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Oct. 1, 2001
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Mickey Mouse joins Braun Oral-B in making toothbrushing fun for kidsKids will be more eager to brush their teeth and will brush longer, with the help of a unique mystery musical timer and favorite Disney characters, with the launch of the Braun Oral-B Kids' Power Toothbrush.The motivational Mystery Musical Timer rewards children by playing one of 16 randomly selected melodies after each minute of brushing time, providing an incentive to brush longer — as kids never know which melody they'll hear next. It also encourages better brushing discipline as kids can be taught to brush their upper arch for one minute until they hear the first tune, then their lower arch until they hear the second melody.

Features include an ergonomically shaped handle and a bright, playful design in two color combinations. The Braun Oral-B Kids' Power Toothbrush will be available in stores this fall.

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Honigum® QuadFast™The Honigum® QuadFast™ is aimed at those of us who are in a hurry and hate to wait for an impression material to set. This is a new, faster-setting version of the popular Honigum® impression material that has been specifically designed for quadrant and single-unit impressions.

This product exhibits a remarkable pressure-sensitive variable viscosity. When dispensed, Honigum® QuadFast's™ high-viscosity material won't slump or run. But under increasing pressure, it lowers its viscosity to seek out small crevices and capture great detail. This product will provide dentists with more options in the Honigum® line.

Honigum® QuadFast™ is available in a heavy body, dispensed from a pouchless cartridge using the new "hands-free" MixStar machine. It also comes in a light body, which is dispensed from a hand-held automix dispensing gun.

For additional information, call (800) 662-6383 or visit To order, call your dealer.

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Northwest Delivery SystemThe Beaverstate Dental Northwest delivery system package includes the Evolution chair (sold exclusively with entire operatory only), Doctor's and Assistant's stools, and a post-mounted telescoping vacuum package. The asepsis designed, three-handpiece, automatic delivery system features recessed controls, purge system, air brake arm and syringe on Doctor's side. The package price also includes a water-bottle system, chair bracket, light, and post.For more information, call Beaverstate Dental at (503) 538-8756 or visit
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Disposable prophy angles in bulk packagesDental Resources is packaging its American-made disposable angles in bulk boxes of 1,200 angles. The angles are pre-lubricated, have a metal-like polycarbonate stem, and a high torque gear ratio. This is an excellent, economical angle that comes in four different cup types — firm, soft, super-flex, and non-latex.For more information, contact Dental Resources at (800) 328-1276. Free samples are available upon request.
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Laser fiber eliminates lateral heat transferbiolitec, maker of the 980nm Diode Laser, designs and manufactures its own fiber to deliver laser energy without lateral heat transfer to surrounding tissue. The 980nm Diode Laser doesn't transfer any heat, since it cuts optically, not thermally. There is virtually no bleeding, no charring, and minimal tissue trauma. The dentist can prepare and impress the teeth during the same visit as surgery.The energy delivered through this proprietary disposable, optical fiber travels "forward" only. This control of light and directed energy, let alone the absence of heat, is most important when a dentist is working down in a pocket; it provides optimum comfort for the patient and a precise outcome for the dentist.

For more information about the 980nm Diode Laser, call biolitec at (800) 934-2377.

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HyLite scalers/curettesThe A. Titan HyLite series of scalers and curettes features a new ultra-lightweight handle, reducing hand stress and fatigue. The handle consists of the largest diameter available along with a Diamond Knurl Textured grip to enhance control and provide optimum tactile sensation. The HyLite instruments are constructed of all stainless steel and the tips have the maximum hardness to hold their edge and stay sharper longer.

The HyLite scalers and curettes are available in all standard patterns and are produced from corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Made in the USA and exclusively available through A. Titan Instruments, the scalers and curettes are fully autoclavable and carry a lifetime guarantee.

