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Sept. 1, 2001
Complete Curing Light Sleeve™
Dental Disposables introduces the Complete Curing Light Sleeve™. With the sleeve, you can cover the entire curing light, from handle to tip, with one effective and convenient product. The sleeve slides on to protect your gun from harsh liquid disinfectants that may cause the plastic to turn color or even crack. The Complete Curing Light Sleeve™ reduces the potential for cross-contamination between patients, and is an effective addition to yo
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Complete Curing Light Sleeve™
Dental Disposables introduces the Complete Curing Light Sleeve™. With the sleeve, you can cover the entire curing light, from handle to tip, with one effective and convenient product. The sleeve slides on to protect your gun from harsh liquid disinfectants that may cause the plastic to turn color or even crack. The Complete Curing Light Sleeve™ reduces the potential for cross-contamination between patients, and is an effective addition to your office's infection-control program.

For additional information, contact Dental Disposables at (800) 825-5727 or visit

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Crescent Child Booster Seat
The Crescent Child Booster Seat is the ultimate seat to have in your practice to assist in the positioning of children in the dental chair. It is designed to raise the height of the child in the dental chair while you are performing standard procedures. The booster seat also works great in an upright position for X-ray purposes.

The attached lumbar support will allow the child's head and shoulders to relax in a natural position while supporting his/her lower back. The booster seat is covered in a medical-grade vinyl and can be cleaned easily without causing discoloration or absorbing fluids.

For more details, contact Crescent Products at (800) 989-8085 or visit

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Xantia™ is applied directly to teeth
Dexcel Pharma Inc. introduces a new product that whitens teeth without encumbering the user with strips or trays to carry the whitening agent. Xantia™ is applied directly to the tooth surface using a special applicator brush.

Xantia™ is applied twice daily to stained teeth over a two-week regimen and is recommended for ages 16 and over.

Xantia™ is said to be formulated to be a safe and effective alternative to much stronger bleaching solutions promoted by a variety of manufacturers in hydrogen-peroxide concentrations that are outside the general guidelines of what should be acceptable for use by the patient.

Xantia™ is distributed only through dental professionals so as to provide effective counseling, ensure proper patient utilization, and provide support for the patient.

For additional information, call Dexcel Pharma at (866) PERIOCHIP.

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Are you a Chocoholic?
They said we couldn't do it the first time, so we went ahead and did it again! Discus Dental, the first company to introduce a Wild Berry-flavored impression material, announces the arrival of a second delicious flavor — Chocolate Delight Splash!

Rated #1 by Reality 2001 for impression materials, Splash! gives you consistently accurate impressions for single units or full-arch impressions.

For more information on Chocolate Delight Splash!, contact Discus Dental at (800) 422-9448.

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Bolt™ Max brightens the world of dental care
Munchkin, Inc. introduces Bolt™ Max, the first disposable toothbrush with a light-up head and suction-cup base. The light-up feature not only makes brushing fun, but it also acts as an early-warning system to remind users to replace their toothbrush every three months (when the light goes out) as recommended by dentists. The Power Suction® cup base promotes air-drying (recommended by dentists) by keeping the toothbrush affixed to the counter and away from direct contact with germs. The brush is available to all ages in a wide variety of colors.

For more information, visit or

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CEREC Presentation Kit available
Sirona Dental Company announces the availability of the CEREC Presentation Kit, designed to assist lecturers in educating professionals within the dental community about the CEREC System and build awareness about how CAD/CAM technology is being used to improve the delivery of care to patients.

The CEREC System eliminates the need for traditional impressions, offering chairside design and fabrication of highly esthetic, extremely durable single-unit restorations for immediate placement and finishing in one visit.

The kit is designed to be used as an adjunct to existing presentations covering the topics of restorative dentistry, high-tech dentistry, CAD/CAM, or practice management.

To request a free CEREC Presentation Kit, call Sirona Dental Company at (732) 389-4500.

