Traxodent Unit Dose

Product spotlight: Traxodent and interview with Premier Dental President and CEO Julie Charlestein

Feb. 8, 2017
As part of our 2017 Chicago Midwinter feature, Dr. Joshua Austin talks with Premier Dental President and CEO Julie Charlestein about the company's new BioCoat with SmartCap technology. Plus, a product update on Traxodent.  

In this portion of our 2017 Chicago Midwinter feature, Dr. Austin talks with Premier Dental President and CEO Julie Charlestein about the company's philosophy on new product development.

Plus, a snapshot of the company's new Traxodent unit dose capsules

Premier Dental

Chicago Midwinter booth No.: 3800

More information: (888) 670-6100 or

Traxodent unit dose capsules

At Chicago Midwinter, Premier will debut Traxodent in unit dose capsules. There are no changes to the award-winning product, just a new dispensing style. Each capsule is packaged in individual foils for maximum freshness.

Premier is also introducing a new unit dose dispenser. The lightweight, autoclavable, ergonomic dispenser has excellent reach into all areas of the mouth. For a limited time, a free unit dose dispenser is included with every Traxodent unit dose package.

Interview with Julie Charlestein, President and CEO, Premier Dental

Premier is a company you should get to know in the dental market. That's my advice after interviewing Julie Charlestein, president and CEO of Premier. Julie put Premier's place in the industry in context, and she also told me about a highly anticipated product launch at Chicago Midwinter. Read to learn more!

What is Premier's philosophy for product development, and what distinguishes the company from others in the market?

Meaningful innovation is at our core. It's a fundamental element of Premier's business-driving relevance through targeted innovation, select partnerships, brand strength, and human capital. It's what allows us to inspire solutions for daily dentistry, thus fulfilling the many and varied needs of dentists and hygienists every day.

This competence is reflected in the many market-leading brands that we continue to commercialize through our century in business. Our deep connections and capabilities allow us to launch innovative products like Traxodent, Enamelon, and Enamel Pro, while still maintaining market-leading positions with our undeniably proven offerings like Two Striper and RC-Prep. This is a unique position in the marketplace, and it proves that through our continued evolution we are able to build trust and strength with the dental practitioner.

When visiting Premier at Chicago Midwinter, what kinds of things should a general dentist investigate?

We always love interacting with dentists in Chicago and learning from them. These relationships are vital to us, and they inspire our product solutions.

Dentists have a wonderful opportunity for exploration with Premier at the show. Together, we are able to investigate the totality of the Premier line from restorative to preventive, and ascertain the needs that our products fulfill for each practitioner.

A major and exciting visual change that all will notice is our new look. We will be debuting a new logo, tag line, and many modern design elements—all tied into our position of "Inspired Solutions for Dentistry."

What new products are you debuting in Chicago?

This news is absolutely thrilling for us, as we are launching a true innovation: SmartCap. SmartCap is a technology based on microencapuslation. Essentially, these are tiny spheres that can be filled with many constituents (in this case, calcium, phosphate, and fluoride) and delivered to the tooth through a product matrix over time. Not only that, the microcapsules are recharged with fluoride every time the patients brush their teeth, thus allowing for continued protection. SmartCap is essentially Premier's "Intel Inside," a platform technology whose spheres will be incorporated into many dental materials.

The first proprietary material is BioCoat—a dental sealant with SmartCap. We are ecstatic about our work in this arena, and are looking forward to getting the ultimate protection on people's teeth through BioCoat with SmartCap technology. Please make sure to ask about it at the Premier booth. We can't wait to brag!

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