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Oral-B® launches new home-care line
Oral-B Laboratories recently announced the launch of Oral-B® Stages™, an innovative line of toothbrushes designed to meet the evolving needs of children at different stages of dental development — from infancy to preteen years.

Each toothbrush addresses the 3D's of children's oral care: dentition, dexterity, and development. All Oral-B® Stages™ toothbrushes share several innovative features. Each has a cushioned head to help protect tender gums during brushing and Indicator® bristles that signal when to replace the toothbrush for optimal cleaning.

Oral-B® Stages™ will be available to dental professionals beginning next month for $10.95 per dozen for Oral-B Guaranteed Savings Plan customers. In addition, a variety pack of toothpaste sachets will include: Mickey Mouse and Friends, Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Buzz Lightyear, and Disney Princesses.

Dental professionals may call Oral-B at (800) 44-ORALB for more information and samples or visit

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Partial Denture Display Kit
Trident's Valplast® Practice Development Kit is designed to assist clinicians in demonstrating to their patients the benefits of a flexible nonmetal partial denture. The kit includes a display stand with model, patient education brochures, practice-to-patient letter stuffers and poster. All designed to help the patients understand the benefits of Valplast®. In addition, Trident offers the clinician a lifetime guarantee against breakage.

For additional information on how to receive a free Valplast® Display Kit, call Trident Laboratories at (800) 221-4831, or visit

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Disposable syringe has dispensing options
Zenith/DMG has released Smartmix®, an innovative handheld disposable syringe that gives dentists a wider range of automix dispensing options.

Smartmix® is a compact double-barreled dispensing syringe designed to make automatic mixing and dispensing quick, easy, and mess-free. Smartmix® products are supplied in packages containing two syringes and 10 intraoral tips each. Additional tips are available in bags of 50.

For more details or to place an order, call Zenith/DMG at (800) 662-6383 or visit

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SaniClenz antimicrobial skin cleanser
SaniClenz antimicrobial skin cleanser with 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) provides rapid bactericidal action and a persistent antimicrobial effect against a broad spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as a wide range of microorganisms. It creates a residual effect not found in other skin disinfectants.

SaniClenz with 2% CHG is as effective as 4% CHG formulas when used as an antimicrobial handwash. The 2% CHG formula is milder to the skin and greatly reduces the risk of staining associated with 4% formulas.

For more details, call (888) CROSSTEX (276-7783) or visit

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Freedom At Your Fingertips!™ promotion
Hu-Friedy announces the "Freedom At Your Fingertips!™ national promotion which runs through March 31. The promotion features all Hu-Friedy ultrasonic inserts, including the new Satin Swivel™ Ultrasonic Insert.

Hu-Friedy ultrasonic inserts are efficient at lower power settings and feature color-coded resin handles, improved water delivery, and a satisfaction guarantee. Promotion details are: Buy any six ultrasonic inserts, get any two ultrasonic inserts free. Buy any four ultrasonic inserts, get any one ultrasonic insert free.

The promotion is available through all authorized Hu-Friedy dealers. For more details, contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer representative, or call (800) Hu-Friedy.

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Bringing technology integration to the next stage
Since 1995, CIEOS, Inc., a full-service consulting firm, has been specializing in high-tech dental system integration. While consulting in the field, CIEOS identified various technological needs in the dental industry that required the development of specialized hardware and software. This led CIEOS to expand its horizons and dedicate company resources to research and development. During the later part of 1998, CIEOS introduced CAI (Computer-Aided Intercom), an intraoffice communication product that eliminates the need for expensive hard-wired light systems. Following the introduction of CAI, CIEOS developed the Cieoport, a fully-sealed, touch screen-based, disinfectable computer system which is used as the nucleus to integrate all components of the digital dental office.

The Cieoport is designed to integrate digital components of the dental office and is fully capable of running all Windows-based practice-management and clinical imaging software. Additionally, it can interface with dental equipment such as intraoral cameras and digital X-ray systems through its video capture board and multitude of accessory ports. Cieoport is the only touch-screen system ergonomically designed specifically for the dental office meeting OSHA's infection-control standards.

CIEOS continues to allocate company resources to research and development, with plans to bring many new products to market in the years to come.

For more information on CIEOS or a free practice assessment, call (800) 627-3205.

