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Sept. 1, 2007
XP BOND™ from Dentsply Caulk - At some point during every seminar I give, I caution everyone about the necessity of following directions...
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XP BOND from Dentsply Caulk - At some point during every seminar I give, I caution everyone about the necessity of following directions, especially with adhesives. With changing technology, it is imperative to use each adhesive as it was designed. The proper use of adhesives leads to successful bonding. Many dentists have not embraced the self-etch adhesives because they feel there are still questions about sealing margins and microleakage. Now, the people at Caulk have introduced a new universal total-etch adhesive - XP BOND. This adhesive’s new chemistry delivers exceptional handling so you can quickly and easily get a strong bond to dentin and enamel. When you use XP BOND, you will find that the adhesive is easy to see, flows quickly to cover quickly, and has a low film thickness. The Caulk chemists have combined PENTA (dipentaerythritol penta acrylate monophosphate) chemistry to improve chemical and micro-mechanical bonding. A combination of nano-filler and resin technology provides great bond strength and seals the margins against microleakage. A new Tertiary-Butanol solvent improves handling by mixing with water and resins for greater penetration into moist dentin and collagen, even when dentin is over-dried for 10 seconds. XP BOND is less volatile in the dish and in drying, which allows you to place a highly filled bonding layer. You have the choice of how you want to cure this adhesive - light-cure, self-cure, or dual-cure. There is no need to light-cure the adhesive layer when you bond indirect restorations; just mix XP BOND with the Self-Cure Activator and use with your Calibra. If you don’t light-cure, you have the confidence of knowing that XP BOND will completely cure on its own, even if parts of the bonding interface are not exposed to sufficient light. The Tertiary-Butanol solvent will provide you with a long working time. XP BOND Adhesive will give you confidence and control over the bonding process. Call (800) 532-2855 or visit for more information.

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Sonicare FlexCare from Philips Oral Healthcare -Another new toothbrush! Sonicare has listened and responded with a new addition to their line that includes many of the options that we all have been asking for. Along with the tried and true features, they have added a new ProResults brush head that delivers a broader sweeping motion for better plaque removal and a gentle brushing experience. Built into the handle is a new multiple-needs area that provides three flexible brushing modes and two personalized cleaning routines so you can customize your brushing experience. For travelers like me, there is finally a new simple multi-voltage compact travel charger that lets you enjoy FlexCare while you are on the road again for extended periods of time. What else could you want? How about a new brush head sanitizer? FlexCare has it! Philips has specially engineered UV sanitizing technology that helps eliminate 99 percent of P. Gingivalis, E. Coli, Strep Mutans, and Herpes Simplex I on your brush head. A number of other features that you already experience with the Sonicare are included. There are two brush heads, one standard for complete cleaning and a compact head that provides precision cleaning. The Quadpacer provides a 30-second interval timer that encourages thorough brushing of each quadrant of your mouth. A deluxe recharge gauge with a green light indicates the battery is charged, and a yellow light signals when to recharge.

Here is a terrific offer from Sonicare: Use Sonicare for 90 days and we guarantee better checkups, with whiter teeth, in 28 days. If you are not 100 percent satisfied for any reason, we will give you a full refund.

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Ketac Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Rest-orative from 3M ESPE - In my practice, I often use a glass ionomer in restorative situations where fluoride release and esthetics are important. Most of these patients are either kids or older folks. Many of my adult patients complain that these restorations are not smooth and the color does not match their tooth. I have searched for a glass ionomer restorative that would polish and look and feel good for an extended period of time. Ketac Nano is the first paste/paste, resin-modified glass ionomer material developed with nanotechnology. This new material has created a new category of glass ionomer, the nano-ionomer. 3M ESPE has combined the benefits of a resin-modified glass ionomer and bonded nanofill technology to give us a new material with enhanced wear resistance, esthetics, and polish. In my practice, it is the glass ionomer of choice for patients ranging from pediatric to geriatric. Ketac Nano features faster dispensing from the Clicker dispenser. It is quickly and easily mixed and placed as a restorative material that can be light cured. Ketac Nano will polish easily, giving you a restoration that your patient will be comfortable with. Ketac Nano restorative shows high fluoride release that is rechargeable after being exposed to a topical fluoride source. The material will create a caries-inhibitive zone upon exposure to acid. In my experience, the main reason to use a glass ionomer is to protect against secondary decay. With Ketac Nano, we now have one that looks good and feels good. Order from your dealer or visit www.3mespe/ketacnano for more information.

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Endo Safe End Instrument from SS White -One of my favorite finishing burs is the SS White Safe End Series. There are no cutting blades on the end so I can go up under the gingival tissue and finish restorations without damaging the tissue. Now, SS White has extended this innovative technology to solve a problem in endodontics. We all know that adequate access is essential for successful endodontic treatment. A straight line to the canal system is optimal. Without adequate access, instruments and materials become difficult to handle properly in the complex root canal system. Ideally, proper access should achieve straight-line access to the apical foramen or the initial curvature of the canal, locate all root canal openings, and conserve tooth structure. All of this must be accomplished without penetrating the floor of the pulp chamber. The ideal bur for this procedure is side-cutting only with a safe end (noncutting) tip designed to prevent ledging - SS White Endo Safe End burs. The Endo Safe End instrument will cut only laterally and not apically, which prevents perforation of the furcation area. These burs are available in two sizes (1.4 mm and 1.8 mm) and are designed for lateral endodontic access enlargement without the risk of penetrating the pulp chamber floor. The safe end tip will prevent the access from getting deeper but will allow for lateral expansion. If you do endo in your practice, you need this bur. Pick up the phone and order from your dealer today! Visit www.sswhiteburs for more information.

Patient Activator from 1-800-DENTIST: A Pearls update -

Retain and reactivate your existing patients with a year-round strategy of 12 patient communications to motivate them into treatment. This system of consistent patient communications will take the “pending” out of your pending treatment files. Bring your marketing into the 21st century and ensure that your patients will accept treatment sooner! Recent updates to the program include:

  • The Patient Activator program can now accommodate all types of practice-management software.
  • Only want newsletters? We can do that! We now offer customized programs to fit the needs of every individual practice.
  • Choose how many patient households you’d like to communicate with - we’ll customize to fit your budget!

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