had several interesting conversations with David Harris, embezzlement expert and CEO of Prosperident, and this one is no different. When we hear "articulation," we obviously think of the maxilla meets the mandible. I learned that our practices' financial articulation is not much different in that the daily reports must meet the monthly reports.

David explains that if your day-end and month-end numbers do not match exactly, there's something wrong with your financials. There's a chance someone has been changing the numbers. 

How do you keep an eye on this situation? David explains what to look for and what steps to take, a spreadsheet offered by Prosperident to help guide you, and much more. Watch as we continue to help you avoid embezzlement in your dental practice. Visit Prosperident for more information.

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