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May 1, 2008
Sure-Check® sterilization pouches by Crosstex — Successful sterilization of instruments and materials is critical for everyone’s safety.
Sure-Check sterilization pouches by Crosstex
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Sure-Check® sterilization pouches by Crosstex — Successful sterilization of instruments and materials is critical for everyone’s safety. According to the ISO standards and the CDC infection control guidelines, items must be exposed to all three parameters of sterilization: time, temperature, and sterilant contact to ensure effective sterilization. So, how do you know if your instruments are really sterile? It is not enough that the indicator on the pouch turned brown. That only means the pouch heated up; the same thing happens if you put the pouch on the windowsill in the sunlight. So how can you really know? Do you add separate multi-parameter indicators to each pouch? Until now, because of limitations in technology, sterilization pouches have had only single-parameter chemical indicators printed on either the inside or outside of the pouch. These indicators only react to temperature and do not guarantee all conditions of sterilization. Crosstex Sure-Check sterilization pouches give you the assurance of confirming all three sterilization parameters with an internal/external multi-parameter indicator printed on each pouch. Exposure by saturated steam under pressure for the proper time and temperature is visibly indicated on each pouch. Sure-Check meets and exceeds the CDC infection control guidelines for effective sterilization. When used in conjunction with weekly biological indicators, Sure-Check pouches provide the highest level of sterility assurance. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

Hand Cream by Septondont
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Hand Cream® by Septodont — I have a very hard time keeping my hands in good shape. Every so often, my right index finger cracks open and bleeds. I’ve tried all kinds of creams and lotions, both over-the-counter and prescription, to stop the problem. And every winter, the corners of my fingers next to the nail get hard and break open. Nothing seemed to work until Genna recommended Septodont’s Hand Cream. It actually permeates into the skin and replenishes the moisture lost from frequent hand washing. It also forms an effective barrier against the irritating properties of my gloves. This is the first hand cream that has helped repair my dry and damaged skin. Septodont’s Hand Cream provides me with long-lasting protection. I use it every day! It is available in a 3.33 oz. tube or in convenient single-use packets, which are also great giveaways for patients. This hand cream is nongreasy and keeps hands smelling fresh all day. Order Septodont Hand Cream from your dealer or visit for more information.

FLASHlite Magna LED curing light from Discus Dental
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FLASHlite Magna™ LED curing light from Discus Dental — Discus introduces the next-generation FLASHlite™ curing light that offers faster curing with three times the output power and two times more curing area as the original FLASHlite curing light. The new FLASHlite Magna curing light is compact, cordless, and has a built-in radiometer. The new 11 mm beam is powered by three LEDs, which gives this curing light an average of 1,500 mW/cm2 of the entire beam. You will find this light is easy to handle because its weight has been kept to a minimum. When you turn the light on, it will run for two minutes and turn off. If you need more time, you simply turn the light back on. The FLASHlite Magna curing light is powered by a lithium ion battery and is charged by placing the unit on the small base unit. It has a replaceable lens cap to avoid scratches, blemishes, and cracks. It comes with a charger base, a power adapter, a light shield, a replacement lens cap, and a hardness disk. Order by calling (800) 422-9448 or visit www.discus for more information.

Avagard D Hand Sanitizer from 3M ESPE
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Avagard™ D Hand Sanitizer by 3M ESPE — This must be the month for hand care! This proven hand antiseptic contains 61 percent (w/w) ethyl alcohol in a moisturizing base and provides fast, effective bacterial kill. Avagard D instant hand antiseptic with moisturizers meets the CDC Guideline for Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings. It has been proven effective against viruses associated with common colds and flu, as well as antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and vanocomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) when tested in vitro. It feels rich and smooth on hands and helps retain skin moisture without leaving hands sticky or impacting glove performance. Avagard D instant hand antiseptic is quick and easy to use. Simply apply the moisturizing antiseptic to clean hands, wetting thoroughly with the product, and allow hands to dry. Order Avagard D instant hand antiseptic from your dealer or visit or call (800) 634-2249 ext. 1 for more information.

Walser Matrices by Vident
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Walser Matrices by Vident — This was my best find on the exhibit floor at the Yankee Dental Meeting in Boston. Since then, I have tried these Walser Matrices and found them to be faster, better, and easier — all the things a good pearl should be. I haven’t found an area where I couldn’t use them. There are 25 sizes for the upper and lower jaw with a matrix suitable for every need. These reusable matrix bands are mounted on springs and placed with an instrument to open the springs. Walser steel matrix bands feature an assortment of shapes and sizes that will virtually guarantee the perfect fit for all your matrix needs. You can fit and remove the matrix in seconds and accommodate all types of needs, including biplane fillings, MOD singles, front teeth, terminal teeth, and extra-large molars. You can band two teeth simultaneously and even fit them over a rubber dam clamp. To order or for more information, call Vident at (800) 828-3839 or visit

The Boomerang Effect for Dental Professionals, by Drs. Matt Bynum and Art Mowery, Jr.
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The Boomerang Effect for Dental Professionals by Dr. Matthew J. Bynum and Dr. Arthur J. Mowery, Jr. — This book was written by two dentists who graduated from dental school less than 15 years ago. Nevertheless, they have learned to live their professional and personal lives with a passion that I think you will want to model. Never underestimate the power of your beliefs. In “The Boomerang Effect for Dental Professionals,” you will discover how your beliefs fly like a boomerang and return to create your dental practice and personal life. More important, you will learn how to establish 10 vital beliefs that will secure more of the positive outcomes you desire. Drs. Matt Bynum and Art Mowery, Jr. are uniquely qualified to be your guides into the fascinating subject of The Boomerang Effect. Matt and Art have built the dental practices and lives of their dreams by using the information in this book. They want to share this wealth with all dental professionals. Matt and Art are like no dentists you have ever met, and the Boomerang Effect is like no dental book you have ever read. Be prepared to be inspired, challenged, and changed. To order call (888) 900-BOOM or visit to order online.

Sonicare FlexCare from Phillips
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Sonicare FlexCare™ from Philips: Consumer Lifestyle Update — I have to tell you my experience with the Sonicare FlexCare. I had been using this new brush for about 10 weeks when I had my quarterly hygiene appointment. Karen Reiner started working for me when she was in high school and became my dental assistant. She left me to go to hygiene school and has been a practicing dental hygienist ever since. I’ve been going to Karen for the past several years and she routinely reads me the riot act when I have pocketing or bleeding. At my last appointment, she was taking her measurements but stopped abruptly to ask what I was doing differently. I told her I was routinely using the Sonicare FlexCare and thought my teeth and gums felt better. She stopped to ask because she was amazed at the shape my gingival tissues were in and she knew I had made some changes. She told me that she never thought she would ever say this, but my mouth was in better shape than hers. Well, that sure made a believer out of me. Visit for more information.

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