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Ti-MAX NL-95 high-speed handpiece
Ti-MAX NL-95 is the world's first all-titanium body (only external body component) high-speed handpiece. When NSK developed NL-85, it created an incredibly durable handpiece with the combination of ceramic bearing turbines and cellular optic glass rods. After much experimentation, their engineers developed the Ti-MAX NL-95 series handpiece, which combines the benefits of the NL-85 with a titanium body, creating what is quite probably the world's most durable handpiece. The NL-95 is available with three different head sizes: miniature, standard, and torque.

For more information, contact NSK America at (888) 675-1675 or visit

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ViziLite™ oral examination device
Zila Professional Pharmaceuticals introduces the ViziLite™ chemiluminescent test kit for use in conjunction with a conventional visual oral mucosal examination to improve the identification, evaluation, and monitoring of oral mucosal abnormalities in those at increased risk for oral cancer.

The ViziLite™ device produces a diffuse light for approximately 10 minutes. The specific ViziLite™ wavelengths are absorbed by normal cells and reflected by abnormal cells. As a result, atypical or dysplastic mucosal abnormalities appear bright white, focusing attention on lesions which might not be seen otherwise and which may be revealed upon biopsy to include cancer and precancer. Lesions identified with the ViziLite™ product can be monitored, biopsied, treated, or excised, according to the clinician's judgment.

For additional information, contact Zila Professional Pharmaceuticals at (800) 922-7887.

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M-Bond adhesive resin cement
New from J. Morita USA, M-Bond adhesive resin cement's newly developed technology combines superior bond strength with the convenience and proven results of "self-etching" primers. This revolutionary new product offers clinicians exceptional bond strengths, reduced steps, extended working time, and decreased setting time. The excellent physical and handling properties are unmatched by any 4-META systems.

The M-Bond kit includes both clear and ivory shades with self-etching primers. For additional information, call (888) JMORITA or visit

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Disposa-Shield® infection-control barrier
DENTSPLY Professional announces a new addition to the Disposa-Shield® infection-control barrier family. The new barrier for Standard Syringe Type Delivery Systems is completely consistent in performance and satisfaction with the other superior barriers in the Disposa-Shield® line.

Die-cut for optimum fit and constructed out of heavier gauge plastic than standard infection-control barriers, the new Disposa-Shield® Barrier for Standard Syringe Type Delivery Systems will also enjoy the distinction of being the only barrier of its kind on the market for multi-use syringes. Additionally, the patent-pending application technique for this barrier virtually guarantees 100-percent prevention of cross-contamination between patients.

For more information, contact your local DENTSPLY Professional territory manager, call DENTSPLY Professional customer service at (800) 989-8826 or visit

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Accent toothbrush
The new Accent 37-tuft toothbrush features a compact oval head, a clear angled handle with a rubber grip, and is available in four colors. This brush is made with soft .007" nylon bristles and has a multi-layer bristle trim to assist in cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. Perfect for ages 10 and up. Custom imprinting, including logos, is available on the Accent brush.

For more information or a free sample, call Tess Corporation at (800) 762-1765.

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Fast flippers
Dental Resources has two ways to make temporary single-unit partials or flippers. The first technique utilizes a vacuum-formed temporary retainer material to act as the matrix for the single missing tooth. An impression is taken, the missing tooth on the model is filled with either wax or with a plastic tooth. Then the retainer material is vacuum-formed onto this modified model. The wax or plastic tooth is removed and the space in the vacuum-formed matrix is filled with acrylic. An invisible retainer is created with the missing tooth filled with acrylic to act as a temporary flipper.

The second technique is similar to the first, but the missing tooth space on the model is not filled before vacuum-forming a piece of heavier splint material. The vacuum-formed splint is then trimmed to fit the contours of the mouth as though the splint was going to be a partial. A fake tooth of the appropriate size and shape is then luted to the vacuum-formed piece using Proform ortho acrylic. The result is a partial with a clear palatal area and a tooth filling the void where the patient's tooth was missing.

For more details on vacuum-formed products and technique, contact Dental Resources at (800) 328-1276.