For more information, call A. Titan Instruments at (877) 284-8261 or visit

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Procera® AllCeram BridgeNobel Biocare announces the availability of Procera® AllCeram Bridges. The new AllCeram Bridge, constructed from two sintered, aluminum-oxide copings and one pre-formed aluminum-oxide pontic, provides strength, durability, and esthetics. Procera's all-ceramic construction permits light transmission through the marginal areas to create natural-looking restorations. Procera® AllCeram Bridges, created using CAD/CAM technology and conventional methods, are strong enough to be used in anterior and posterior applications.For additional information on the Procera® AllCeram Bridge, contact Nobel Biocare USA, Inc. at (800) 993-8100 in the U.S., and (888) PROCERA in Canada or visit
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Bullet, new fiberoptic light guideCuda Fiberoptics announces the development and production of a new fiberoptic probe for use with dental curing lights. The new probe, called the "Bullet," is a fiberoptic light guide that transmits a concentrated, high-intensity light. It is affixed to the tip of a dental curing light and then is used in dental procedures such as bonding and bleaching.The "Bullet" is comprised of a multiplicity of fiberoptic strands fused together and sheathed the full length of the probe in a glass cladding to prevent light leakage. The "Bullet" may be repeatedly autoclaved without damaging or deteriorating the glass cladding. The probe is bent on its diameter with its tip portion narrowed to the desired diameter.

For additional information, call Cuda Fiberoptics at (877) 677-CUDA or visit

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Elipar™ FreeLight Curing Light3M ESPE introduces the Elipar™ FreeLight curing light, an advanced LED light that requires less than 10 percent of the electrical power consumed by conventional halogen lights. The small, cordless handpiece is designed for user-comfort and flexibility.The Elipar™ FreeLight curing light puts the controls at your fingertips with a built-in microprocessor in the handpiece that controls the light's intensity, ensuring that the light output remains constant. The curing light offers four settings for cure times between 10 and 40 seconds, providing constant, full-light intensity throughout the entire curing time for all indications.

For additional information on the complete 3M ESPE line of dental products, call (800) 634-2249 or visit

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Mirror SuctionHAGER Worldwide introduces Mirror Suction. Now for the first time, both preparation and scaling can be performed by the dentist without the aid of an assistant. No more mirror fogging, it's scratch-resistant, durable, rust-resistant/stainless steel, sterilizable, easy to install, and completely compatible with any suction system. The mirror is especially great for pedodontic treatment.Four-in-one functions: acts as a tongue guard, will mouth retract, provides excellent aspiration, and is a front-surface mirror.

For additional information or to place an order, call HAGER Worldwide at (800) 328-2335 or visit

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Trimax™ composite instrumentThe Trimax™ instrument gives dentistry a better way to create posterior composite restorations. Improved polymerization of deep restorations as well as tight anatomically correct contact areas are only two of the Trimax™ instruments' many benefits. The micro light guides have a marginal ridge guide that "lights up" when curing and can be used in a number of different positions. By combining the inherent advantages of optically clear disposable micro light guides that are shaped to fit different size teeth and an ergonomically correct triangular instrument handle, the Trimax™ instrument makes ideal posterior composite placement easy, fast, and accurate.

For additional information, call AdDent, Inc. at (203) 778-0200 or visit

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Olympus C3040 Zoom Digital Dental Camera SystemCygnus Technologies introduces the new Olympus C3040 Zoom Digital Dental Camera System. Specially developed for dental offices and laboratories, this digital dental camera system features an Olympus digital camera with macro converters, extra memory card, batteries, battery charger, set-up ring, and diffuser board. The software is compatible with practice-management applications and cosmetic-imaging platforms, works with digital X-ray sensors, and is able to send and receive e-mail. An Olympus photo printer enables digital images to be printed for high-quality output.

For details, call Cygnus Technologies at (800) 626-2664, Ext. 227, or visit

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Preserve Tongue CleanerRecycline, Inc. continues to combine superior design with environmental responsibility with the introduction of the Preserve Tongue Cleaner. Designed and developed by dental professionals to be a safe, effective, and simple oral-care tool, the Preserve Tongue Cleaner removes the bacteria that grows in the folds of the tongue. The tongue cleaner also features a handle made from recycled plastic and it is completely recyclable.Why use a tongue cleaner? Dental research shows that daily tongue cleaning decreases the amount of odor and plaque-causing bacteria that can lead to bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. The Preserve Tongue Cleaner has been proven in tests to freshen breath by killing bacteria 10 times more effectively than brushing your tongue with your toothbrush. In fact, dental professionals state that brushing your tongue can actually lodge bacteria into the folds of your tongue and that the edge of a tongue cleaner is needed to effectively remove the bacteria.

For additional information, call Recycline at (888) 354-7296 or visit

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Fireplace video available for the holiday season"Fireplace" is HUG Video's next program in a series of "scenic-relaxation" videotapes designed to be used in office reception areas. Available with or without holiday music, this video comes with the crackling sounds of a cozy fire that can be used year-round or during the holiday season. No logs to carry or ashes to clean, this tape is ideal for warming your patients on a fall or winter day while waiting for their appointment.

