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3 technologies that cost less than $5k

May 1, 2017
Dr. Mark Hyman focuses on dental technology under $5,000 that can transform your practice in these three areas: tooth whitening, loupes, and high-speed electric dental handpieces.
Dr. Mark Hyman focuses on dental technology under $5,000 that can transform your practice in these three areas: tooth whitening, loupes, and high-speed electric dental handpieces.

In 2015, I had the privilege of writing an article for Dental Economics about three dental technologies that cost less than $5,000 and could revolutionize your practice. My premise was that you can afford the CAD/CAM and/or cone beam (CBCT) unit of your dreams if you follow the decision-making process that highly successful dentists have used for years. Wise purchases with a small initial expenditure can yield massive returns in the long term. I focused on three technologies in that article: Digital Doc intraoral video cameras (optimally, the goal is to have one in each operatory), the Isolite dental isolation system, and DenMat’s SOL portable soft-tissue diode laser. Those of you who acted on this advice likely saw your practice transform immediately. For those of you who are still deciding—more than a year later—just do it!

This year, we will focus on three other purchases under $5,000 that can transform your practice.

Tooth whitening

Zoom in-office tooth whitening

from Philips

Zoom technology was introduced by Discus Dental during the Extreme Makeover sensation that transformed dentistry in the early 2000s. Thanks to Dr. Bill Dorfman, Robert Hayman, and others, tooth whitening has become the number one requested procedure in dentistry today. Philips purchased Zoom in 2010 and implemented its long and successful history as a light bulb company to upgrade Zoom lamp technology with LED bulbs—and the results have been sensational. If you currently own an older Zoom lamp that is not in use, speak with your Philips representative to trade it in. The new variable-intensity WhiteSpeed lamp allows you to adjust to the level that is most comfortable for your patients. Once you use Zoom, your practice will experience a dramatic, increased interest and new motivation to explore other restorative and cosmetic dental care. Whitening is a valuable service to our patients and a great practice builder. Don’t miss out on this wonderful technology.


PeriOptix loupes with Firefly cordless headlight

from DenMat

Ergonomics may not seem like much of an investment. But the cost of being unaware of the physical beating our bodies take from decades of day in, day out clinical dentistry is staggering. To deliver exceptional and precise dental care for our patients requires magnification and illumination systems. All clinicians can benefit from these technologies. I had tried several loupes over the years, and while many wonderful units are available, I found most to be heavy, and I continued to have a chronically sore neck. Our team has been using PeriOptix loupes with the Firefly cordless headlight from DenMat since their introduction more than a year ago. The cordless, lightweight Firefly system was the first universal cordless light system in dentistry. Weighing only 28 grams and being magnetic, this system seamlessly upgrades any loupes you may have. This advancement means less stress and strain on your neck, and it offers a dramatically more comfortable clinical experience. The headlight provides an extended working time, adjustable brightness, and enlarged spot size. The light can be replaced quickly and easily so as not to interrupt your clinical care.


COMFORTdrive high-speed electric handpieces

from KaVo

I hate to admit it, but when I started dental school, our high-speed handpieces didn’t even have fiber optics. Once we got fiber optics, we felt like we’d died and gone to heaven. When I finally tried the KaVo COMFORTdrive 200 XDR electric handpieces, my dental world changed forever. If you’ve never tried an electric handpiece, you can’t imagine all the benefits you are missing. The smoother, more precise, and artful preparations will mean exact cutting and finer clinical results. This handpiece has been described as “whisper quiet” at 55 dB, making it the quietest high-speed handpiece on the market today. The lack of high-pitched noise means a more relaxed patient and thus a safer clinical working environment. The lighter, shorter, and quieter handpiece offers a precision feel during long, complex restorative procedures. Our team reports reduced forearm, hand, and finger fatigue. Why wouldn’t you want to use this on every patient for every procedure?

The Dale Carnegie organization teaches that “Success leaves clues.” Highly successful men and women in highly successful dental practices learn to innovate every day. These are three simple ideas that will lead to more dentistry, happier dentistry, and a more fulfilling working experience.

Mark Hyman, DDS, MAGD, received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill and his dental degree from the UNC School of Dentistry. Following a four-month internship in Israel, he completed the two-year oral medicine/general practice residency at UNC Hospital in Chapel Hill. He is an adjunct full professor at the UNC School of Dentistry, serves as advisory faculty at the Pankey Institute, and is an advocate for Spear Education.

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