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“No–brainer” products

Feb. 1, 2010
E–VENT™ Fluoride Trays and Enamel Pro® Gel with ACP Technology from Premier — These are great new products that should revolutionize fluoride treatments.
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E–VENT™ Fluoride Trays and Enamel Pro® Gel with ACP Technology from Premier — These are great new products that should revolutionize fluoride treatments. I cannot believe that no one had thought of this. The new E–VENT is a patented fluoride tray that eliminates the anxiety of children and adults associated with getting a fluoride treatment. This system was designed by a practicing dental hygienist with you and your patients in mind. This disposable dual–arch fluoride tray has a saliva ejector port that is attached to a saliva ejector to evacuate saliva and excess gel, foam, or paste. The E–VENT virtually eliminates gagging. The trays are flexible so they will contour to the mouth. This makes them very comfortable. They contain no latex, phthalates, or bisphenols. But that is not the end of the story. Premier's Enamel Pro Gel is the only fluoride gel formulated to deliver amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), which provides remineralization and enhances fluoride delivery to the teeth. ACP, the most reactive and soluble calcium phosphate compound, forms on the tooth enamel and within dentinal tubules to provide an ion reservoir in the saliva. ACP rapidly releases calcium and phosphate ions to convert to apatite and remineralize. ACP acts as an enhanced fluoride delivery system to promote fluoride delivery to the teeth. Enamel Pro Gel delivers the same amount of enamel fluoride uptake as acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) gels without the addition of phosphoric acid. It offers the same advantage as neutral pH gels. This means it is safe for patients with porcelain, composite restorations, and sealants. Another advantage of a nonacidulated fluoride topical gel is that there is no dulling or etching of teeth. In addition, the taste is awesome! Karen, my hygienist, has had a great reaction from patients to the Enamel Pro Gel flavors and the E–VENT trays. I think these are “no–brainer” products that a dental practice needs. The gel comes in bubblegum, strawberry, cherry, and orange flavors. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

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Vella from Preventech — Are you tired of lumps and clumps slowing down your varnish application? Finally someone listened; there is now a varnish that smoothes out your stickiest problem. Try Vella, the 5% sodium fluoride varnish with xylitol that goes on easier. With twice as many bristles, the Preventech brush applies more product faster. They have made the container so sturdy that you can hold it closer to the mouth and wipe the brush tip easily. That means you will make fewer trips to the well, ensuring a smoother, less messy, thin layer application with great fluoride uptake. Best of all, Vella will dry quickly to a natural tooth color. Preventech offers tasty strawberry and spearmint flavors for your patients. It makes placing a varnish fun again! Order from your dealer.

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Pro–Health™ System from P&G Oral Care — This system, which was introduced at the ADA in Hawaii, combines mechanical and chemical action to remove plaque and keep it from growing back. The strength of the mechanical part rests in the Oral–B ProfessionalCare SmartSeries 5000 power toothbrush. This toothbrush in its Deep Clean mode is said to remove up to 99.7% of plaque from hard–to–reach areas. Once the plaque is removed, the next trick is to keep it off. Crest Pro–Health toothpaste contains two powerful ingredients: therapeutic stannous fluoride to protect against gingivitis, plaque, caries, and tooth sensitivity; and sodium hexametaphosphate, a stain– and tartar–fighting ingredient. Crest Pro–Health toothpastes deliver comprehensive protection for your teeth. The third component is Crest Pro–Health Rinse. This rinse contains cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) to inhibit the regrowth of plaque biofilm. It gives 12–hour protection to help fight bad breath, to prevent and reduce plaque buildup, to protect against gingivitis, to keep teeth cleaner longer versus brushing alone, to avoid the burn of alcohol, and to kill germs. Visit to learn more. Editor's Note: References available upon request.

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Micro 250/Micro 300 All–Day Magnification from SurgiTel — This is an exciting time at SurgiTel. Like all new technology, loupe designs have been improving over time with significant reductions in weight and increases in adjustability, allowing for a more comfortable fit. With over 20 years in manufacturing vision and ergonomic systems, SurgiTel has recently engineered our most comfortable magnification system to date —the Micro 250 and Micro 300. Starting with lenses weighing fewer than 10 grams, these 2.5x and 3x magnification designs were centered on the creation of a loupe that could be worn all day, without the discomfort of more traditional systems. These new designs and all current models of SurgiTel's magnifiers are available in comfortable and fashionable frame styles from Oakley, their exclusive frame provider. To order call (800) 959–0153 or visit for more information.

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Oraqix® by DENTSPLY Pharmaceutical — Many patients are needle phobics or just don't like being numb, so they decide to go without anesthesia but are uncomfortable for the whole procedure. They are often jumpy and want to stop a lot, which slows the whole procedure. Enter Oraqix (lidocaine and prilocaine periodontal gel 2.5%/2.5%), a needle–free anesthesia for adults. Oraqix has a novel formulation which allows it to change from a liquid oil to a gel when you apply it to the gingival margin and the periodontal pocket. This means that the Oraqix will stay where you put it. Oraqix has a quick, 30–second onset and provides 20 minutes of anesthesia. It is applied with an Oraqix dispenser and a blunt–tipped applicator. My hygienist is careful to tell patients that this is not an injection but rather a topical anesthetic that will keep them comfortable during the root planing procedure. Typically, a single cartridge is sufficient for one quadrant. You can use a maximum of five cartridges if longer treatment time is needed. Oraqix can be used for a single tooth, a quadrant, or the whole mouth. Order from your dental dealer or call (800) 225–2787 or visit for more information.

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