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One-bottle adhesive, filled version
Bisco has introduced ONE-STEP® PLUS, a filled version of its 5th generation, single-bottle adhesive. Many single-bottle adhesives do not bond well or require a second component when used with self-cured or dual-cured restorative materials. ONE-STEP® PLUS, like ONE-STEP, has been shown to bond to light-cured, dual-cured, and self-cured materials. ONE-STEP® PLUS is designed for use in bonding indirect as well as direct restorations. It is supplied in a newly designed bottle that provides greater control when dispensing. The bottle also features a unique agitator. This ensures that the filler is dispersed evenly throughout the use of the bottle, from the first drop to the last.

For more information, call BISCO at (800) 247-3368 or visit

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Dr. Bugs and his 'Hounds Tooth' dilemma
This Chuck Jones handpainted, handsigned limited-edition dental cel, titled "Hounds Tooth," is sure to bring a smile to your patients, staff, and yourself as it hangs on the wall of your office. Animation Art from this Warner Brothers director is collected worldwide. To have one created and dedicated to the dentistry profession is quite an honor.

For pricing and availability, call Choice Collectibles at (877) 422-4642 and ask for Nancy.

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Hydro-Cast® reintroduced
Sultan Chemists is now the exclusive distributor of HydroCast® Tissue Treatment and Functional Impression Material. HydroCast® is the original, and only, clinically proven tissue conditioner that stays soft, flexible, and functionally flowable for weeks — allowing enough time for proper healing.

Supplied in a simple two-component powder/liquid format that mixes at a 1:1 ratio, HydroCast® provides maximum flexibility and ease of use. It is free-flowing and comes in a one-piece, flip-top bottle that allows for one-handed opening and dispensing.

For additional information, call your dental dealer or Sultan Chemists, Inc., at (800) 637-8582 or visit

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Quality, comfort, and esthetics at a great price
Systemp®.c&b from Ivoclar Vivadent is a self-curing crown and bridge temporary material supplied in a 4:1 ratio double cartridge. It is indicated for partial crowns, bridges, and temporary posts.

Systemp®.c&b is available in a variety of packaging, including the System Pack which contains inlay/onlay material, desensitizer, repair material, and delivery tips. It is also available as a refill (80 gm cartridge).

Systemp®.flow is a light-curing, flowable composite used to build up marginal and incisal edges, to contour or repair Systemp®.c&b, or for shade modifications and characterizations. It is available in the System Pack or individually.

For more information, call Ivoclar Vivadent at (800) 533-6825 or email [email protected].

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AKA Surgical Handpiece: cutting-edge technology
The state-of-the-art handpieces and all components are made in the U.S. They are fully autoclavable and color-coded. This highspeed surgical version of the Air King America handpiece features an ergonomic 45-degree head angle with speeds of up to 400,000 rpm. This economically priced handpiece eliminates air to the surgical site while allowing for proper cooling with nonatomized water spray.

To find out how you can receive the Air King America Surgical Handpiece absolutely free, contact Twist2it at (877) PROPHYS or visit

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Crown-Down Endodontics Technique Video
Medidenta International introduces Crown-Down Endodontics Technique Video by Dr. Joe Camp, a leading endodontist and international lecturer. Integrating new technologies in endodontic practice including Crown-Down technologies with the Sonic MM1500 and Nickel Titanium Rotary instrumentation, one appointment for most procedures. Endodontics, like all phases of dentistry, has undergone tremendous change in the past decade. This video incorporates new technological advances with basic underlying principles of diagnosis, pain control, instrumentation, and the obturation of root canals. This video will enable you to sort through an array of options and integrate new technologies into your practice. Crown-Down technology and one-visit complete endodontics are emphasized.

To find out how to receive your videos free with purchase, contact Medidenta at (800) 221-0750 or visit

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An interactive presentation
MicroDental Laboratories introduces the Active Educator™. Designed by a dentist for dentists, the Active Educator™ interactive patient program is a fun, new tool to make your treatment-plan presentations easier, more effective, and increase your case-acceptance rate. Complete with easy-to-understand terms and explanations, your patients can either view a variety of treatment options on their own or you can utilize this system as a visual aide during your treatment presentation. The program literally does the "selling" for you and helps to close the case.

For additional information or to place an order, call (800) 723-5121.

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Pit & Fissure diamond
Explore and treat dental disease at its earliest stages while preserving more of the healthy tooth structure. NEO DIAMOND's new economical Pit & Fissure diamond (#1300FS) provides excellent tactile feedback — more conservative than a carbide — without the mess and expense of air abrasion.

