Product spotlight: Officite dental marketing and website solutions

Dr. Maragliano-Muniz looks at Officite's latest offerings for dental practices, including call tracking, website development, and online marketing.

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As part of our 2017 Chicago Midwinter feature, Dr. Maragliano-Muniz looks at Officite's latest offerings for dental practices, including enhanced call tracking, next-generation dental website development, and proven strategies for online dental marketing.

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Officite dental marketing and website solutions

Chicago Midwinter booth No.: 1828

More information: or (877) 873-3974

Officite is a well-known and trusted technology leader that offers a full marketing solution for dental practices. They touch every point of the online patient journey to attract new patients to your website. How do they do it? Officite offers a full website and marketing evaluation, including website design and hosting, SEO improvement, a paid search program, solid online reputation building, and an easy onboarding process. In addition to their full line of products, they are now offering combined or stand-alone call-tracking packages and video-powered websites.

Interview with Brian Stach, vice president of sales, and Mike Magnesen, vice president of operations and client services

What is call tracking and how would it help out a dental practice?

Call tracking is a system where incoming calls from new patients are recorded and analyzed. We can now quantify how many calls come in from new patients each month and how many of those calls are converted into appointments. Your ROI can be calculated each month based on telephone calls alone! Our clients quickly learn that Officite practically pays for itself in new patients.

Why would I want to listen to a new patient telephone call?

Ideally, all telephone inquiries from prospective new patients should result in the booking of appointments. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. You may not realize that your staff is inadvertently turning patients away! Officite can listen to recorded calls and offer analysis. Our doctor portal allows doctors to retrieve these conversations and coach staff to represent their practices in the best possible light.

Video-powered websites sound exciting. Tell me more!

You can now improve visual appeal to your website with an animated hero banner. Most websites offer just photos. But we live in a world where videos are more interesting and effective for conveying information. In addition, people spend about 88% more time on websites that contain videos compared to websites that contain only still images. Websites with "just still photos" are no longer enough to hold prospective patients' attention. Modern dental offices are replacing their photos with videos to attract high quality patients.

Officite offers original web designs and engaging videos for all practice types, captivating prospective patients. View an example at

What should someone do for more information?

You can visit Officite's booth at Chicago Midwinter to see the latest in dental practice web design, call tracking, and ultimately attracting new patients. Call (877) 873-3974 to begin an assessment or just learn more! Or visit us at

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