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Flat-out easier instrumentation!
Essential Dental Systems' new EZ-Fill® SafeSider™ nickel-titanium and stainless-steel hand instruments provide excellent endodontic results. Benefits of the patented, noncircular, noninterrupted, flat-sided hand instruments include reduced dentinal engagement for rapid negotiation to the apex and improved flexibility for easier instrumentation in curved canals. SafeSiders™ give dentists a lighter touch, less hand fatigue, and greater usage without fear of instrument fracture.

SafeSiders™ are available as files and reamers in 21 mm or 25 mm lengths. Use SafeSiders™ with the patented EZ-Fill bi-directional spiral and EZ-Fill epoxy resin, root-canal cement to create exceptional three-dimensional fills with a single room temperature gutta percha point.

For more information or a free training video, circle the reader service number below.

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Jaw Joint Protector
Masel Enterprises announces the new Jaw Joint Protector. The JJP works on all dentition — with or without orthodontic brackets. The JJP provides maximum protection against the hardest and toughest trauma to the jaw or mouth. The JJP is clinically proven superior to stock, typical boil-and-bite, and pressure-laminated mouthguards. It not only protects the upper and lower dentition, but also prohibits TMJ problems and reduces concussion by cushioning the condyle joint. The JJP allows your patients to breath, talk, and spit while in place.

With the JJP, your patients and their parents receive the best insurance available against trauma to the jaw and dentition during athletic activities.

Call (800) 344-7235 today to order your first sample. The JJP is available in a wide selection of colors, with and without a strap.

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New, improved Bosworth disposable syringes
Bosworth announces its new and improved disposable syringes. These disposable syringes make it easier to load and dispense material, with no clogging. The new plunger also allows all loaded material to be dispensed from the syringe, and the bendable tip provides easier, more accurate placement of material. This bendable tip will flex to any angle.

The syringes are small, making it easy to place material anywhere in the patient's mouth. It also is ideal for most impression materials and surgical dressings. Each box contains 50 disposable syringes and each syringe holds 5 ml of material.

For more details, contact Bosworth Company at (800) 323-4352 or visit

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Professional athletic mouthguards
Proform has assembled a marketing kit for the dental office to use in the promotion of professionally made athletic mouthguards. The complete kit contains a promotional video, a poster, patient-education brochures, and laminated mouthguards to be made into demonstration appliances.

The kit also includes studies supporting the five reasons why professional mouthguards are better than store-bought types.

For more information, contact Dental Resources, Inc. at (800) 328-1276.

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Root-canal obturation system
SimpliFill is a unique root-canal obturation system that makes filling the canal a simple procedure. SimpliFill uses a flexible, stainless-steel shaft to hold a 5 mm long cone of gutta percha called the Apical GP Plug. Once the 5 mm Apical GP Plug is firmly condensed in the apical third of the canal with sealer, the SimpliFill handle is turned counter clockwise, allowing the carrier to be removed. Leaving only the Apical GP Plug (no carrier) allows for easy retreatment, should it become necessary. If a post will be placed, obturation now is complete. Otherwise, the coronal and middle portions of the canal are obturated with sealer and gutta percha using the SimpliFill syringe and a small-gauge needle. SimpliFill requires no expensive equipment. It offers an excellent seal and is said to take less than one-half the time of traditional obturation methods.

For more information, call LightSpeed Endodontics at (800) 817-3636 or visit

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Achieve toothbrush line
Plak Smacker's new line of Achieve adult toothbrushes are made with soft Dupont tynex nylon bristles that are end-polished and rounded. The Achieve Powertip toothbrush is a 42-tuft brush with raised bristles at the tip of the head, allowing easier access for hard-to-reach areas, and has a contoured rubber handle. The Achieve "Getta Grip"™ toothbrush has a rubber handle and features a flexible neck with a 44-tuft, oval-shaped head that is tri-colored. The Achieve Power Grip Compact Toothbrush comes with a frosted-colored handle, and offers an oval-shaped, 47-tuft head with blue-colored bristles through the center for a unique professional look. All of the Achieve brushes are packaged by the gross in four assorted colors, and are only offered through Plak Smacker.

