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  • Volume 113, Issue 5 (May 2023)
  • Volume 113, Issue 5 (May 2023)

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    Break the cycle of delayed treatment with Care Now, Pay Later

    May 26, 2023
    With many reasons for Americans to avoid or delay dental care, why not ease the financial burden? It's possible with new "pay later" options on the market.
    Charlie Ward
    Editorial Advisory Board

    DE Advisory Board Profile: Charlie Ward, DDS

    May 26, 2023
    DE Advisory Board member Dr. Charlie Ward shares advice for new dentists, practice ownership, wellness, and how to avoid burnout.
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    Evaluating risk when selling your dental practice

    Selling your life's work can be a scary process, but there are strategies to evaluate the risk that comes along with such a major transaction.
    Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, DMD

    Take care of yourself first and your dental practice will thrive

    Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz emphasizes how taking care of your dental practice starts with taking care of yourself. Focusing on well-being will help you and your practice thrive...
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    Science & Tech

    The true impact of 3D printing

    Dr. Chonway Tram, a private practitioner who also lectures on 3D printing, talks with Dr. Joshua Austin about the impacts of 3D printing on his practice and on dentistry.

    More content from Volume 113, Issue 5 (May 2023)

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    The Perio Tray For Gum Disease Medication Delivery
    Science & Tech

    Perio Tray therapy: Dramatic results for frustrated patients

    May 23, 2023
    In this interview, Dr. Alison Schwartz explains how her patients and her practice have benefited from this innovative tray delivery system since she implemented it in 2009.
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    When in doubt, run toward the problem

    Patient retention is one of the main factors impacting practice growth and success. Problems will arise—the answer lies in tackling them head-on.
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    Science & Tech

    Dental cementation: Evolution to revolution in everyday dentistry

    Universal resin cements have become the Swiss Army knife of cementation with various clinical applications in dentistry. This dentist explains what to consider when selecting ...
    Science & Tech

    Has pulp capping been replaced by endo treatment?

    In some cases, endodontic treatment is being done on teeth with deep caries that could have been treated with indirect or direct pulp capping. Dr. Gordon Christensen details the...
    Courtesy of Ivoclar
    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: 100 years of Ivoclar

    As Ivoclar celebrates its 100th anniversary, Dr. Joshua Austin takes a look back at its industry-changing innovations.
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    Science & Tech

    SDF application on posterior contacting axial surfaces in orthodontic patients

    Two dentists offer a technique guide for using soft dental picks to apply SDF to contacting approximal tooth surfaces on orthodontic patients who have an attached arch wire.
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    4 mistakes dental practices make with financial presentations (and how to avoid them)

    May 17, 2023
    Are you finding that many of your patients don’t accept your treatment plans? Here are some ways you may be sabotaging your financial presentations and what you can do about it...
    Courtesy of Strauss Diamond
    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Occluzinator Zirconia Adjuster/Sculptor burs by Strauss Diamond

    The Occluzinator Zirconia Adjuster/Sculptor kit is a bur block that comes with four burs, all designed to help establish or re-establish anatomy in ceramic restorations. Learn...
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    Are you aging, surviving, or truly thriving?

    May 16, 2023
    Thanks to technology and medicine, we are living longer. But there's a big difference between surviving to 100 and truly living 100 years.
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    Do you need a silent partner for your dental practice?

    IDSOs with fresh capital are driving the acceleration of dental practice consolidation and increasing the short- and long-term partnership values for larger practices. Here’s ...
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    Science & Tech

    How Composi-Tight 3D Fusion Sectional Matrix System "offers the consistency I need"

    Dr. Neville Hatfield says the most important tool to preserve and/or create the form and function of a composite resin restoration is the matrix system. He explains why Garrison...
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    2305 De Cpre P01
    Overhead and Profitability

    Dental practice co-ownership business and tax structures

    Business and tax structures become complicated in co-ownership practices. This transitions expert spells out what to do so you stay in line with the rules.
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    Less work, more joy: Your retirement should start now

    May 15, 2023
    Time to slow down the grind? Retirement is not a “someday” event or set goal—it’s a journey that begins now. This dentist has some advice based on personal experience.
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    Pay transparency laws: What you need to know

    These new laws requiring employers to publicly advertise, post, and share the pay range of advertised jobs are in effect across the country and could be coming to your state. ...
    Courtesy of Pearl AI
    Pearl AI
    Science & Tech

    Pearls for Your Practice: Second Opinion by Pearl AI

    "I realized what the power of artificial intelligence can be in dental practices, and the way I’ve decided to jump into it is with Second Opinion by Pearl AI."
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    The importance of presenting ideal dentistry

    Dentists need to overcome their fear of presenting ideal dentistry. Patients want to know their options, and this will lead to increased production.
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    What’s an airway-centric dental practice and its role in prevention?

    There's a new device that dentists in sleep and airway medicine may want to take a close look at. It's changed the lives of many patients.
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    The question on everyone’s mind: "Should I stay or should I go?"

    May 9, 2023
    "With so many DSO structures and models out there today, you don’t have to be strong-armed into the old-school DSO model anymore." Here's some advice from Gary Kadi.
    1061203788 | tadamichi | Getty Images
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    Dentistry is hard. It's OK to ask for help

    "You are not broken": Dr. Joshua Austin gets real about the "dental-mental connection" and the steps he's taken to manage his mental health and wellness.
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    Dental practice accounting: How the balance sheet can help you build a better practice

    The balance sheet provides a snapshot of what a business owns and owes. It shows the amount invested by shareholders into the business. Also, potential investors will want to ...