Management of the Oral Infection: Part 1

March 2, 2017

A peer-reviewed publication written by Ian Shuman, DDS, MAGD, AFAAID


This two-part course will review the management of the acute oral infection. Part one focuses on the essentials that must be considered when treating the dental infection including microbiology, triage, anatomy, and laboratory testing. It includes the surgical, antibiotic, and palliative actions needed in the treatment of the acute dental abscess. Part two will emphasize the treatment of oral infections due to fungal, viral, and bacterial organisms.

Educational Objectives

At the conclusion of this educational activity participants will be able to:

1. Describe the features of oral microbiology as they relate to oral infection.

2. Identify the clinical issues related to dental infection.

3. Describe the various strategies for treating the acute dental abscess.

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