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March 1, 2006
During my introduction to curing lights in my seminar, I often ask dentists in my audience, “Who picks out the curing light you are going to buy
bluephase® 16i LED Curing Light from Ivoclar Vivadent
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The bluephase® 16i LED Curing Light from Ivoclar Vivadent - During my introduction to curing lights in my seminar, I often ask dentists in my audience, “Who picks out the curing light you are going to buy?” The response I hear most often is, “I do.” Wrong answer. When I ask them who uses the light most, the answer is always, “The assistant.” It is important, then, that the curing light fit the assistant’s hand. The bluephase 16i incorporates the award-winning design of the bluephase that was introduced in 2004. This light will definitely fit your assistant’s hand, and your hand as well. The bluephase 16i offers a variety of design features that make light-curing easier, faster, and more effective for the clinician. The handpiece is well-balanced and lightweight, reducing hand fatigue often experienced with heavy, bulky curing lights. The bluephase 16i generates a powerful light intensity of 1,600 mW/cm2, ensuring fast, thorough curing in as little as 5 seconds. The high power also provides effective curing of light-cured cements through indirect restorations. Independent studies were conducted to ensure that at the maximum output and exposure, the bluephase 16i is clinically safe for soft and hard tissue. This curing light emits a wavelength of 430 to 490 nanometers. What that means to you is the confidence to cure all the dental materials that Ivoclar Vivadent makes. I think you can be assured that it will cure most of the materials on the market today. The bluephase 16i incorporates a high and low power along with multiple pre-set curing times and a memory to save the last power and time settings used. A radiometer is conveniently built into the base. A unique feature of the bluephase 16i is that the battery may be removed and a power cord inserted to ensure that you will never run out of power. This light brings the power to do quick curing in a sleek design that is comfortable to hold, making it an LED light of choice in my opinion. Order from your dealer or, for more information, go to

PROTECT Desensitizing Solution by Sunstar Butler
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PROTECT Desensitizing Solution by Sunstar Butler - In my practice, I find that one of the most common complaints I hear is tooth sensitivity. If you’ve been searching for a solution that works, take a look at new PROTECT. This product provides an immediate onset of action, instantly blocking the dentin tubules inside and out. Its simple, complete kit affords a quick application that does not require a curing light or special applicator. We have found that it will give both immediate and long-term relief - up to six months. You simply apply PROTECT to the sensitive area with the special applicator that is included. The solution penetrates into the dentin tubules, causing calcium and protein to precipitate from the dentin liquor and bind to create a thick, deep plug that prevents fluid movement. Pain is blocked. Order from your dealer or call Sunstar Butler at (800) 528-8537 to stop sensitivity gently and positively. For more information, visit

NeoBurr® Carbides from Microcopy
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NeoBurr® Carbides from Microcopy - These premium-quality, tungsten carbide burs are from my favorite bur company. They are precision-engineered to give you exceptionally rapid, smooth cutting performance. NeoBurrs come in three categories - operative, NeoMax metal crown cutters, and esthetic finishing. These burs can cover all of your restorative needs. The operative burs come in all the popular sizes to which you are accustomed. The NeoMax burs are for when you don’t want to waste time cutting through amalgams, composites, semi-precious and non-precious metals. You can remove crowns and old restorations with greater control and less handpiece chatter. My favorite of these aggressive burs is the no-nonsense MAX2. The 12-blade trimming and finishing burs are designed to contour and finish any material or tooth imaginable. I use them for finishing margins on inlays, onlays, and crowns. They are great for adjusting occlusion on natural teeth, or for smoothing amalgam or composite. My favorites are the 7006, 7406, 7642, 7803, and 7902. You will find as I did that you can’t beat these burs for quality and price. The next time you need burs, call Microcopy at (800) 235-1863 to order or go to for more information. You won’t be sorry!

Embrace Wetbond Resin Cement by Pulpdent® Corporation
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Embrace WetBond Resin Cement by Pulpdent® Corporation - You may know about Pulpdent because of its many products for endodontics and general dentistry. But did you know that Pulpdent has developed a well-researched line of what they call “Tooth Integrating Composites?” These materials are ideally suited to work in the moist oral environment. The Embrace line of resins will bond in the presence of moisture. Do not desiccate the tooth (a frequent cause of sensitivity) before placing these materials because they actually work best in a slightly moist field. Embrace resins are self-adhesive and require no bonding agents, so you eliminate a step and save some money at the same time. The materials provide excellent retention and marginal integrity. It is difficult to see or feel the margins of the material. Embrace exhibited excellent results when tested for marginal sealing against microleakage. Because Embrace is self-adhesive, all of this is accomplished without the use of adhesive primers, silane coupling agents, or bonding agents. It also requires no etching or drying of the tooth surface. The cement has a low film thickness of 12 microns, so you will not have to worry about your crowns seating all the way. Embrace is used for the cementation of PFM crowns, all-metal crowns and inlays, CEREC® crowns and inlays, reinforced crown and bridge ceramics, and metal and fiber posts. The material is color-stable when cured. Embrace is available in 7 g or 3.5 g automix syringes in your choice of low or medium viscosity. My clinical team really likes the automix syringes for their ease of use - just put on a tip and place the material directly into the restoration to be cemented. What could be easier? This is one of those maeterials that meets all the requirements for a Pearl. It is faster, easier, better, and less expensive. Order from your dealer, or visit Pulpdent at for more information.

Colorvue® Periodontal Probe by Hu-Friedy
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Colorvue® Periodontal Probe by Hu-Friedy - You could probably blame this on age, but sometimes I have a hard time seeing the markings on a perio probe. I recently found the very colorful Colorvue Perio Probe. Everyone in the office loves it because it is so easy to read. It is sterilizable, but over time the colors fade. When this happens, you simply unscrew the Colorvue tip from its metal handle and replace it with a new one. This is so quick and easy! Keep yourself and your hygienist happy by ordering from your dealer today. Visit for more information.

"Coding with Confidence: The 'Go To' Guide For CDT-2005" (2006 Edition) by Dr. Charles Blair
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“Coding with Confidence: The ‘Go To’ Guide For CDT-2005” (2006 Edition) by Dr. Charles Blair - In the mundane world of dental insurance coding manuals, there is a fresh face. As a consultant with experience in assisting thousands of dental practices become more profitable and productive, Dr. Charles Blair has “seen it all.” He now shares his vast experience and expertise with the dental community through his new manual. This unique book is designed to predict typical coding errors and to discover misuse and other common coding mistakes made by the mainstream dental practice. Every dental office needs this book! There’s no greater return on investment. Eliminate many of your coding frustrations. Order this insightful, 300-page manual by calling (866) 858-7596, or go to

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