For more videos available and prices, call HUG Video Productions at (856) 627-9529.

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Sectional Matrix Band ForcepsFor every time you've grimaced and held your breath while placing or removing matrix bands, now there are CLINICIAN'S CHOICE™ Sectional Matrix Band Forceps.Developed by a dentist, these forceps enable you to easily place, manipulate, and remove matrix bands during Class II restorations. Until now, you've been using cotton pliers to place matrix bands, right? While excellent for many things, these pliers are simply not angled properly for sectional matrix band placement, making the task cumbersome.

Two designs are available: UNI-BAND (ordering code #202303) and FEATHERLITE (ordering code #202302). For more information, call (800) 265-3444 or visit

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Pure Bond+ & DesensitizerPure Bond+ & Desensitizer is a light-cured, single component bonding agent for use in combination with adhesive restorations. It was developed for direct and indirect restorations, as well as amalgam lining and adhesion. Pure Bond+ & Desensitizer is a simple, easy, fast, one-bottle system with unique, patent-protected benefits. It can be used with wet or dry (two- to three-second) techniques, unlike other one-bottle bonding products.For additional information, contact Healthdent'l L.L.C. at (800) 845-5172.
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Bone Preservation Root Tip KitThe A. Titan Bone Preservation Root Tip Kit consists of the unique maxillary and mandibular forceps along with our root-tip elevator. This kit will allow you to complete all extractions in all areas of the mouth with minimal bone loss.Specifically used to retrieve all broken roots and root fragments, the elevator and forceps have the same unique tip design enabling the practitioner to work efficiently and confidently during all extractions, even when complications arise. The sharp, thin-beveled elevator is used to create space between the bone and the root by separating the tissues. The forceps are then applied directly to the root or root fragment without a surgical procedure and their sharp, beveled beaks slide nicely below the gum line utilizing the space created by the elevator. The sharp, beveled beaks then gain an excellent purchase completely surrounding the root or root fragment. With a slight rotary motion, the root or root fragment is removed with ease and confidence. The instruments are 100-percent stainless steel and made in Germany.

For more information, call A. Titan Instruments, Inc. at (877) 284-8261 or visit

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Waterpik eBrush™The eBrush™, an electric toothbrush, is Waterpik's newest oral-health innovation. The eBrush™ is roughly the size of a manual brush, making it compact and convenient for users. The "e" in eBrush™ represents a variety of product features, including electronic, effective, ergonomic, and easy. It is easy-to-use, easy-to-maneuver, and also is easy on gum tissue with its gentle, vibrating brush motion.The battery-powered brush also features diamond-shaped DuPont Tynex® Bristles, a brush head cover, gentle brushing action, and colorful, ergonomic designs.

For additional information, call WaterPik Technologies, Inc. at (970) 484-1352 or visit

Handheld viewer frees dentists for more personalized careWith a new handheld device from Kodak, dentists and dental lab technicians can view properly lighted intraoral film X-rays or 35 mm photographic slides anywhere, anytime.

The portable viewer is small enough to slip into a medical gown pocket and runs on four AAA batteries. It can be used to view popular sizes of intraoral X-ray film, such as size 2 Kodak InSight Intraoral Dental Film, or 35 mm photographic slides, such as Kodak Dental Photographic slide film.

The Mini Dental Film Viewer includes a wire desk stand for countertop display and can be purchased through leading dental products dealers. The viewer can also be lighted using an off-the-shelf external power supply (not included with the unit).

For more information about Kodak's dental business, call (800) 933-8031, call your regional Kodak products representative, or visit Kodak Health Imaging Dental Products Group Web site at

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4-in-one quad traysThe unique design of the 4-in-one quad tray has a 360°swivel handle that permits impressions of the upper or lower, right or left quadrants. The trays multiple perforations allow for superb retention of all impression materials and is ideal for Space Maintainers, Space Regainers, and Crown and Bridge. Made of reusable FDA-approved plastic, but priced to be disposable, trays will save valuable time and material. The trays are packaged in bags of 10.

For more information or to order, call Space Maintainers Lab at (888) 423-3270.

