2004 World Aesthetic Congress

April 1, 2004
Few areas in dentistry have sparked as much interest as aesthetics. This specialty offers dentists methods to help patients, often dramatically improving their appearance and confidence.

by Emily Newington, Independent Seminars

Few areas in dentistry have sparked as much interest as aesthetics. This specialty offers dentists methods to help patients, often dramatically improving their appearance and confidence. But it's also an area that can be extremely profitable and beneficial to the practitioner.

To help practitioners keep abreast of the latest global developments in this vital topic, conferences and events are becoming increasingly available. One such event quickly gaining in popularity and international attendance is the World Aesthetic Congress, held every June in London, England.

Hosted by Independent Seminars, a company that specializes in dental events management, the WAC attracts speakers and dentists from all over the globe who convene in the bustling metropolis of London to learn more about cosmetic treatments and innovations. Places for this event are limited and filling up fast. Read on to find out what you could be missing!

A huge success

Around 500 dental professionals attended the World Aesthetic Congress 2003, which was hailed as a huge success by speakers and dentists alike. The organizers report the 2004 conference seminar will be better and even bigger than the first — early and repeat bookings suggest a 20 percent increase in attendance. Essentially, the WAC promises to be the biggest and best event in aesthetics.

The 2004 Congress, which will be held in June in central London, will see more than 20 international experts gather. These distinguished speakers will convey practical and applied information and expertise of their particular dental aesthetics speciality. In-depth lectures will be complemented with a wide variety of practical sessions. The following are just a few of the big names that will be in London for 2004.

Pearls for your practice

Dental Economics' Dr. Joe Blaes will be one of WAC 2004's most prominent speakers. Because of his interest in new and innovative materials and techniques, Dr. Blaes began writing 'Pearls for your Practice' in Dental Economics. Dr. Blaes will look at clinical procedures from start to finish, highlighting the best products, materials and techniques that enable practitioners and clinical assistants to produce dentistry in the least amount of time at a low level of stress.

In addition, Dr. Blaes will lead a hands-on session, "Making Aesthetic Provisionals." Today's cosmetic dentistry patient expects provisionals that look and feel as good as finished veneers or crowns. This hands-on workshop will review the good, the bad, and the ugly history of materials. Participants will then learn the easy way to produce custom-made cosmetic provisionals that fit perfectly by using new materials and techniques that allow anyone to be successful. Participants also will learn how to use a cosmetic wax-up to make provisionals. In this workshop, they will fabricate single crowns, posterior bridges, anterior bridges, and veneer provisionals. Models and provisional materials will be supplied.

Unleash the power

Dr. William G. Dickerson lectures internationally on aesthetic dentistry and marketing for the cosmetic practice. He has published more than 100 articles on techniques and innovative uses for aesthetic restorations in leading dental journals.

Dr. Dickerson's lecture is titled "Unleashing the Power of Dentistry" and promises to be a motivating seminar for dentists and team members who want to take their practice to the next level of excellence. This win-win talk will focus on the methodology needed to create happiness and success for the entire team, and will teach participants how to use the latest aesthetic and functional techniques.

Dr. Dickerson also will present the live demonstration "Finding The Perfect Vertical and Bite," which will involve hands-on participation and an in-depth question and answer session. This program will provide the answers to the question of finding the perfect bite and will improve function and efficiency. A demonstration of the TENS bite, LVI Golden Vertical bite, and the Myocentric bite will be given. Time will be included to ask questions about the procedures and philosophical differences of functional aesthetic dentistry. A comparison of muscle comfort at different bites will also be demonstrated. This program will amaze you with its candid scientific thoroughness blended with simplicity and common sense.

Take it to the highest level

Dr. Newton Fahl Jr. is a founding accredited member of the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry and is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr. Fahl is on the editorial boards of REALITY and Practical Procedures & Aesthetic Dentistry (PPAD). He is a consultant to several dental companies.

Dr. Fahl's in-depth lecture, "Mastering Anterior Composite Restorations — Taking composites to the highest level," will provide new insight in direct composite resin restorations. Attendees will gain a better understanding of elaborate techniques and improved materials that provide long-lasting, life-like results. They also will learn how to make composite restorations that are works of art by emulating proper form, color and function.