For more information, call (800) 228-9021 or (800) 558-6684, or visit

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Zila Dental Supply catalog is available
The newest catalog published by Zila Dental Supply is currently available. The 443-page, full-color catalog showcases more than 16,500 dental-supply products in a user-friendly format, complete with subheadings, product images, and a detailed index encompassing thousands of new products. A new feature for this catalog is a section dedicated to private-label products, which provide dental practices great savings. Zila Dental Supply strives to offer a complete and comprehensive line of products to the dental professional.

Zila Dental Supply offers three convenient ways to order: toll-free phone, toll-free fax, and online catalog at Ordering online with Zila Dental Supply combines convenience, speed, and simplicity into a pleasant shopping experience, featuring a shopping basket (which allows you to save and suspend an order for up to 30 days), and a personal shopping list offering product history of items you order for your practice.

For more information or a free copy of the catalog, call (800) 800-4939.

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P.A.C. Light is ultimate time-saver
Den-Mat Corporation introduces the new, more compact Rembrandt® Sapphire Light. With 30-minute, full-mouth bleaching and three-second curing, the Rembrandt® Sapphire Light does it all — quickly and efficiently.

The light's ultra-compact size provides maximum power. It needs little counter space to provide optimum benefits. Light and portable, it can be mounted to the dental chair, post, or wall.

Ultra-thin and comfortable, the Rembrandt® Sapphire Light's sleek handpiece offers total control. The timer selection and activator are fingertip-ready and delay-free. The handpiece is quiet, without blowing hot air at the patient. Multiple tip sizes can be removed and autoclaved.

For additional information, call (800) 433-6628 or visit

Dental aids for oral care
Dental Concepts, a leading manufacturer of professional-quality dental products for at-home use, is launching a complete new line of dental aids for consumers. The same precision instruments found at your dentist's office — dental picks, scalers, proxa-brushes, gum massagers, sulcas brushes — now will be available at drug, grocery, convenience, and mass-market retailers.

The Doctor's® MOUTHTOOLS are similar to precision instruments used by dental hygienists with one important distinction: short handles. The short handles allow the tools to easily fit into purses, travel kits, desks, and car glove compartments. They are inexpensive and efficient, and the added portability of their design makes them extremely practical. The six tools available include a scaler, interdental brush, gum stimulator, interdental pik, sulcas brush, and sensitive teeth pik.

For additional information, circle the reader service number below.

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Vista Accu-Tray™ makes clear impression
Vista Dental Products recently introduced the Accu-Tray™, a clear impression made of acrylic plastic which provides superior visibility and added rigidity for greater accuracy.

The perforated Accu-Tray™ also features occlusal surface space maintainers to protect against bite-through of impression material, a textured handle for a no-slip grip, keyway perforations, and side wall slots to ensure material retention, and a posterior rim lock that eliminates secondary flow and gagging. Trim or flame soften for tailored fit. Packaged in bags of 12, Vista's Accu-Tray™ is available in nine sizes.

For more information, contact Vista Dental at (877) 418-4782 or visit

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ImageRAY™ digital X-ray sensor now available
Dentrix Dental Systems, Inc. recently announced the immediate availability of the Dentrix ImageRAY™, its digital X-ray sensor product for dental practices. The ImageRAY™ integrates with the broad suite of dental practice management and technology products from Dentrix Dental Systems.

The new sensor uses a CCD-based chip, which imaging experts agree produces less "noise" or "feedback" over the less-costly CMOS chip when capturing an image.