For additional information or a free sample, call Microcopy at (800) 235-1863 or visit

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New Captek technology available
MicroDental technicians have recently begun utilizing a new fabrication technology designed to make your Captek restorations better than ever! Developed by the Precious Chemicals Company, the Automated Pressing Procedure allows the copings to be created in a precise, consistent manner each time; furthering MicroDental's ability to deliver a vitally esthetic and highly functional Captek restoration. For more details, call (800) 229-0936.

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StatusBlue® for situation impressions
Zenith/DMG releases new StatusBlue®, an easy-to-use automix situation impression material. Specifically designed as a high-efficiency alternative to traditional alginates, StatusBlue® combines outstanding value with exceptional versatility.

Use StatusBlue® for situation impressions of all kinds, impressions for temporaries, model-cast dentures, orthodontic models, and for opposing jaw models. StatusBlue® is specifically designed for use with the new "hands-free" MixStar machine.

To order StatusBlue® impression material, contact Zenith/DMG at (800) 662-6383. Each kit (product #909693) includes one 390 ml cartridge and 10 MixStar tips.

For more details, visit or call (800) 662-6383.

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Chemical bath scrubs dental water lines
A new chemical bath that scrubs dental water lines "hospital clean" is available from Frontier Pharmaceutical. DioxiClear™ is said to bring dental waterline contamination levels well under ADA-recommended standards. DioxiClear™ forms active chlorine dioxide, widely used in municipal and industrial water-treatment systems because it eliminates biofilm, microorganisms, and slime and it leaves no odor, no residue, and no aftertaste.

The DioxiClear™ flush treatment is done twice monthly; in addition, a low-level concentration can be continuously run through chair bottles daily. DioxiClear™ has been extensively tested in dental schools, military facilities, clinics, and by dentists in private practice. It will not harm plastic, glass, or metal waterlines or fixtures.

For more details, contact Frontier Pharmaceutical at (800) 747-3486 or visit

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New workshops for practice owners
Two new workshops from Valko Management Services are being recognized as fast and effective answers to key practice "pressure points."

The "Marketing Elements for Financial Success Workshop" educates a practice owner in effective marketing to increase new-patient levels while the "Organizational Elements for Success in Business Workshop" teaches vital administrative tools necessary to confidently improve the business dynamics of a practice.

Without the right knowledge, a doctor can be blind and shooting in the dark when it comes to trying to improve things. These workshops can start to bring order and comprehension to practice areas previously seeming confusing and difficult, with real and workable bring-home solutions.

For more information, contact Valko Management at (800) 987-8287 or [email protected].

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SpinBrush line gets replaceable brush head
Crest announces that it will improve upon its wildly successful SpinBrush™ line of affordable electric toothbrushes by converting to replaceable heads on all of its adult model brushes. The new replaceable head models are available now at their original low price. The replacement heads come in packages of two, for the same price as the SpinBrush™.

For additional information about the SpinBrush™ and other Crest products, visit

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Dental catalog available
Miltex Inc. introduces its new comprehensive, full-color dental catalog. The 280-page catalog features the entire product lines of the Miltex Dental, Moyco Union Broach, and Thompson brands. This combination offers one of the most complete dental catalogs in the industry today. The instrumentation and products featured include the Thompson Tactile Tone Hand Instrument line, the Union Broach Endodontic line, the Miltex Dental Surgical line, the Thompson Cassette line, and much more.

The catalog will be available at the Chicago Midwinter meeting. For additional information or a copy of the catalog, email [email protected].

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Web-based practice management system
Ciraden — a revolutionary web-based practice-management system, has generated a lot of buzz throughout the industry with its recent commercial introduction. Ciraden has already commenced installations for over 60 practice locations in the mid-Atlantic region. Leveraging an Internet-based platform, Ciraden offers connectivity and functionality unavailable in any other system in dentistry. Ciraden has aligned strategic partnerships with Henry Schein for dental supplies, WebMD for e-claims, Americus Dental Labs, AllScripts for private label pharmaceuticals, and others for its integrated business services. These relationships, along with a powerful advisory council and a strong commitment to sales and marketing, are sure to build additional excitement throughout the industry.

For more information, contact Ciraden, Inc. at (888) Ciraden or visit

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Hu-Friedy introduces Satin Swivel™ Ultrasonic Insert
The exclusive swivel feature of the Satin Swivel™ minimizes the drag from the handpiece cord, allowing you to simply roll the instrument slightly in your fingertips as you would a hand instrument. Move from tooth to tooth or arch to arch with a Satin Swivel™ insert without having to stop scaling to turn the insert for smoother, more efficient scaling.

