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March 1, 2009
Medium DV Mouthpiece from Isolite — This is my favorite isolation device. It gives me all I need to do my best dentistry ...
Medium DV Mouthpiece from Isolite
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Medium DV Mouthpiece from Isolite — This is my favorite isolation device. It gives me all I need to do my best dentistry: 1) adjustable suction to keep the field dry and the patient comfortable; 2) an integral bite block that provides the best field of vision and helps the patient avoid muscle spasms associated with trying to stay open; 3) an adjustable LED lighting level puts light right where you want it — in the mouth; 4) no more reaching for the operating light; 5) the tongue where it belongs — out of your way — and the cheek tab protects tissues from potential injury; and 6) complete isolation of upper and lower quadrants simultaneously in seconds. So, what more could you ask for? Well, it seems many of you have asked for more and Isolite listened. Jim and Tom Hirsch got to work and designed a new mouthpiece that answers your needs: the Medium DV Mouthpiece. Isolite's most popular mouthpiece was the medium size so they started there. You asked for a mouthpiece that goes deeper and takes care of saliva that pools in the vestibule. Isolite answers with the Medium DV (Deep Vestibule) mouthpiece that resembles the large mouthpiece for better tongue retraction, but still in the medium size. With the tongue comfortably out of your way, your working field is dry, bright, and better to work in than ever before. How about that excess saliva that tends to pool way in the back of the mouth? Isolite solves that with the addition of greater suction capacity that runs to the back of the mouthpiece to evacuate excess saliva. The Medium DV mouthpiece extends deeper into the floor of the mouth, giving you a much better seal in that area. To improve cheek retraction, Isolite put a large “whale's tail” in the posterior. That's the piece that goes behind the most posterior molar and pushes out the cheek. This is a no brainer. Order some of the Isolite Medium DV Mouthpieces now. What? You don't have an Isolite? Well, get one! I cannot practice dentistry without it and neither can my hygienists. Isolite allows your hygienist to do root planing and scaling without an assistant, so get one for her, too. You cannot lose: Isolite offers a risk-free, 30-day trial! Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

Herculite Ultra from Kerr
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Herculite Ultra from Kerr — This is a brand that has been around for 25 years, with multiple studies and research reports that affirm the quality of this product. I have used Herculite for years because of its performance and predictability. I used it because of the great wear resistance, good packing, polishing, and esthetic characteristics. But I had some issues with the handling of the original product. So while Herculite Ultra has many new benefits, the one that impresses me most is that the resin matrix now has a creamy, non-sticky consistency that makes handling and sculpting easy, and produces great esthetic results. There are three fillers — prepolymerized filler (PPF), nanoparticles (50 nm), and a submicron hybrid filler (0.4 µm) — that work together to achieve the ultimate in esthetics and strength. Herculite Ultra polishes quickly, easily, and beautifully with a long-lasting clinical luster for patient and doctor satisfaction. This material has true Vita® shade match to give you a great blending effect with surrounding tooth structure. Because of this blending effect, you often need only one shade to get the esthetic look you want. This simplified shading system, combined with high wear strength and mechanical properties based on the original Herculite's proven and time-tested durability, results in a nanohybrid composite that more than speaks to the legacy of the brand. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

Poli-Pro Disks™ Composite Polishing System from Premier
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Poli-Pro Disks™ Composite Polishing System from Premier — I have used metal-centered polishing sandpaper disks for years. I cannot even remember how many times I have ruined a composite polish. I then re-polish to correct it and hope I can save it without adding more composite and starting all over again. This is truly wasted time during a procedure. This is the type of problem that can seriously disrupt the schedule and easily put you 10 to 15 minutes behind, and you don't catch up until lunch or the end of the day. Now there is a better way. It involves a polishing system that provides a Safe-Center to protect that precious composite surface. It is Poli-Pro Disks, Premier's Composite Polishing System. I tried other systems but was not satisfied with the results. I bet you have done the same thing. Premier is a high-quality company that produces great products and stands behind them. So when they asked me to evaluate this new polishing system, I was happy to do so because I was pretty sure they were on to something. I was not disappointed. The Poli-Pro Disks actually are faster because there is a complete abrasive coverage of the disk surface. I am sure the increased speed of finishing is because I'm not worrying about marring the composite surface. The system is well set up with everything color-coded for easy selection of the single-use disks. They come in two sizes, 1/2 inch for greater efficiency, and 5/16 inch for better control in gingival areas. The disks are supplied in four grits: coarse, medium, fine, and extra fine. The medium disks come with the grit on either the upside or the downside. The Poli-Pro Disks are thin and flexible so they easily conform to tooth anatomy. Order them from your dealer (Premier has a trial kit with 35 disks and one mandrel) or visit for more information.

