Special Report: Why Candid dropped its direct-to-consumer business

Feb. 4, 2022
Nick Greenfield, CEO of Candid, said the company is closing its 45 direct-to-consumer locations and going in 100% with its dental professional-facing CandidPro.

I had the chance to talk with Nick Greenfield, CEO of Candid, about the company's recent big news: they're closing their direct-to-consumer clear aligner business and now offering Candid 100% through the dental office. We dentists have always felt strongly that patients should be overseen by a dentist for proper aligner therapy, so this is good news.

Nick said the company learned that the more dental professionals are involved, the better the outcome for patients. Also, 80% of prospective Candid patients asked to begin their therapy in a dentist's office, so this was a natural move for the company. Candid may be cutting their income in the short term, but they feel this will pay off in the long term.

More dentists can now feel comfortable offering aligner services to patients because CandidPro offers the professional oversight of an orthodontist and dentists can set their own price. The CandidPro website and mobile app are available to answer patient questions, which will save your office valuable time.

The company is very excited to begin working closely with more dentists. Nick invites those of you with questions to reach out to him at [email protected], or visit candidco.com/candid-professional for more information.

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