DE's Business Lab: What's new at DEXIS?

April 12, 2022
There's a lot happening at DEXIS that dentists will find very useful and innovative for their practices. Company president JC Kyrillos explains their new offerings.

Everyone wants easier and more streamlined in their dental practices. DEXIS is listening to us. I had the opportunity to visit with JC Kyrillos, president of DEXIS, for a few minutes at the Envista Global Summit in Austin, Texas. He discussed all the new products offered by DEXIS to help make dentists’ lives easier.

Products to enhance patient communication, communicating with specialists, and storing all your data in one place are just a few of the items JC highlights here. Learn about the groundbreaking products DEXIS has to offer that will make your everyday practice of dentistry so much easier.

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