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Top gear for the long run

Nov. 1, 2006
Kolorz™ from Zenith Dental - Heaven knows we do not need another line of hygiene products, but I urge you to take a look at this one.
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Kolorz from Zenith Dental - Heaven knowswe do not need another line of hygiene products, but I urge you to take a look at this one. Most of you know and trust Zenith for its many great products that are used every day. Now, Zenith Dental introduces Kolorz, a new hygiene line that includes a Topical Anesthetic Gel, Prophylaxis Paste, and Foam and Gel Fluoride. To develop this new product, Zenith went to gourmet food industry experts to develop products with a superior taste and smell. Care has been taken to assure that these products contain no controversial sweeteners such as aspartame or saccharin. Kolorz contains Sucralose®, a safe, noncaloric sweetener, and Xylitol, a natural sweetener found in fruits and berries. Both of these are safe for diabetics. In order to prevent allergic reactions in patients with Celiac disease, all Kolorz products are gluten-free. I think you will be very impressed with the taste and smell of the variety of popular flavors. Be sure to try this one. Order from your dealer or go to for more information.

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Oakley Through-The-Lens loupes from SurgiTel® Systems -Do you want to update your loupes and get the cool look of Oakley eyeglass frames and lenses? Look no more! SurgiTel’s latest innovation is the launch of a through-the-lens, or TTL, loupe built into two of Oakley’s most popular and durable eyeglass frames. This TTL loupe gives a larger field of view than a flip-up loupe. A TTL loupe will generally feel more comfortable on your face, because the weight is in the frame. I prefer the TTL because there are no adjustments to worry about; I just put them on and use them. The Oakley TTL gives the feel of new technology and modernizes the traditional look and feel of the old loupe. The frames chosen are Oakley’s BIG SQUARE WIRE® and the A WIRE®. These frames were picked for both their appearance and functionality. The frames are made of a durable C-5 alloy, a blend of five metal compounds producing an unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. The frames use an extremely comfortable Three-Point fit. This limits frame contact to the temples and the bridge of the nose for maximum comfort when wearing the loupes. These frames are designed to ophthalmic specific geometry for an optimal range of prescription correction and ocular placement. Both frames have soft, UNOBTAINIUM® wraps on the temple arms, which increase its grip with perspiration, preventing the loupes from sliding down on the nose. The new Oakley TTL loupes are the perfect fit for the dentist who is looking for a loupe that is comfortable and dependable with the highest optical performance, while still providing a modern look. Order your TTL loupes from SurgiTel - (800) 959-0153 or e-mail [email protected].

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PowerVac from Midmark -This is the first dry vacuum to combine the dentist’s most desired features into one flexible, space-saving, performance-driven system. PowerVac has created a new standard for dental dry vacuums by incorporating Rotary Claw pump technology. Midmark designers chose to utilize the tough, industrial-grade, high-performance characteristics of this proven pump technology in order to withstand the rigors of dentists’ vacuum needs. The durability of this technology supports the PowerVac’s 10-year/20,000-hour pump warranty and five years on all other parts, which is unmatched in the industry. The PowerVac’s unique pump has an integrated silencer to reduce the noise level, making it the quietest dry vacuum on the market. This has been great, since my suction unit is close to the treatment room. During installation, I kept asking what kind of maintenance was required and the answer was always the same - amazingly, it requires no regular maintenance. The PowerVac also is easy to install, requiring minimal tools. With its compact, square cabinet, easy-roll casters, and vertical design, the PowerVac can be located nearly anywhere in the equipment room with ease. Best of all, the PowerVac can replace many types of existing vacuum technologies, regardless of plumbing configurations. “Plug and Play” hose connections mean there are no tools required for installation. The air/water separation tank is conveniently attached to the top of the PowerVac base, enabling the entire unit to take up about the same floor space as conventional wet-ring vacuums. Bringing more versatility, greater durability, and a higher performance level than traditional wet-ring or dry vacuums, you can depend on the PowerVac to keep your office running smoothly, safely, and hassle-free. Order from your dealer or contact Midmark at (800) MIDMARK or for more information.

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Diamond Twist SCL and Diamond Twist SCO from Premier Dental Products Companyoffer faster extraoral and intraoral ceramic polishing, thanks to an innovative diamond paste containing a higher concentration of diamond particles. Diamond Twist SCL: This extraoral polishing kit is a great new polishing concept that features advanced open-weave Fibra prepolishers and 100-percent wool paste applicators that create a mirror-polish result on crowns, inlays, and onlays. Prepolish with Fibra Points - a barrel, wheel, or taper. Their innovative open-weave design generates significantly less heat. Do the final polish with Diamond Twist Super-Charged Polishing Paste applied with felt barrel, wheel, or point for a glaze-like look. This system allows you to quickly polish outside the mouth. After you have permanently seated crowns, inlays, onlays, and nano-hybrid composites, final-polish them using Diamond Twist SCO Polishing Paste. With the SCO kit, use the flat or tapering brushes (which are autoclavable) for the posterior occlusal surfaces, and use the Micro-Cloth disks for polishing and final high-gloss buffing. The clever Twist syringe avoids cross-contamination and will dispense just the right amount of polish. Order from a dealer or call Premier at (888) 670-6100, or e-mail them at [email protected] for great offers and expert advice.

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Colgate® Visible White tooth whiteninghas always been a great step to position your practice as it enters the esthetic arena. Many of your patients have always wanted a beautiful white smile, but they don’t realize how easy it has become. There are many reasons for whitening teeth, including giving your patient the boost in confidence and self-esteem that comes from a great smile and a younger appearance; a special event such as a wedding, job interview, or class reunion; to make a positive first impression on others; and to simply reverse years of everyday staining and yellowing. Visible White is an advance in professional take-home whitening, providing fast, safe, and effective whitening. Your patients will see whiter teeth in three days by using a simple, easy, 30-minute, once-a-day regimen. Visible White comes in two great flavors - mint and melon - stored in a convenient, portable case. For more information or to order, call (800) 372-4346 or visit

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Fuji Filling LC from GC America -I have been using a glass ionomer under my composite restorations for the past year, and have found that these patients have no sensitivity. I feel that I have done a better service for the patient using this technology. GC takes light-cured resin-reinforced glass ionomer restoratives to a whole new level with better esthetics that have a higher translucency, resulting in a very natural-looking filling material. If you are looking for fluoride protection, look no more - Fuji Filling LC has almost twice the fluoride release of any other restorative. The no-rinse Self Conditioner cleans and conditions the bonding surface to provide a stronger bond with minimal sensitivity. This will provide a direct bond to tooth structure, so you do not need undercuts. The technique is easy to learn and is user-friendly. It is even easy to place in a moist field. Use Fuji Filling LC for Class V restorations such as cervical erosions and root surface caries. This material is the perfect dentin substitute under posterior composites. It is much better than a flowable because it eliminates sensitivity, and provides higher radiopacity and true fluoride protection. This material also is great for Class III restorations, occlusal pedo restorations, and core buildups. Fuji Filling LC comes in the convenient Paste Pak, which makes it easy to mix with no waste and with ideal consistency every time. Order from your dealer or contact GC America for more information at (800) 323-7063.

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