The insert is available in three different tip designs. The #10 Universal is ideal for light to heavy debris removal. The #100 Thin has a thinner tip design for light to moderate deposit removal. The #1000 Triple Bend increases access interproximally and around line angles while enhancing the removal of heavy stain and calculus deposits.

The insert is available in three different tip designs. The #10 Universal is ideal for light to heavy debris removal. The #100 Thin has a thinner tip design for light to moderate deposit removal. The #1000 Triple Bend increases access interproximally and around line angles while enhancing the removal of heavy stain and calculus deposits.

The Satin Swivel™ is available this month through any authorized Hu-Friedy dealer. For more information, call (800) HU-FRIEDY.

Crystal clear and no bubbles!
Raintree Essix, Inc. introduces Essix A+ Plastic, a new and improved formulation of Essix A Plastic. The new and improved Essix A+ Plastic is just as rigid as Essix A was before, but now its crystal-clear quality is guaranteed not to bubble. If Essix A+ Plastic bubbles during thermoforming within 12 months of purchase, Raintree Essix will replace it at no charge.

It is ideal for retention, temporary bridges, bite planes, and even minor tooth movement. For more details and free samples of all Essix Plastics, call (800) 883-8733 or (504) 488-0080, or visit

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Smoothing of root surfaces
BUSCH & Co. has developed the Longlife Perio Pro made out of tungsten carbide for optimum results smoothing root surfaces, cleaning roots and at the same time, for a gentle, trauma-free treatment. The product range has now been extended to include the Longlife Perio Pro also with the diamond-coated working part: the Longlife Perio Pro Diamond.

Areas that are anatomically difficult to access such as the molar furcations, can also be treated safely with the Longlife Perio Pro Diamond instrument. The cosmetically sensitive anterior area can also be reached effectively without trauma using this instrument.

These diamond instruments as well as the tungsten carbide instruments can be disinfected with the appropriate disinfectants and sterilized by autoclaving. Contact your manufacturer for more information.

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Pro-Vision contour wrap eyewear
Palmero Health Care introduces Pro-Vision Contour Wrap Eyewear. It offers style, comfort, and adjustability at an extremely affordable price. A lightweight polycarbonate frame and telescoping arm ensure a great fit. The eyewear meets the ANSI Z87.1 standard for safety eyewear.

The eyewear is available as grey lens with black frame (#3552) and clear lens with grey frame (#3553). For more information, contact Palmero Health Care at (800) 344-6424 or visit

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Power light attachment works like a gem
Den-Mat Corporation introduces the Rembrandt® Sapphire™ Light and its new, efficient attachment, the Rembrandt Whitening Crystal. The two instruments are major components of the Rembrandt One-Hour Smile Whitening Program. The whole procedure only takes 20 minutes per arch, and together, the Rembrandt® Sapphire™ Light and the Rembrandt Whitening Crystal accomplish dual-arch and single-tooth whitening.

The Rembrandt Sapphire Light's ultra-compact size provides maximum power and allows the practitioner to bleach one tooth at a time. The Rembrandt Whitening Crystal attachment allows for comfortable and convenient dual-arch whitening with minimum intrusion. Light and portable, the Rembrandt Sapphire Light can be easily moved from one operatory to another and can be mounted to the dental chair, the post, or to the wall.

For additional information, call Den-Mat Corporation at (800) 445-0345.

PinPoint™ Nutritional System
Oxyfresh Worldwide, Inc. introduces an exclusive, new approach to nutrition — the PinPoint™ Nutritional System. This breakthrough system takes the guesswork out of supplementation, by providing a guided method for identifying each individual's precise nutritonal needs. What sets PinPoint™ apart is its testing of the nutritional integrity of 13 major organs, in addition to the body's individual levels of 70 mineral elements, eight heavy and toxic metals, and pH-alkalinity.

After tests are completed, a personalized, comprehensive report is generated. Color graphs, charts, and detailed educational information is provided for accessing nutritional wellness. Oxyfresh provides scientifically formulated products that address the specific nutritional needs that may be indicated on individual test results.

For additional information on the PinPoint™ Test Kit, visit

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