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Product spotlight: Prexion Excelsior CBCT unit

Feb. 8, 2017
As part of our 2017 Chicago Midwinter feature, Dr. Salierno interviews the Prexion team about Excelsior, their latest CBCT unit.
Chris Salierno, DDS, Chief Dental Officer, Tend
As part of our 2017 Chicago Midwinter new products feature, Dr. Salierno interviews the Prexion team about Excelsior, their latest CBCT unit
Excelsior CBCT unit by Prexion
Chicago Midwinter Booth No.: 834
More information: prexion.com
Interview with the Prexion team
Your cone beam has the smallest focal spot on the market. Why is this important for your users?

Having the smallest focal point allows us to reconstruct the CBCT 3-D image with incredibly sharp clarity. A good analogy is drawing a picture with a felt-tip pen versus a ballpoint pen—the smaller the point, the finer and clearer the image. However, having the smallest focal spot is just one part of the equation when reconstructing the clarity and detail. Our new Excelsior CBCT couples the smallest focal spot (0.3 mm) with the following: a voxel size of 0.1–0.2, 1024 volume size, 360° gantry rotation, and advancements in our software. It is all of this working in concert that delivers our image.

Tell me about how your software is able to integrate into the rest of the practice digital workflow.

The Prexion software flawlessly integrates into our customer's network without any specialized hardware. Our Prexion3D Viewer can be installed on any Windows PC on the network, allowing scans to be viewed from any computer with no additional or annual viewer licensing fees. In addition, DICOM data can be sent from any computer for surgical guides or to a referring doctor. For doctors wanting to do implant planning, our viewing software includes the ability to easily and quickly map the mandibular nerve, assess bone quantity and quality, and determine the proper implant angulation and position.

Tell me how you approach training for your customers?

Every customer receives comprehensive in-office training by a certified Prexion trainer. For ongoing support, our regional and territory managers are also available in the field to assist our customers. In addition, we have courses held throughout the year and around the country, including our annual users conference. It's a two-day event featuring doctors who are leaders in applications utilizing cone beam technology. Prexion has developed an incredibly strong key opinion leader network to support us with customer training and expertise in every area of CBCT dentistry.

What has Prexion done to address the growing concerns with radiation exposure?

Because of the growing consumer concern about radiation dosages, we are excited that the Prexion Excelsior can deliver 30% lower radiation exposure without compromising image quality. This is possible because the Excelsior has advanced all-core CBCT technologies for image acquisition and reconstruction.

What segment of the dental industry is best served with your new Excelsior CBCT?

Because the Prexion Excelsior has 4 fields of view, multiple scan modes, bitewing capture, TMJ capture, and the cephalometric option, it is ideal for every dental specialty, including general dentists. The Excelsior has 48 preset scan mode options, making it completely customizable for every patient. Direct applications include relevancy in implantology, orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics, TMJ, airway analysis, and even ENT.

A warranty and tech support are critical for this kind of technology. What are you able to offer your users?

We are extremely proud of our service infrastructure. Because we have sold direct for 10 years in the US market, it was necessary to have the capacity in-house to ensure the highest levels of customer service. As we transition to work with our new distribution partners in 2017, this capacity will only expand and get stronger. With our new level of PreXion Concierge Service, we are expanding our service offerings to include inclusive educational opportunities. We have a dedicated technical support team available from 8:00 a.m. EST–8:00 p.m. EST Monday–Friday, and limited support on the weekends. All service calls are answered on first call or returned within 30 minutes. Our certified technicians can resolve most issues remotely and immediately, but in the rare instance a service call is required, we have field technicians nationwide. The Excelsior Pro offers a seven-year parts warranty.

About the Author

Chris Salierno, DDS | Chief Dental Officer, Tend

Chris Salierno, DDS, is a general dentist from Long Island, New York. He graduated from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine in 2005. Dr. Salierno lectures internationally on clinical dentistry, practice management, and leadership development. In 2017 he became a chief development officer with the Cellerant Consulting Group, and he was the chief editor of Dental Economics from 2014 to 2021. In 2021, he became the chief dental officer at Tend. He can be reached on Instagram @the_curious_dentist.

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