The Dentrix ImageRAY™ is constructed of highly durable materials and connectors, which is critical for a device like a digital X-ray sensor, which undergoes extreme usage, wear and tear, and handling by the staff at an office. The cables are reinforced with durable materials, and the cable-boot connection at the base of the actual sensor unit is strengthened to withstand the constant bending and positioning of the sensor inside the patient's mouth.

The Dentrix ImageRAY™ is sold through local independent resellers. Contact your representative to order an ImageRAY™, call (800) DENTRIX for more information or visit

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esa™ disposable prophy angle
Developed to reduce wrist and hand fatigue, the esa™ (extended straight attachment) disposable prophy angle eliminates the need for the straight attachment in connecting prophy angles to the handpiece motor. esa™ has a very comfortable nonslip grip, connects quickly and easily to the handpiece motor, and delivers smooth, quiet, consistent performance. Plus, the user will never have to autoclave, maintain, or buy a straight attachment ever again!

The newest esa™ ST model fits the popular Start Titan slow-speed handpiece. Last fall, Preventech successfully introduced esa™ MW for the Midwest Shorty and Rhino slow-speed motors.

Both esa™ ST and esa™ MW are available in soft, firm, and nonlatex soft cups as well as tapered brushes from your favorite dental distributor.

For additional information or a sample, call (800) 474-8681 or visit

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Glove offers hand-specific comfort
SS White introduces a new Left and Right, hand-specific, Fitted Nitrile Glove, an important advance in dental glove evolution. The gloves are latex-free, an important benefit for practitioners and patients who are sensitive to latex protein. Specially designed to reduce hand pressure by virtue of their hand-specific, fitted-shape, these powder-free gloves are ideal for long procedures. The gloves are available in eight sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large.

For additional information or a free sample, call SS White at (877) 779-2287 or visit

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Integra system trial offer underway
Premier Dental Products Company is offering a free trial offer on the Integra System. Dentists interested in receiving the free IntegraPost™ System Trial can view a brief tutorial on line at (click on the Premier logo and complete the short questionnaire at the end).

This $160 value includes IntegraPost™, an ultra-passive, ultra-secure integrating core retainer with the unique patented flow-thru head design.

Interested dentists may also choose a free one-hour continuing-education program, in the convenience of their office, and also receive the IntegraPost™ System Trial. The in-office, hands-on presentation — to be scheduled at a mutually convenient time — can be requested by calling Premier at (888) 670-6100.

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SEQUENCE: Fluoride Rinse System
Pascal Company, Inc. announces the availability of SEQUENCE, a two-step powder APF and Stannous Fluoride Rinse System. SEQUENCE is readily dissolved into a liquid state, which reaches into difficult sites that may be missed by more viscous fluoride treatments. SEQUENCE offers a 50 percent higher fluoride uptake than APF gels and foams.

SEQUENCE is said to be highly palatable with less sweetness and no "burn" or "bite." It is available in Tangy Tangerine and Mint.

For additional information or a free sample, call Pascal Company, Inc. at (425) 602-3620.

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The R.A.P.T.O.R.® System
American Diamond Instruments offer carbide and diamond burs that are designed to expedite the anatomical contouring and finishing of posterior composite restorations. The R.A.P.T.O.R.® bur mimics the 21B Acorn burnisher for effective sculpting of amalgam. Offered in large and small sizes for molars and premolars, it is said to impart proper occlusal anatomy using a simple connect-the-dot technique.

The 30 fluted Christmas tree bur has the proper angulation for easy and comfortable finishing of newly cut anatomy. An economical starter kit also includes egg and needle-shaped burs and a disk mandrel in an autoclavable bur block, along with a free user video. All burs are offered in small quantities or in five packs.

For more information, contact American Diamond Instruments at (800) 537-7474.

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Dual-curing, single-component adhesive
Excite® DSC is said to be the first dual-curing, single-component adhesive ever. In contrast to existing systems, in which several liquids have to be mixed or applied in sequence, Excite® DSC consists of one component only, which is applied in a single layer.

