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Feb. 1, 2006
Aquasil Ultra digit™ by Dentsply Caulk - We all know what a dental laboratory needs most to fabricate any type of restoration - an accurate impression of the preparation and the surrounding teeth.
Aquasil Ultra digit VPS Impression material by Dentsply Caulk
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Aquasil Ultra digit by Dentsply Caulk - We all know what a dental laboratory needs most to fabricate any type of restoration - an accurate impression of the preparation and the surrounding teeth. Using a vinylpolysiloxane material such as Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting® Impression Material, the dentist is able to record the prep and the surrounding gingival tissues with increasing success and predictability by doing it right the first time. With the digit Targeted Delivery System, the injection of unit-dose impression materials enables detailed, accurate capture of marginal details. I have always had a problem placing wash materials in a sulcus with the normal cartridge delivery system, so my routine was to backfill a disposable intraoral syringe. With the digit system, I can forget about my intraoral syringe. I have everything I need in the digit Targeted Delivery system. Digit combines the convenience of automatic mixing and intraoral syringe delivery. You have greater access to all areas with a small, bendable mixing tip and a rotating intraoral tip. Other benefits are an enhanced adaptation to tooth structure and the sulcus, less waste with the smaller tip, and the use of the proven Aquasil Ultra VPS material. Regisil Rigid super fast Bite Registration also is available in digit for quadrant bite registrations. Order from your dealer or call (800) LD Caulk, ext. 794 for more information.

Powerheart AED by Cardiac Science Corporation
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Powerheart AED G3 by Cardiac Science Corporation - Six State Dental Boards are considering a mandate that would require every dental office to have a defibrillation unit. One state has already told its dentists that every office will need one by February 2006. I am sure that many of you are considering purchasing an AED or have already purchased one. I have the Powerheart AED G3 Automatic in my office. We have trained ourselves in the use of the unit, and I’m considering one for my home as well. I am probably more concerned about my own potential for a heart emergency than most of my patients, and I want an AED in my office that is reliable, easy to use, and has the latest analysis technology. Critical to saving victims of sudden cardiac arrest is early access to defibrillation. The easy-to-use features of the Powerheart AED G3 allow virtually anyone to defibrillate cardiac arrest victims quickly and effectively, dramatically improving the chances of survival from a cardiac arrest. For every minute of delay, the victim loses 7 percent to 10 percent chance of survival, so time is critical. The unit has pediatric capability and also features variable escalating energy, which is delivered based on the unit’s analysis of the victim’s electrical impedance level. Opening the lid of the Powerheart AED G3 turns it on and starts the instructive voice and text prompts that will guide the user through every step of the rescue process. Following analysis, this unit determines whether a defibrillation shock is necessary and delivers it automatically when necessary, eliminating rescuer confusion and uncertainty. The patented RescueReady® technology performs daily, weekly, and monthly self-tests on the battery, electrodes (presence and function), internal electronics, and software. Powered by an Intellisense® lithium battery, this unit has the industry’s first four-year full replacement battery warranty. SmartGauge®indicator and battery capacity test monitors battery status daily and alerts the user when the battery needs to be replaced. Order from your dealer or visit for more information. Be safe rather than sorry!

Purrfect Match ™ composite by Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc.
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Purrfect Match by Aesthetic Porcelain Studios, Inc. - Are you tired of mismatched composite fillings? Are you tired of trying to match a tooth with all the shades that are available today? Well, here comes some help that will make your life simpler and easier. You can now match those tooth shades with Purrfect Match composite. You will be able to match tooth shade easily with an inexpensive composite that is fast and easy to use. It just doesn’t get any easier than this. This is a product that you need to have! To order Purrfect Match, call (800) 544-9605 or visit for more information.

Mimi LED curing light by Satelec Acteon Group
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Mini LED by Satelec Acteon Group - The stylish Mini LED curing light utilizes a single light-emitting diode of the latest generation. This LED curing light is very different from others you have seen. The ergonomic handpiece is comfortable and makes handling easy during all phases of composite restorations. The anodized aluminum housing is self-cooling, silent, and easy to clean. The Mini LED generates up to 2200mW/cm² over a very wide light spectrum (between 420 nm and 480 nm). It is compatible with most composites (camphoroquinone 470 nm, PPD or PAB 430 nm) but without ultraviolet (no danger to eyes) or infrared spectrum (no abnormal increase in temperature) for complete polymerization. It comes with a variety of well-designed light guides for a variety of applications. It is powered by a Li-Ion battery without memory effect, producing 300, 12-second cycles before recharging which will give you plenty of power for a day in the office. Order from your dealer or call (800) 289-6367 or visit for more information.

DEFEND GENTLE-JECT™ by Mydent International
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DEFEND GENTLE-JECT Saliva Ejector from Mydent International - Are you tired of pinching soft tissue in the mouth with a saliva ejector? Do your patients complain about the uncomfortable feeling of most saliva ejectors? Finally there is an answer! The GENTLE-JECT is a revolutionary new patented saliva ejector that protects patients from uncomfortable tissue impingement and trauma associated with standard saliva ejectors. GENTLE-JECT is simple in design, but it really works well and my hygienist loves it. It has a soft, rounded, and pliable tip design that removes fluids as fast as you are accustomed to without trapping and pinching soft tissue. This ejector also features a medical-grade, wire-reinforced tube. GENTLE-JECT comes in white, clear, and assorted colors. The retail price for the GENTLE-JECT is $3.99 per bag of 100. Your hygienist will love you for this one! Order GENTLE-JECT from your dealer, contact Mydent International at (800) 275-0020, or visit for more information.

BloodSTOP™ by LifeScience PLUS
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BloodSTOP by LifeScience PLUS - Bleeding in the patient’s mouth is a common problem for us. We encounter problems with bleeding because we work in a highly vascular area. When dealing with bleeding, we need instant control. BloodSTOP is designed to do just that! I have found that other products are harder to use and more expensive. We need something that will easily give us quick hemostasis. BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP EX hemostatic gauze are the ideal tools for general dentists and specialists (oral surgeons, periodontists, and endodontists) to control bleeding. These products are made of hypoallergenic, natural cellulose. A fine silky gauze, it can easily be cut to fit tight intraoral spaces. On contact with blood, it turns into a gel while enhancing coagulation factors to form an active, gentle protective barrier over the wound. As BloodSTOP absorbs blood and turns into a gel, it expands to create a gentle backpressure on the wound. It is ideal for all your patients, especially those with special problems - patients on blood thinners, smokers, hemophiliacs, and bleeders. This product is kind to patients since it is odorless and tasteless and is easily removed by irrigating with water or saline solution. Dentists are successfully using BloodSTOP hemostatic gauze to stop extreme bleeding during extractions, to prevent dry sockets, to control bleeding during an apicoectomy, and during reconstructive surgery. The product has a long shelf life (three years plus), so you don’t have to worry about expiration dates. It stops bleeding 80 percent faster than traditional cotton gauze and pressure techniques. So, it really qualifies as a Pearl - faster, better, easier, and less expensive! I have been using this product for about four months now and have had truly great results. I urge you to try this product and always have it on hand. Order from your dealer, call (877) 587-5433 or visit for more information.

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