Clinical Solutions

Arun Nayyar is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Crown and Bridge, and other professional organizations. Dr. Nayyar has made more than 200 continuing education presentations. He has published numerous research and clinical papers and has contributed to three books . He has completed research in the area of impression materials, provisional restorations, interocclusal records, and restorative management of endodontically treated teeth. He is recognized world wide for his work in the area of restoring nonvital posterior teeth, as well as information on hi-tech technology in dentistry.

Dr. Nayyar's seminar "Cli-nical Solutions for a Fixed-Restorative Practice," will discuss treatment choices that produce outstanding crown and bridge restorations in a fee-for-service general practice. Proven methods for treating worn dentition or lost anterior guidance will be illustrated with emphasis on clinical efficiency, selection and use of new dental materials, and techniques. Materials, diagnosis, and treatment selection are equally critical to ensure successful long-term clinical outcomes. The understanding of aesthetics, anterior guidance, occlusion, and management of joint pain will be presented with simple treatment solutions.

Discussion on post and core selection, porcelain veneers, choices of porcelains and resin materials, as well as impression and cementation decisions will be highlighted.

Understanding light

Past president and a founding member of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (BAAD), Dr. David Klaff is an active member of the European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. He is on the editorial board of R&AP (Restorative and Aesthetic Practice). He lectures extensively in the United Kingdom as well as Europe, the United States, and Asia on restorative and prosthodontic topics with special interests in implantology, occlusion, and adhesive dentistry.

Dr. Klaff's lecture "Understanding the interplay of light between natural teeth and synthetic materials," will discuss the nature of color, both in natural teeth and synthetic materials. The influence of the microanatomy and physiology of the natural tooth on light reflection will be described in detail. Similarly, the effect of the physical and chemical nature of synthetic materials will be described. The emphasis of the presentation will be placed upon a simplistic approach to accurate colour matching and the achieving of an aesthetic restoration, particularly with composite resin. A road map will be provided that enables the clinician to produce a seamless blend of the natural with synthetic without having to first obtain a degree in fine arts.

Dr. Klaff also will give a presentation on "The Same-day Restoration with Indirect Composite Resin." This presentation will rationalize the choice of composite resin as a primary restorative material and outline the indications for direct — as opposed — to indirect restorations. Evidence-based protocols will be described in detail, and the advantages and disadvantages of both protocols will be outlined. An innovative technique for producing chair-side, indirect restorations will be described. The technique will be illustrated by numerous clinical cases.

Surpassing aesthetics

Dr. Irfan Ahmad maintains a practice that emphasizes aesthetic, restorative, and implant dentistry. He is a member of the editorial board of Practical Procedures and Aesthetic Dentistry, and also is an active member of the European Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Ahmad will present "Surpassing Aesthetics: Guidelines for Aesthetic Dentistry." The presentation is a fusion of dentistry, psychology, and art. Conceptually, it is the culmination of ideas spanning decades. Academically, the presentations will start with a discussion about fundamental principles governing anterior dental aesthetics, including facial, dento-facial, dental, and gingival components. Each topic will be discussed at length with suitable clinical case studies and practical applications. Following this, the discussion will explore current psychological theories of brain function and their impact on dentistry. Images will be used to emphasize the fusion of science and art — which is intrinsic to aesthetic dentistry.

In addition, Dr. Ahmad will lecture on "The Importance of Biological Impression — Making for Restorative Modalities." Impression-making is a crucial factor in prosthodontics, linking the ceramist, the patient, and the dentist.

Most restorations are made using only the impression as the unifying entity of these three components. Consequently, the aim of an impression is to convey as much accurate information as possible for fabrication of the definitive prosthesis. The discussion will focus on primary and secondary determinants that influence impression-making, and how these factors can be manipulated to optimize the final result.

Get the details

WAC 2003 will be held June 11 and 12, 2004 at the Queen Elizabeth II.Conference Centre in London. In the very heart of Westminster, The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre is ideally located for visitors to take advantage of everything London has to offer. Some of London's best known landmarks provide a stunning backdrop for the Congress 2004, including Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the BA London Eye. The award-winning Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre is a premier, purpose-built venue that combines modern comfort with the very latest in technology.

Be a part of the biggest and best event in global aesthetics. Time is rapidly running out, so book today! The cost for this two-day event is $780. However, as the World Aesthetic Congress is an international event, Independent Seminars is offering a special price package for American delegates. For $1,300, dentists can attend both days of WAC and receive three nights' four-star accommodations at the Jolly St. Ermin's Hotel in the center of London! For more information, call (800) 633-1681.

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