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Disposable saliva ejectorHAGER Worldwide introduces Swe-Flex, a super-effective saliva ejector with a tongue holder, which keeps the tongue firmly in place. Swe-Flex is anatomically correct in design with one size fits all patients. Due to its unique design, there is no positive suck down of tissue, resulting in increased comfort for the patient.Swe-Flex is for single-use only during patient treatments where the suction of saliva, water, and blood from the mouth is necessary.

To place an order call your preferred dental dealer or HAGER Worldwide at (800) 328-2335 or visit

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Sooper FuzzysSooper Fuzzys disposable applicators are the latest edition to Benco's value-packed Benco Brand products. Used to apply dental materials such as bonding agents, nonlinting Sooper Fuzzys are remarkably absorbent and eliminate dripping. Their extra-fine size enables precise application in areas of limited access. To suit individual preference, the neck of the Sooper Fuzzys can be easily bent. They are available in boxes of 200.

For more information, contact Benco Dental at (800) 462-3626 or visit

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TMJ Home Care Kit™Preferred Medical Products, Inc. introduces the TMJ Home Care Kit™. The kit is designed to provide measurable relief from pain and dysfunction related to "closed lock" and other TMJ symptoms. The kit combines four well-accepted and proven modalities in one low-cost package. The kit's Soother™ provides hot and cold modalities proven to reduce pain, muscle tightness, and relieve stress in patients. The Aqualizer™, liquid splint, has 20 years clinical application in TMJ pain relief through joint unloading and balancing.The TMJ Home Care Kit™ features a new, easy to use, mobilizer which provides exercise and strengthening for the temporomandibular joint. Clear patient instructions and clinical references are provided on the packaging.

For more information on the kit cost (professionals receive a $40 discount), call Preferred Medical Products, Inc. at (800) 295-0378.

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BCR® Nylon Glove LinersBerkshire Corporation introduces six nylon glove liners to its line of BCR glove liners. BCR Nylon Glove Liners are available in two different styles — half-finger and full-finger. Each style is available in various sizes to meet user requirements. Attributes of the liners are comfort and protection; they protect against skin irritation caused by latex or PVC gloves; cuff edges are color-coded according to size; the liners are ambidextrous for simple stock control; seamless construction prevents unraveling; and they are launderable for multiple reuse. They are made with 100-percent continuous filament, knitted nylon to ensure durability and cleanliness.

For more information, call Berkshire Corporation at (800) 242-7000 or visit

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Abrasive Stars for Slow SpeedDental Resources is making an abarasive star for smoothing thermoplastics. The star design will smooth areas that a normal circular-type wheel will not. With its mandrel, it can fit onto any slow-speed handpiece. The abrasive stars are ideal for smoothing and polishing acrylics, mouthguard materials, all thermoplastics, Proflex, and more.The new Abrasive Stars are available in packages of 12 abrasive wheels with mandrel. For more information, contact Dental Resources Inc. at (800) 328-1276 or circle the number below.
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Light-curing custom trayWith light tray, Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. introduces a new light-curing custom tray and baseplate material which features improved product characteristics such as high stability, increased resistance to fracture and precise adaptation. The material is very economical since any excess material can be reused. Its outstanding working properties ensure quick and clean processing.Light Tray is available in two forms. The Light Tray Natural is used for fabricating functional impression custom trays. Light Tray is available also in pink for the fabrication of base plates. In addition, Light Tray also may be used as a bite-registration material, for attaching pin tracing registration devices, or for taking check bites during trial insertion of frameworks.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or visit

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Stannous Fluoride Brush-on GelJust for Kids™ 0.4% Stannous Fluoride Brush-On Gel provides consistent stannous and fluoride ion availability. This antimicrobial prescription medicine is ideal for caries-active patients. Dental professionals also find it provides hypersensitivity control, enhances remineralization, reduces gingival inflammation, and provides excellent protection from decalcification for orthodontic patients. Just for Kids™ is available now in new patient-friendly packaging. A four-year shelf life and three great-tasting flavors make it the right choice of dental professionals for young patients.

For more information, call OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals at (800) 445-3386.

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Diabite™ StickThe Diabite™ Stick serves two purposes. One end is a diagnostic probe — it gently directs the patient's bite force to isolate a tooth, restoration fracture, or locate a sensitive tooth. The Bite-Stick functions as a restoration seating device with nonslip surface. The Diabite™ Stick is sold with 32 sticks per package.For additional information, contact KIS Products, Inc. at (954) 764-0270.

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