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Biotrol introduces Wild Berry In-Office Rinse
Biotrol International introduces its newest Perfect Choice® 2% Neutral Sodium Fluoride In-Office Rinse flavor: Wild Berry.

The in-office rinse is a nonetching fluoride formula ideal for patients with crowns and composite or porcelain restorations. The rinse is ready-to-use, requiring no mixing at chairside. Packaged in a 64-oz. bottle with a pump, Perfect Choice® 2% Neutral Rinse is easy to deliver. It is available through authorized Biotrol dealers.

For more information, contact Biotrol International at (800) 822-8550 or visit

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Topex® Xyli-White™ Tooth Whitening System
Sultan Dental Products introduces Topex® Xyli-White™ Tooth Whitening System, the first custom-fit, dentist-supervised, tooth-whitening system that protects teeth with the power of Xylitol, a proven cavity fighter. Xylitol, also a natural sweetener, significantly reduces tooth decay by inhibiting the growth of plaque bacteria.

Topex® Xyli-White™ Tooth Whitening System's 15% Carbamide Peroxide Formula is gentle and effective, therefore patients can use it as little as one hour a day or wear it overnight for faster results. Each application delivered to the patient's teeth through a custom-made vacuum-formed application by their dentist, enters the enamel of discolored teeth. Discolored molecules are then released, revealing a whiter, brighter, more attractive smile.

For additional information, call Sultan Dental Products at (800) 238-6739 or visit

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LuxaGlaze® light-cured varnish
Zenith/DMG introduces LuxaGlaze®, a revolutionary new light-cured varnish for temporary restorations.

LuxaGlaze® is a one-bottle varnish for glazing the surfaces of provisional crowns and bridges. It can be light-cured in as little as 10 seconds and provides a quick, easy, and esthetically superior alternative to mechanically polishing the temporary restoration.

Surfaces glazed with LuxaGlaze® exhibit an exceptionally life-like appearance that greatly enhances the esthetics of the temporary restoration. LuxaGlaze's® glossy surface helps to minimize the accumulation of plaque and debris, providing greater protection for the involved teeth. LuxaGlaze® also seals the temporary for improved stability and stain-resistance.

To order LuxaGlaze®, contact Zenith/DMG at (800) 662-6383. For additional information, visit

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Tetric® Ceram™ Heavy Body
Ivoclar Vivadent now offers three unique consistencies within the Tetric Ceram "family" designed to satisfy different indications and personal preferences: Tetric Flow, Tetric Ceram, and the newly introduced Tetric Ceram HB (Heavy Body).

With six shades and excellent polishing properties, Tetric Ceram HB enables dentists to achieve highly esthetic results in the posterior region. The material is highly radiopaque, allowing for easy detection on dental X-rays.

With six shades and excellent polishing properties, Tetric Ceram HB enables dentists to achieve highly esthetic results in the posterior region. The material is highly radiopaque, allowing for easy detection on dental X-rays.

For more details, call Ivoclar Vivadent at (800) 533-6825.

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Opalescence Xtra Boost
In 1997, Ultradent Products Inc. radically changed professional tooth whitening with its introduction of Opalescence Xtra 35%, said to be the most effective in-office "power bleach" on the market four years running ... this year history will repeat itself.

While other manufacturers are still zooming to catch up, Ultradent has boosted in-office tooth whitening to the next level with the introduction of Opalescence Xtra Boost, a chemically activated, 38% hydrogen peroxide, neutral (pH 7) power bleach that is even stronger and more effective than original Opalescence Xtra.

Because Opalescence Xtra Boost is chemically activated, no expensive lights or lasers are needed to achieve rapid whitening results. It can be used for bleaching vital and nonvital teeth, including intracoronal bleaching. Opalescence Xtra Boost requires refrigeration, and has an 18-month shelf life. After mixing, the gel will maintain efficacy for one month when properly refrigerated.

For more details, call Ultradent Products, Inc. at (800) 552-5512 or visit

Hands-on workshops
LightSpeed Endodontics will hold hands-on workshops in Oklahoma City, OK on Jan. 25, 2002; San Francisco, CA on Feb. 8; Reno, NV on Feb. 9; Denver, CO on Feb. 15; Phoenix, AZ on March 1; Boston, MA on March 15; and New York, NY on March 22.

This workshop allows you to try it for yourself. You will see how LightSpeed Nickel-Titanium Root Canal Instruments can easily negotiate curves to the foramen, virtually eliminating zipped, blocked, perforated, or ledged canals. Its unique design provides far better tactile feedback than tapered instruments. Using LightSpeed helps to assure a clean canal ... from orifice to apex. You will also use SimpliFill, a root-canal obturation system that is so simple you can master it the very first time. Benefits include: no heat required, leaves no carrier in canal, half the cost of other systems, and no expensive equipment required.

For more information, times, and dates, call LightSpeed Endodontics at (800) 817-3636, Ext. 203 or 215, or visit

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Cool Temp® temporary material
Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces Cool Temp® automix resin-based temporary crown and bridge material. Cool Temp® makes fabricating temporaries quick and easy, without extensive chairside adjustments. An optimized elastic phase allows the material to be easily removed without distorting. Contacts are easier to establish due to low shrinkage. The result is an accurate provisional that can be trimmed and polished with little effort.

Cool Temp® is available in a Starter Kit, including two 85g cartridges in shades A2 and A3.5, two Synergy Flow syringes for easy adjustments, and accessories.

Cool Temp® is available through dental dealers. For more information, call Coltène/Whaledent Inc. at (800) 221-3046.

