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Dec. 1, 2007
Clinical Organizational Products by DUX — In 1975, I joined a six-man group practice in St. Louis, Mo...
Clinical Organizational Products by DUX
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by Joe Blaes

Clinical Organizational Products by DUX — In 1975, I joined a six-man group practice in St. Louis, Mo., and together we built a clinic with 18 chairs in a circle. With that many doctors, clinical organization was a must, but we also wanted to allow some individualism in the selection of instruments and materials. After much discussion and planning, we determined that a tub-and-tray system would serve us best. DentalEZ supplied us with a split-cart system with a cutout in the assistant’s cart for the tub, and storage units for tubs and trays for each doctor. So what is the point of all of this? Since 1975, every office I have designed has had a clinical organization system. Every highly productive office I have ever visited has had some type of organization system. You cannot be highly efficient and effective unless you use systems in your practice. Today, DUX has the best selection of clinical organizational products that I have found. Your practice will have immediate gains in office productivity through organization. One of the best gains is reduced stress in the office. Customize the process of cleaning, sterilizing, storing, and delivery by using the DUX color-coded Tray and Tub system. A tub is a portable “drawer” for organization, storage, and easy transport of support materials used with Procedure Set-up Trays for instrumentation. Constructed of a sturdy, nonporous, and stain-resistant polypropylene, the Tubs are available in eight colors. Tubs may be easily customized with the addition of a 10-compartment Insert, or Dividers. The instrument trays are available as divided trays, flat trays, or mini flat trays. Complete your organization with color-coded magnetic bur blocks, instrument mats, instrument code rings, and mouth mirrors. DUX also can supply Steri-System Cassettes and accessories for easy sterilization of your instruments. Complete your sterilization system by ordering PeelVue Sterilization Pouches in a complete selection of sizes. DUX is a great company that has many ideas for making your practice more productive with less stress for everyone. Just ask a DUX rep, or call DUX. They will be happy to help. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

MI Paste Plus™ from GC America
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MI Paste Plus™ from GC America — Most of the advertising for this great product has been directed toward dental hygienists, so you may not have heard about it. MI Paste Plus was first introduced by GC in 2004. This is the first product for professional use to contain Recaldent™ (CPP-ACP), which is a special milk-derived protein that can help provide important minerals such as calcium and phosphate, which are required for healthy teeth. MI Paste Plus adds fluoride to that mix to deliver the correct bio-available ratio of 5 calcium, 3 phosphate, and 1 fluoride for enamel strengthening. I have been using MI Paste and now MI Paste Plus and have found it to be great for hypersensitivity after bleaching or, even better, during the bleaching process because then the patients never experience sensitivity. Hygienists often have their patients use it for sensitive dentin in gingival erosion areas. Are you looking for something for those white spots on anterior teeth or decalcification spots after orthodontics? MI Paste Plus will recalcify and strengthen the enamel in those areas. There are more than 100 studies that substantiate the benefits of Recaldent (CPP-ACP). MI Paste Plus is a great adjunct to minimum intervention dentistry methods which emphasize identification and prevention because it helps to treat so many indications. GC provides many promotional materials to help you explain the benefits of treatment to your patients. They are a valuable way to begin discussing treatment and how MI Paste Plus can improve oral health and help develop stronger, healthier teeth. Order from your dealer and go to for more information.

Opalescence Boost Whitening System with PF from Ultradent
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Opalescence Boost Whitening System with PF from Ultradent — This is an in-office whitening system that will appeal to those patients who want whiter teeth immediately. Opalescence Boost offers immediate results with a simple syringe-to-syringe chemical activation that does not require a light. The syringe-to-syringe mixing ensures freshness and convenience. Research has shown that chemical activation produces the highest-quality in-office whitening. Tooth sensitivity is a common side effect of bleaching, but Ultradent Opalescence Boost controls sensitivity with PF desensitizing agents already in the whitening formula. Potassium nitrate acts as an analgesic or anesthetic to prevent pain, while the fluoride acts primarily as a tubular blocker, plugging the holes and slowing down the fluid flow that causes the sensitivity. So, the PF technology works with two mechanisms of action, one affecting fluid flow and the other directly affecting the nerve. The PF formula also protects the teeth with stronger enamel and caries prevention. Contact Ultradent at (800) 552-5512 or visit to order or for more information.

Jazz™ Polishers by SS White®
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Jazz™ Polishing Systems by SS White® — SS White once again brings cutting-edge technology as well as new, unique, and innovative products to the dental market, including two new polishing systems designed especially to achieve a final luster on today’s hard-to-polish composites and porcelains. One is Jazz Supreme. These polishers are single-step, diamond-infused universal composite polishers. Jazz Supreme polishers have been designed to create an ultra high-gloss polish on all types of composites, including nanofilled, microfilled, and macrofilled. Jazz Supreme is a superior polishing system that allows you to create a beautifully reflective gloss in one easy step, thus maximizing the efficiency of your chair time by eliminating the need to use the more cumbersome standard two- to three-step polishers. Speed and pressure dictate what the Jazz Supreme polishers will do for you (recommended RPM is 5,000 to 10,000). To shape and pre-polish your composites, simply increase the pressure and speed of the polishers. To create an ultra high, deep glossy shine, simply decrease the speed and pressure of the polishers. One-step esthetic composite polishing is accomplished through a proprietary combination of diamond particles infused within a unique synthetic rubber matrix. The second is Jazz P3S. Designed especially to meet the needs of polishing ceramics for the 21st Century, Jazz P3S (Porcelain 3-Step Polishing Kit) is a semi-flexible instrument that contains a high quantity of natural diamond particles infused into a specially developed silicone matrix binder. A proprietary formula blends diamond particles of different sizes and shapes into a uniquely interspaced matrix system that ensures a consistent and superior polish on all types of ceramic materials. Jazz P3’s pure diamond polishers will create a high luster polish, thus eliminating the need for additional glaze firing or paste, and saving time for both you and your patients. (Recommended speed: 5,000 to 10,000 RPM.) You’ll be amazed by the ease of use and the wonderful shine produced by these great new polishers. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

DentaCheques 2008
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DentaCheques 2008 — Buying dental supplies and equipment is simple — you give your dental supply company $110, and they give you $110 worth of products and services. If you give that same $110 to the National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped (NFDH) in the form of a DentaCheques 2008 purchase, many generous suppliers will take $120 off your invoices! But that’s not all you receive with DentaCheques 2008. Purchasers may register their books online and receive free samples valued at more than $750. Completing the publication are 130 buy/get offers featuring many of the popular dental supplies from trusted names like Dentsply, Colgate, Pentron Clinical, and many more that you already purchase. Revenue from the sales of DentaCheques will be wisely invested in programs that provide direct care to elderly, disabled, and medically compromised people in need of dental treatment. Your purchase price will be put to good use — from a financial perspective, direct patient care services account for 94 percent of the NFDH’s activities. That means administrative costs account for 3 percent and fundraising costs account for 3 percent of the total NFDH budget. Know that you’re making a difference to someone in need when you buy DentaCheques. To order DentaCheques or for more information, ask your supply representative, call (800) 366-3331, or visit

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