Excite® DSC is supplied in single-dose cartridges with a premounted application brush. This application brush is coated with the initiators necessary for the dual-curing feature. Upon activation of the single-dose cartridge, the initiators are mixed with the adhesive liquid, thus providing it with the dual-curing characteristics.

Excite® DSC is used in conjunction with dual-curing composite cements, such as Variolink® II, for the adhesive cementation of indirect all-ceramic and composite restorations. Excite® DSC also may be used in combination with direct self-curing composites or core build-up materials.

For more information, call Ivoclar Vivadent at (800) 533-6825 or visit

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Protect your patients; protect yourself
The Dental Emergency Protocol System, available from Robert Alexander Medical, LLC, is a revolutionary emergency medical kit that provides the proper tools to quickly respond to the nine most common emergencies to occur in a dental setting.

The system includes a 13-page, tabbed reference; three examination-room posters; team cards; EpiPen; EpiPen Jr.; Benadryl capsules; Albeterol Inhaler; Nitroglycerin Spray; Aspirin; and Ammonia Ampoules. The drugs are packed in custom-imprinted bags and a convenient carrying case.

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Telephone Effectiveness To Improve Your Patient Retention
Exactly how many patients did not return to your office in the past year? You can't afford not to make effective follow-up calls! These telephone training tapes are the first audio tapes designed specifically to teach you successful telephone techniques for appointment scheduling of recall patients. Now with the help of these four audio cassettes and monitor forms, you can overcome patients saying, "Not right now. I'll call you back."

You can learn how to: Get Recall Patients to Schedule, Turn Around Those Patients Who Cancel, Overcome Patient Objections with Field-Tested Techniques, Develop an Effective Presentation Script, and Strengthen Overall Communication Skills.

For more information, contact McKenzie Management & Associates at (877) 777-6151 or visit

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Practice-building products for every dentist
Space Maintainers Laboratory introduces Success Essentials, a new, full-color, 38-page catalog with over 1,000 practice-building products and equipment of high quality that guarantees you competitive prices. Best of all, you can buy in the smaller quantities you need and avoid costly inventory.

All products are compatible with Space Maintainer Laboratory appliances and they are designed to help you achieve the best results possible. A complete inventory of more than 500 items is ready for immediate shipment.

For additional information, call (800) 423-3270 for your complimentary copy.

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Surtex™: the vastly enhanced classic post line
Dentatus announces its major commitment of replacing the entire line of the machine surface Classic Post, effectively immediately with the new, vastly improved Surtex™ texturized posts.

The Surtex™ Posts Line will continue to be available from your supplier in the One-Stop organized dispenser with all components and built-in gauges to confirm length and diameters. Surtex™ is available in titanium, stainless steel, and gold-plated metal alloy and in individual-size refill packages containing 12 posts.

For additional information, call Dentatus USA, Ltd. at (800) 323-3136.

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Dispenser Rack
The Dispenser Rack, developed by Chipman Industries, is designed to hold impression material dispensing guns used during restorative or lab procedures. It is made of acrylic plastic and is compact, sturdy, and lightweight. It is designed to take up minimal space while keeping the guns in a readily available position for fast, convenient use. The Dispenser Rack also incorporates a tip holder to provide easy access for additional dispenser gun tips.

For details, call Chipman Dental Products at (800) 814-7537 or visit

The Dispenser Rack is available in three configurations to hold three, four, or five dispenser guns.

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Bridging the gap for vacations
Typically, when packing for vacation, the closest thoughts given to your teeth are a toothbrush, toothpaste and, if your teeth are lucky, dental floss. But with a crusade to improve dental care, coupled with a new product to "bridge the gap" in emergency dental care, a different kind of first-aid kit could make its way into your suitcase.

