DE's Business Lab: You might be committing fraud

March 31, 2022
Dr. Paul Bornstein has seen a lot of unintended fraud in the years he's been helping dentists. He shares what dentists and their teams should be aware of to avoid prosecution.

No well-intentioned dentist wants to commit fraud, and worse yet, wants to serve time. As the chief dental consultant for a national insurance company for many years, Dr. Paul Bornstein worked with hundreds of dentists who had no idea they were committing fraud. He shares some of their examples.

He's definitely seen what can happen when things go wrong. He shared brief examples of why some doctors went to jail. When I asked him about honest dentists making unintended mistakes, he asked if I'd ever heard of "reckless disregard." It's still fraud.

He acknowledged that one of the biggest issues he's seen is with coding. They change every year so it's important to stay up-to-date. It's also extremely important to keep accurate records and to comply with state and federal laws.

Find out if you are committing fraud and how to avoid it in this interesting chat with Dr. Paul Bornstien.

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