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New Products to see at the GNY 2013

Nov. 25, 2013
DentiCharts® is ONC-certified, electronic health care software specifically created for dental offices. What does this mean to you?

by Dr. Joe Blaes

Booth #208


DentiCharts® is ONC-certified, electronic health care software specifically created for dental offices. What does this mean to you? If 30% or more of the visits to your practice are from Medicaid patients, barring a few exceptions, simply purchasing the DentiCharts software qualifies each provider in your practice for an initial $21,250 government payment. DentiCharts is the key to getting this government paymentand more. To learn more, visit .

Booth #1200

BISCO Dental Products

eCEMENT™ is a resin cementation system designed to strengthen and simplify the placement of lithium disilicate restorations. eCEMENT offers a light-cure and dual-cure resin cement, ensuring that these restorations will have exceptional long-term retention of single- or multiple-unit restorations. eCEMENT provides shade stability and is radiopaque. This all-in-one kit provides all the materials necessary for successful cementation of lithium disilicate restorations. For more information, call 800-247-3368 or visit .

Booth #300


Opalescence® Go is a professional whitening system for the on-the-go lifestyle. It comes in the innovative UltraFit tray that adapts instantly to the teeth for a better fit and improved whitening experience. Opalescence Go 10% hydrogen peroxide gel allows for a 30- to 60-minute wear time, and comes in mint, melon, or peach flavors. The 15% hydrogen peroxide gel comes in mint flavor and allows for a 15- to 20-minute wear time. To learn more, visit or .

Booth #1212

Isolite Systems

Isovac™ is for practices that want the advantages of state-of-the-art dental isolation. This is Isolite Systems' most versatile and affordable clinical option to date. The adapter modifies a standard HVE so that any of the family of Isolite mouthpieces can be attached. Easy to clean and sterilize, Isovac is ideal for hygiene or for extending state-of-the-art dental isolation throughout your practice. To learn more, call 800-560-6066 or visit .

Booth #1624


Websites such as Yelp and HealthGrades are moving word of mouth online, and your patients are talking about you. Listen in without losing hours of work. Reputation Tracker finds every piece of online conversation about your practice, funnels it into one place, and provides the analytics that will keep your practice on the cutting edge. It's the one-stop solution to keeping your online reputation pristine. To learn more, visit .

Booth #2600

DENTSPLY Professional

DENTSPLY Professional introduces Advanced Cleaning with the Midwest® Automate™ system. This provides consistent and reliable handpiece maintenance, including lubrication and expelling to deliver precise amounts of lubricant, accurate expel times, and constant air pressure. The combination of these maintenance operations effectively removes the debris that may be hindering handpiece performance. For more information or to arrange a free in-office demonstration, call 800-989-8825 or visit .

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Premium Patient Education from Officite and Dear Doctor is the single most comprehensive online education solution in the industry. The expansive library, designed for patient conversion, features over 1,600 pages of authoritative content customizable for every practice's specialty. The beautiful, anatomically correct illustrations, celebrity articles, and 20+ high-definition, mobile-ready videos make Premium Patient Education the most attractive and engaging education solution on the market. For more information, visit .

Booth #2600

DENTSPLY Professional

DENTSPLY Professional is excited to introduce Cavitron® FITGRIP™ Ultrasonic Inserts. Ergonomically designed with clinicians' fingers in mind, the hygienist's grip naturally conforms to the insert's unique one-piece design. FITGRIP will be available in nine popular 30K Cavitron insert tip shapes -- Focus Spray® slimLINE®, PowerLINE™, and THINsert®. For more information, visit .

Booth #3012

GC America

G-CEM LinkAce™ is a self-adhesive resin cement with an innovative chemical initiator for the adhesive luting of PFMs, zirconia, and lithium disilicate restorations in one easy step. It has exceptional color stability, very low water absorption, and is HEMA free. It has unsurpassed wear resistance and is also great for endo posts. Delivered in double-barrel automix syringe, it has easy excess cement removal with only a one- to two-second tack cure. Visit them at .