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Partial Denture Display Kit
Trident's Valplast® Practice Development Kit is designed to assist clinicians in demonstrating to their patients the benefits of a flexible nonmetal partial denture. The kit includes a display stand with model, patient education brochures, practice-to-patient letter stuffers and poster. All designed to help the patients understand the benefits of Valplast®. In addition, Trident offers the clinician a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

For more information on how to receive a free Valplast® Display kit, call Trident Laboratories at (800) 221-4831, or visit

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Dental Management Tools
Sally McKenzie, president of McKenzie Management and Associates, announces the newly released Dental Management Tools catalog. The catalog offers dentists and staff self-training manuals, audio and video tapes ranging from patient recall to employee performance. Newly released books on Cash Flow Management, Practice Marketing Handbook, and How to Make New Patients into Patients for a Lifetime are featured. The one-of-a-kind resource contains knowledge from dentistry's leading experts. For a complimentary copy of the catalog, call (877) 777-6151 or visit

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The ultimate for instrument washing
Tuttnauer's new Ultrawash provides efficient and thorough cleaning of valuable instruments prior to sterilization. Ultrawash is fast and easy to use. Simply push a button to start the wash cycle. Each cycle uses clean fresh water and cleaning solution to ensure that when the instruments are removed, they are thoroughly cleaned and free from any residue. The complete wash cycle takes less than three minutes. The two-part cleaning solution is citrus-based and biodegradable.

For details, contact Tuttnauer USA at (800) 624-5836.

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Infinity® Syringeable resin cement
Den-Mat Corporation introduces Infinity® Syringeable, a unique fluoride-releasing, resin-ionomer biocompatible cement. Highly recommended and clinically proven, Infinity® Syringeable provides insoluble nonmicroleaking margins with the added bonus of fluoride protection.

Infinity's® high bond strength, tough fracture resistance, low film thickness and radiopacity make it the ideal material for cementing PFM crowns and all gold restorations.

Easy to use and simple to dispense, Infinity® Syringeable requires no more hand mixing, enabling clinicians to produce a high-quality cementation every time in just a few minutes. Since there is only one product for adhesive procedures, inventory is reduced and money is saved.

For additional information, contact Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 445-0345.

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Free audiotape features Wahl and Hollett
CareCredit® offers "How Exceptional Customer Service Can Result in a Statementless Practice," a free audiotape featuring Patrick Wahl, DMD, MBA, and Lorraine Hollett, well-known dental consultants and collections experts.

In this tape, Wahl and Hollett share their insight on how a practice's financial and billing policy relate to exceptional customer service and how eliminating billing can actually improve patient loyalty. The tape also provides techniques that help reduce insurance dependency and Wahl and Hollett share their three magic words that can increase the success of collections by 67 percent.

Practices can receive their free copy of Wahl and Hollett's audiotape by calling CareCredit at (800) 300-3046, Ext. 519.

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Bendable Dispensing Tip
Microbrush® Corp. introduces the new Flowthru® Standard-Style Dispensing Tips. The disposable plastic applicators are designed for use in place of standard Luer Lock needle tips. The plastic tip can bend up to 90° without pinching, and greatly reduces needle phobia. A threaded locking system ensures that the Flowthru® Standard-Style applicators are securely fastened to the syringe when dispensing material. The applicators have a protective ring along the base to prevent waste material from reaching the threads, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The applicators are available in 18, 20, 22, and 25 gauges and are coded to their respective ISO colors. The applicators are available in packages of 100.

For additional information, contact your local dealer or visit

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CD-ROM offers interactive approach to better tissue management
Ultradent Products Inc. introduces an interactive Tissue Management CD-ROM. The program features step-by-step, clinical applications of effective tissue-management techniques, materials, and delivery devices.

The CD-ROM features an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate interface. It provides clinicians with a hands-on tissue-management learning tool, loaded with full-length video, clinical demonstrations of infusion techniques and procedures used to achieve profound hemostasis, sulcular fluid control, and gingival displacement for unsurpassed impressions.

The CD-ROM, available for Windows- and Macintosh-based operating systems, allows the user to easily connect and access Ultradent's e-mail and Web site:

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Endo-Assist Ring
The Endo-Assist Ring is a unique organizer to hold your entire Endo Procedure Armentarium. The organizer has a built-in millimeter gauge that measures files and positions a rubber stopper. It is designed for right- or left-hand use. A flat bottom enables the assist ring to stand freely on its own. It comes with 12 disposable foam inserts, available in nine colors, and is autoclavable.

For more details, contact Zirc Company at (800) 328-3899 or visit

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Silicone release agent
Dental Resources has added a can of silicone release agent to its product line. The new silicone is in an 18-oz. spray format and it works great as a release agent for vacuum formers and soft thermoplastics. So, when making appliances like bleaching trays, mouthguards, soft splints, etc., this new silicone release agent will keep the thermoplastic from sticking to the vacuum formers.

For additional information, contact Dental Resources at (800) 328-1276.

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Cuspid Traction System
Technique chain and grid-traction system is designed to provide an easy way to attach to a pre-emerged tooth so an orthodontic device can be used to draw the tooth into proper position. The new AMA-09 Technique Kit contains 10 cuspid chain/grids, six ligual buttons on mesh, nonetch glass ionomer bonding agent, Sulpak pellets and retraction cord, squeeze-to-release instrument, all contained in a newly designed case.

Chain and grid refills are also offered in cuspid, molar, bicuspid, and incisor styles.

For more information, contact Aseptico, Inc. at (800) 426-5913 or visit

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