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Use laser technology to meet the demand for cosmetic dentistry

Aug. 16, 2023
Attractive smiles are all the rage, and this popularity is your chance to satisfy patients' desire and grow your business. Offering same-day smiles makes your practice even more attractive.

During the past decade, the cosmetic dental industry has boomed. Although my practice is in Honolulu, about 40% of the patients I see fly to Hawaii to visit my office. More patients not only want to have cosmetic procedures, but they’re also seeking the best providers for high-quality results and the best for themselves.

Coinciding with increased accessibility via the internet, we’ve seen a wave of people who want to have nice smiles. Following the rise of video meetings during the pandemic, which forced everyone to look at a little box photo of themselves, we’re seeing an accelerated growth in cosmetic dentistry.

Whether they want a new smile due to congenital dental problems, severe incisal wear, or an accident involving their front teeth, we can remold someone’s life by transforming their smile and igniting a new confidence. After the pandemic, patients are yearning to experience life in a positive way, and they’re no longer waiting to spend their money on procedures they feel will better their lives. 

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How to meet demand 

In order to meet this growing demand, it’s imperative for dental practices to keep up with the most innovative technologies, including dental lasers. In my practice, I use the Waterlase iPlus and the Waterlase Express, both from Biolase. 

I turn to the Waterlase iPlus every day for periodontal repair, implant repair, and minimally invasive procedures that were once more invasive using a scalpel. The technology has revolutionized how I work on gummy smiles, making the traditional approach of laying a surgical flap to resect osseous bone and reestablish a new free gingival position now seem medieval and unnecessary. 

Using dental laser technology, we’re able to perform minimally invasive laser gum-lift procedures while we’re in the mouth doing a veneer case. By combining surgical and cosmetic procedures, treatment times are shorter for patients, putting them that much closer to a phenomenal smile. Thanks to dental laser technology, within one day I can create a smile design that changes someone’s life. 

Patients no longer want to wait years to see results, and laser technology enables what I call “instant orthodontics.” As more patients shift away from wire braces or Invisalign to veneers for instant results, “instant orthodontics” with the dental laser allows clinicians to straighten the gumline while straightening the teeth with veneers. 

Laser technology enables advanced techniques, so I’m able to save certain patients from other invasive procedures, such as jaw surgery, which requires orthognathic surgery. With the laser I can creatively think through solutions that were not there before, and correct problems that save patients time, pain, and money. This advanced laser technology has expanded the level of cosmetic treatment my practice is able to provide without having to perform unnecessary surgeries. 

Beyond esthetic appearance, cosmetic dentistry transforms patients’ mental health. Treatment is personalized, and the ability to innovatively resize teeth proportions to match each patient’s unique facial features is accomplished in little time. This plays a huge role in how patients view themselves, and when they look in the mirror and see a different smile, their confidence and self-esteem improve. 

Patients tell me they’re often approached with compliments about their smiles. People don’t realize someone has porcelain veneers because they look so natural. As their dentist, I love to hear that my patients are receiving positive feedback. Cosmetic dentistry is truly changing lives, and I love going to work every day knowing the incredible impact my practice has on helping patients look and feel their best.

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