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The Key to Unlocking New Profit with Dentures

April 1, 2008
I am often asked by dentists, "How do you make a profit with dentures?" Making dentures is no longer set in stone.
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by Dr. William "Bob" Price, Founder, CEO, Altadonics

I am often asked by dentists, "How do you make a profit with dentures?" Making dentures is no longer set in stone. We"ve devised a system of creating and recording dentures that builds not only your bottom line, but also your patients" comfort, confidence, and convenience.

Most of us have become frustrated with the old technique we learned in dental school. We follow all the steps. We use the best labs. Sometimes we spend three or more doctor hours, all the while producing a beautiful piece of dental work. There"s just one big problem: the patient doesn"t like the new dentures nearly as much as the old ones. Why?

Let's first look at the U.S. market. There are an estimated 52 million denture units being worn today in the U.S. "The adult population in need of one or two complete dentures will increase from 33.6 million adults in 1991 to 37.9 million adults in 2020." The average age of these units is 17 to 18 years old. After four years of confirming this data clinically, I believe this average age not only to be correct, but also a deep concern.

Here"s what I concluded from my recent research:

• Most dentures are unhealthy disease sponges.

An 18-year-old denture needs to be remade. Studies indicate 50 percent of these are infected with yeast, which causes contact stomatitis.2

• It's not the dollars, it's the discomfort.

Your patients are not stubborn or cheap, they just know comfort when they feel it. Cost is not the reason they continue to wear old dentures; loss of "happy denture comfort" is the reason. How many times do they tell you, "I want a new denture that feels like my old denture"? Academic research indicates "… older people usually adapt poorly to new dentures, which probably explains why they seldom return to have old but familiar dentures replaced."3

• Not in my practice!

Half of all dentists will not even do dentures because they feel they're too time-consuming, unpredictable, and unprofitable.

Altadonics can solve these issues by providing predictability, accuracy, and profitability for the dentist, along with the comfort, convenience and peace of mind for the patient.

The Altadonics Process ...

  1. captures the comfort in the Altadonics mold
  2. remakes the denture with new acrylic, new teeth, old borders, and old comfort
  3. adds new function based on old function
  4. adds long-term security by having Altadonics store the mold
  5. restores comfort, beauty, function, and security to the patient at an affordable cost.

Altadonics can show you how to make denture patients happy and make a profit in a more predictable and logical way. The accurate and prompt service means patients have new or replacement dentures in less time, with fewer post-op visits. Please contact Altadonics and we will assist you in adding us to your practice. For more information or to get started, call toll free (866) 221-7061. You won't have to pay any franchise fees; in fact, there's no cost to enter other than purchasing your initial supply of mold kits.

Dr. William Price has practiced dentistry for 35 years and founded Altadonics, which has developed a revolutionary new denture replacement process that allows denture patients to keep the same comfort of their existing dentures for their entire lifetime. He can be reached via e-mail at [email protected], through the Web at, or by calling (866) 221-7061 or direct at (336) 722-0071.

References available upon request.

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