LED Medical Diagnostics appoints new CEO

Feb. 21, 2014
Dr. David Gane, CEO, shares a new vision for LED Medical Diagnostics

Dr. David Gane, CEO, shares a new vision for LED Medical Diagnostics

By Joe Blaes, DDS, Editor

Dr. David Gane
  1. What does your company do? LED Medical Diagnostics is an imaging company committed to the early detection of oral cancer and other oral mucosal pathologies. It does this by promoting awareness, education, and globally marketing its flagship oral examination device, the VELscope. The company's mission is to bring to market products and services that provide dentists and other health-care providers the technology and means to improve their effectiveness while enhancing their practice value and positively impacting their patients' health.
  2. Describe your key product in more detail. Our key product, the VELscope, is an effective, easy-to-use imaging technology that assists the oral health-care provider in the early detection of a wide range of oral mucosal tissue abnormalities, including oral cancer. Based on proprietary and proven tissue fluorescence visualization, the VELscope reveals abnormalities that are invisible or only partially visible to the naked eye under ordinary white light conditions. VELscope is the first to market, and the global market leader in this product category.
  3. What is unique about your company compared to your peers? Our company pioneered the use of mucosal fluorescence visualization technology in dentistry in collaboration with the BCCA (British Columbia Cancer Agency). We have developed and refined its use for the oral environment over the last decade, and we have numerous clinical studies to support its efficacy. Compared to other products in this category, we perform more effectively due to the unique intensity and wavelength of our emitted light and the large field of view it allows. We also allow for easy photo-documentation, making it easier to share the image findings with other caregivers on the treatment team.
  4. What challenges have you had to overcome? LED Medical Diagnostics is forging a new product category in dentistry and oral medicine. We have worked over the last decade to create an industry-leading product while educating a global marketplace about the key role that oral health-care providers play in the early detection of oral cancer.
  5. What is the best thing about your job? As president and CEO, and a dentist, I enjoy having a positive impact on my colleagues' professional practices, and also the improved health we can afford their patients by helping in the detection of threatening oral diseases at their earliest stages.
  6. Where do you see the company in two to three years? LED is actually an acronym for Light Enhanced Diagnostics. We will continue to dominate the way in fluorescence visualization technology for dentistry. And true to our name, we will bring to market additional diagnostic imaging products and services that will be complementary to the VELscope. It's our plan to continue to evolve and become a leading provider of diagnostic imaging products and services.
  7. Is there anything else you'd like to add about your company? We are investing in R&D, as well as sales, marketing, and our operational infrastructure. As a case in point, we are currently expanding our sales and marketing operation to Atlanta to facilitate our business plans.
  8. From your own experience, what would you say is the secret to success in business? That's easy. Have a clear vision, a winning strategy, and share the vision with the team. Recruit and retain the very best talent, and make sure there is always enough money in the bank. Most importantly, make sure you're having fun. My father-in-law used to say, "No funny, no money." You have to love what you do and the money will follow. At LED Medical Diagnostics, we're working hard and having a lot of fun along the away.

DE Editor Dr. Joe Blaes interviewed Dr. David Gane at the recent ADA meeting. To watch the interview, visit http://bcove.me/1vnyw9en .

Dr. David Gane, CEO, LED Medical Diagnostics

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