Booth #3218


OraVerse® (phentolamine mesylate) from Septodont is a breakthrough drug that reverses unwanted lingering soft-tissue anesthesia after routine dental procedures when a local anesthetic with a vasoconstrictor is used. It restores normal function so that patients can speak, smile, and drink normally in approximately half the time. It is easy to use, and requires only a simple injection with a standard dental syringe. OraVerse is all about time. Visit for more information.

Booth #3201


Futurabond U is the world's first and only true universal adhesive in a unit-dose delivery system. It can be used as self-etch, selective-etch, or total-etch, and can be used with all direct or indirect materials. No additional activator is required for self- or dual-cure materials. It will bond to all light-, dual-, and self-cure resin materials, and to metal, zirconia, aluminum oxide, and silicate ceramic without extra primer. For more information, visit .

Booth #3424

DMG America

Constic by DMG America is a light-cured, self-etching, self-adhesive, radiopaque, flowable restorative composite. Constic offers etching, bonding, and filling in a single step, so it helps to reduce errors and saves time. It has high bond strength and comes in shades A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, and Opaque White. For more information, call 800-662-6383 or visit .

Booth #3600


The industry's most intuitive practice management software is now even more user-friendly – Patterson Dental announces Eaglesoft 17. New features to simplify your daily routine include customized medical history, Eaglesoft Newsfeed, Patterson Auto Update via the web instead of using a disc to install updates, CareCredit bridge providing a direct link to process credit applications, and integrated Clinician Lite for Eaglesoft Clinician users. Visit for more information.

Booth #3809

Air Techniques

Monarch™ Lines is simply a smarter solution that helps remove line buildup. Its powerful, pH-neutral formula helps attack accumulated deposits in tubing lines without the use of harsh chemicals. The solution is ready to use; no mixing or diluting is required. One 500 mL bottle can treat a single operatory for up to several months. To learn more, visit

Booth #3824

MicroDental Laboratories

VisiClear Partial Dentures have a lightweight framework and beautiful esthetics. Made with flexible material, the 100% metal-free and nylon-free design allows for improved patient satisfaction, comfort, and easy chairside adjustments. VisiClear Partial Dentures are the ideal substitute for the traditional metal-based structure and can treat a wide range of patients. For more information, visit or call 800-229-0936.

Booth #3400


The A-dec 400 dental chair is a contemporary design in a versatile package that gives you modest luxury with proven reliability. A-dec 400 marries form and function for superb patient and doctor comfort and access. The left/right compatibility of the Radius delivery system brings flexibility and productivity to every treatment room. When you consider its unique load-bearing pivoting armrests, contemporary chair design, and 60° swivel, you will see why A-dec 400 is an exceptional value. Visit or call 800-547-1883 for more information.

Booth #3936


PatientActivator® is the dental industry's most powerful and cost-effective automated patient communications and online marketing solution for boosting production, eliminating no-shows, and increasing the practice's online presence. The redesigned dashboard being introduced at the ADA was designed with busy office managers in mind, and delivers the next generation in automated appointment reminders, online reviews, marketing promotions, and social media integration. To learn more, visit .

Booth #4004


The Lubricare maintenance device is quick, simple, and economic. Featuring Bien-Air's two staple maintenance products – Spraynet and Lubrifluid – each spray is specifically designed for a phase in the maintenance cycle -- Spraynet for dissolving impurities, and Lubrifluid for effective lubrication of instruments. Lubricare and Bien-Air maintenance sprays support the daily use of your instruments, guaranteeing impeccable maintenance, optimal operation, and an extended service life. To learn more, visit .

Booth #4207

Premier Enamel Pro®

Enamel Pro prophy paste offers the most comprehensive mint selection in the market -- original Mint, subtle VanillaMint, and new fruity RaspberryMint, which are three great refreshing finishes. Each cup of Enamel Pro prophy paste creates a lustrous enamel surface when amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) fills in surface enamel crevices and defects, leaving your patients with an intense polish and shine. Available through your authorized dealer. To learn more, visit .

Booth #4416

Carestream Dental

CS Solutions CAD/CAM allows doctors to scan an impression, create the restorative design with specialized software, and even mill the crown, inlay, or onlay, all onsite. Traditional restoration methods are tedious for dental practitioners and inconvenient for patients. CS Solutions CAD/CAM saves patients valuable time and makes them more likely to accept case treatment. To learn more about how Carestream Dental's restorative solution can benefit your practice, visit .

