Editorial Guide: Mythbusting Money: A modern guide to patients, PPOs, and case acceptance.

Oct. 28, 2019
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Editorial Guide

There are two great myths believed by many of todays’ practicing dentists. 

The first is that our case acceptance is above 90%. There isn’t a simple measurement for case acceptance from a practice management software report and patients often don’t just say “no thanks” to our faces.

The second myth is that PPOs are a necessary evil in a modern practice. I’m happy to report that isn’t true. Sure, third-party payers may be an important part of your business model right now, but what if you could drop them like a bad habit and have your practice thrive?

What these two myths have in common is that they are common assumptions that could be holding us back. In this ebook, Dr. Greg Winteregg will bust these myths and get you thinking about a more enjoyable practice future.


Chris Salierno, DDS

Chief Editor, Dental Economics

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