After treating hundreds of dental emergencies, Dr. Jan Stahl, a New York dentist and CEO of APO Health, has developed a dental first-aid kit for the consumer. Complete with toothache drops, temporary fillings, temporary cement and denture-repair products, the EDK — the Emergency Dental Kit —provides safe, temporary relief for the most common dental emergencies.

The EDK comes complete with step-by-step, illustrated instructions on how to treat each emergency. The consumer will be able to safely and easily treat the most common dental emergencies. The kits can be purchased at

For additional information, contact APO Health at (516) 594-0005.

Fissurotomy® Diagnostic and Finishing Kit
SS White, makers of the original Fissurotomy® Bur, introduces a new Fissurotomy® Diagnostic and Finishing Kit. The new kit contains one autoclavable bur block, three original Fissurotomy® Burs, three Fissurotomy® Micro NTF Burs (narrow taper fissure) for ultraconservative pit/fissure exploration of adult molars, three Fissurotomy® Micro STF burs (shallow taper fissure) for ideal pit/fissure exploration of primary teeth and for enamelplasty, one finishing bur (#7901), and one finishing bur (#7406).

These specially designed burs are readily accessible in a well-marked bur block designed for convenience and easy reordering. The new kit will help keep you organized and efficient.

For more information, contact SS White Burs at (877) 779-2287 or visit

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EagleSoft introduces eReferral
EagleSoft's eReferral lets you keep in touch and share information with colleagues. With just a few mouse clicks, the eReferral Wizard allows you to send a patient's chart, X-rays, and images to a specialist for case referral. Not only is this tool a time-saver, but it will improve your working relationships.

eReferral uploads the electronic file from EagleSoft's advanced clinical software to the EagleSoft server as a secured Web page. There, it can be instantly viewed and discussed. eReferral is fast, complete, and totally secure. It is the perfect tool for growing practices. For a demonstration of eReferral and the EagleSoft advantage, go to

For more details, contact your personal Patterson representative, or call EagleSoft at (800) 294-8504.

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New separating elastomerics product
Ortho Organizers introduces a new separating elastomerics product, Safe-T Separators. Made of quality elastic, Safe-T Separators feature knobs on either side of each ring. When placed, these knobs extend beyond the interproximal area out past the gingival, preventing the separator from submerging into the subgingival area. Never worry about losing a separator in the gingival area again! Safe-T Separators are available in two styles: slim and standard. The slim separators are thinner with less force for use in situations needing minimal space opening only. The separators are packaged on star-shaped sticks with a total of 80 separators per star.

For more information, contact Ortho Organizers at (760) 471-0206, (800) 547-2000, or visit

Denture cleanser and polishing compound
DENTSPLY Trubyte introduces Pumicide™ Denture Cleanser and Polishing Compound. Pumicide™ is a revolutionary new pumicing compound that will save clinicians time and effort. It is a premixed cleaning and polishing compound that will streamline the polishing process while virtually eliminating the cleanup.

Eighty-three percent of dental professionals who used Pumicide™ in DENTSPLY's user evaluation said it was an improvement to their current pumicing process. Pumicide™ effectively improves the pumicing process by eliminating the need for messy "flour" pumice/water mixtures. Because Pumicide™ is pre-mixed, it will help a busy dental office follow their aseptic techniques. Easily dispensed from a tube, Pumicide™ can be applied in small amounts to significantly reduce waste and cleanup time. Pumicide's medium-grit compound allows for a broad spectrum of polishing applications.

For more information, call DENTSPLY Trubyte customer service at (800) 786-0085.

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Web site features easy-to-use format
MicroDental Laboratories' newly revised Web site features many new products in an innovative, easy-to-use format. The new Web site is incredibly user-friendly as each page is laid out in such a way that all the information will be easy to find and read. Users will literally be a "click" away from any page or link. Also new to the Web site is the new personal account representative page. Doctors now will be able to have a visual of who their representative is for enhanced customer service.

For more information, visit MicroDental's newest work of art at

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