Booth #4225

Align Technology, Inc., (in the Henry Schein booth)

Realine treatment is a straightforward, five-step, virtually invisible aligner system designed specifically to fix the minor orthodontic and cosmetic issues that you see every day. In just five sets of clear aligners, Realine can close gaps approximately 2 mm wide and rotate a tooth by 10 degrees, giving your patients straighter and more confident smiles. For more information, visit .

Booth #4607

Dux Dental

ZONEfree is a breakthrough translucent cement made with color-blending nanofillers. The first zinc oxide NE translucent cement, ZONEfree demonstrates ideal strength, excellent cleanup, and unsurpassed ease of removal. It performs beautifully in the esthetic zone. Self-cure has a two-minute set time. ZONEfree is available as a 15 gm dual-barrel syringe and as an automix dispensing system. It is naturally antimicrobial and free of triclosan. For more information, visit .

Booth #4618

Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material

The fastest setting impression material on the market – 3M ESPE Imprint 4 VPS Impression Material – sets in just 75 seconds, thanks to unique active self-warming technology. Working time is not compromised, so dentists can observe good impression-taking technique and ensure reliable results. The material's super hydrophilicity also contributes to precise details and outstanding accuracy. For more information, call 800-634-2249 or visit .

Booth #4741

CAO Group, Inc.

The Precise® SHP Diode Laser System is the first to perfectly combine state-of-the-art diode laser technology with the cutting-edge operating system of an Apple iPod touch. The revolutionary Precise SHP enhances everyday dentistry with real-time technical support through FaceTime. Every practitioner will be able to perform soft-tissue procedures, offer in-office teeth whitening, and provide temporary pain relief for soft tissue, joint, and muscle pain. To learn more, visit .

Booth #4739

LightScalpel, LLC

LightScalpel® soft-tissue dental CO2 laser features exclusive flexible fiber with disposable-free handpieces, durable all-metal CO2 laser tube technology, affordable, compact, lightweight design, and it is made in U.S. To learn more, visit .

Booth #4800


Philips Sonicare AirFloss is an easy way to start a healthy new routine. With its unique air and micro-droplet technology and an auto-burst feature that cleans the entire mouth in 30 seconds, it removes five times more plaque between teeth than manual brushing alone. We are losing the floss wars! AirFloss is easy to use, leaves the mouth refreshingly clean, and is a novel technology. Visit or call 800-422-9448.

Booth #5009


Replace your clipboard! PatientReach Tablet is the digital check-in tool from Smile Reminder that provides accurate, legible patient information, eliminates scanning and shredding, and engages patients with point-of-care education. Optimize office efficiency and data fidelity by allowing patients to update their information, register for your patient portal, securely read and sign legal forms, and post online reviews. Save time and money while increasing patient engagement. To learn more, visit .

Booth #5124

Water Pik, Inc.

Waterpik® introduces Showerpik® Water Flosser. This provides Waterpik's clinically proven pressure and pulsation for superior oral health benefits. Shower and Water Floss at the same time. The Water Flosser never runs out of water. It is easy, convenient, and makes no mess. For more information, visit .

Booth #5039

Lasers4Dentistry, a Division of Technology4Medicine

The 10 watt 1064 nm XLASE™ is the same wavelength as the proven Nd:YAG laser, making it effective for periodontal treatment. It has micro-second pulsing, On-Board VIDEO GUIDANCE, and is the fastest cutting diode laser. The battery-powered 1064XLASE™ will make soft tissue surgeries significantly faster, easier, and cleaner. The new XLASE™ is capable, faster, and portable, while providing a significantly lower cost alternative to older crystal technology. For more information, visit .

Booth #5601

Glidewell Laboratories, Inc.

Stop using generic healing abutments over dental implants. The Inclusive® Tissue Contouring System produces esthetic gingival margins and a natural emergence profile by way of a custom healing abutment and matching custom impression coping. It's ready to seat and easy to adjust. Add a custom temporary abutment with BioTemps® provisional crown for immediate temporization. It can be used with most major implant systems. To learn more, visit .

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