Vanish™ XT Extended Contact Varnish from 3M ESPE
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Vanish™ XT Extended Contact Varnish from 3M ESPE — My hygienist, Karen, and I were tired of dealing with sensitive teeth. Sometimes a patient would not allow me to do a restorative procedure because of a sensitive tooth in another area of the mouth. Karen deals with it much more than I do and we both have tried a lot of different treatments for sensitivity, but could not find a product that worked all the time until 3M ESPE sent me some Vanish™ XT to evaluate. Now we have the answer. Vanish™ XT is a site-specific, light-cured, durable, fluoride-releasing coating that provides an immediate layer of protection to relieve dentinal hypersensitivity. It is a resin-modified glass ionomer that delivers fluoride, calcium, and phosphate. It protects exposed, sensitive root surfaces, especially newly cleaned surfaces following scaling and root planing. Vanish XT varnish remains on the tooth for six months or longer, and is moisture tolerant so there is no need to dry or pre-treat the root surface. It does not require the use of a rubber dam, but Karen is already using an Isolite so the site is isolated. The “XT” in the product name reflects the long-lasting durability with fluoride release. Occluding dentinal tubules in-office provides immediate relief from pain associated with the movement of fluid through open tubules. So, this solves my problems and Karen's problems with sensitivity. In addition to creating a protective layer on exposed dentin, Vanish XT varnish has been shown to both penetrate and seal tubules. It also protects the tooth surface from acid attack. In-vitro tests demonstrate that the coating creates a barrier against demineralization and acid erosion, provides protection beyond the coating, and helps repair demineralized enamel adjacent to the coating. Vanish XT varnish contains fluoride and is “recharged” by fluoride toothpaste. So, your patients not only get the protection of a physical barrier, they also get the benefit of long-term fluoride delivery. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

Aquasil Ultra Xtra Smart Wetting® Impression Material from Dentsply Caulk
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Aquasil Ultra Xtra Smart Wetting® Impression Material from Dentsply Caulk — I have been in this situation a few times and know most of you have as well: You're doing a multiprep impression (it doesn't matter how many) and it has taken you longer than you thought to get the light-bodied material into place. Your assistant is standing there ready with a tray full of the heavy-bodied material. You look at the wash where you started and it looks strange, as if it has started to set. Do you rush to place the tray, or start over? Of course, you start over. Caulk's new impression material with the long name is destined to be helpful in these situations by giving you more time. “Xtra” means extra time. When taking multiple-unit impressions, Aquasil Ultra Xtra Impression Material provides ample syringing time (one minute, 45 seconds), while providing the same advantages as Aquasil Ultra. The working and setting characteristics are matched perfectly to produce a system that combines a syringable light-body wash that provides extra working time with a medium-body tray material. This impression material is also user friendly after it sets. It offers easy, intact separation from the mouth and great tear strength in the wash material, which helps keep even thin margins intact. It has a nice mint flavor that shows your patients you care. If you haven't tried Caulk's B4® Pre-impression Surface Optimizer, you are missing out on a great product. B4 prepares the surface of the tooth for the impression. It penetrates deep into the sulcus, which allows low-viscosity wash material to flow into hard-to-reach areas. You get consistent results with less stress and more gingival detail. As your lab works with your Aquasil Ultra Xtra impressions, the material's long-lasting stability helps them provide you with a restoration that fits. Order from your dealer or visit for more information.

Aquasil Ultra Xtra Smart Wetting® Impression Material from Dentsply Caulk

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