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What to see at the 2016 ADA Meeting

Sept. 22, 2016

Booth 2663

Align Technology

The new iTero Element digital scanner delivers intuitive functionality. iTero scanners have been used in more than 1.2 million restorative crown, bridge, and custom implant abutment cases. Doctors have performed more than 2.7 million iTero orthodontic scans, including more than 1 million Invisalign scans to date. Plus, iTero scanners communicate directly with the Invisalign system and are the only scanners with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator-enabling patients to visualize their unique Invisalign treatment options during consultation.

October 20-24 | Denver, Colorado

Each fall, the ADA Annual Meeting delights the dental world as exhibitors showcase new products and services. Here are some of the best bets to see when you're in the Mile High City this year.

Booth 2004

Dentsply Sirona

Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting Impression Material has been optimized to address critical clinical performance areas. Market-leading intraoral hydrophilicity is formulated to help clinicians avoid trapping fluid while the material is syringed into the mouth. Market-leading intraoral tear strength helps ensure details and margins remain intact while the material is being removed from the mouth. To learn more about the Aquasil Ultra+ material's no compromise between wettability, strength, speed, and delivery, visit aquasilultraplus.com or call (800) 832-2855.

Booth 2636

Bisco Dental Products

Core-Flo DC Lite is a dual-cured, fluoride-containing core material that is dispensed with an auto-mix dual-syringe.

Core-Flo DC Lite's optimal self-leveling viscosity allows for excellent adaption resulting in gap-free margins when replacing natural dentition with a direct core build-up. In addition, the clinician can cement the post and build up the core. Core-Flo DC Lite is available in Natural/AI and Opaque White shades.

Booth 916

CAO Group

The Sheer White! Teeth Whitening System includes in-office whitening strips with 20% hydrogen peroxide and take-home whitening strips with 20% carbamide peroxide. Use in-office and take-home strips together or independently. Speech is normal and the wearer can drink water during use. Sheer White! works with saliva to create a seal, reducing leakage and maximizing uptake. See an average of eight shade changes in five days with the full system. For information, call (877) 236-4408 or visit sheerwhitestrips.com.

WaveOne Gold Reciprocating Files allow most cases to be shaped safely and efficiently with a single file. The metallurgy is visibly enhanced with a gold thermal treatment that delivers greater flexibility, increased resistance to cyclic fatigue, and improved cutting efficiency. The four file sizes cover a wider range of canal morphologies. The files are complemented by corresponding absorbent points, gutta-percha, and obturators. For more information, visit dentsply.com or call (800) 662-1202.

Booth 2642

Carestream Dental

The CS 3600 intraoral scanner works the way you do with three task-specific workflows to choose from: restorative, orthodontic, and implant. Fast, continuous scanning increases patient comfort, eliminates the need to manipulate buttons, and produces accurate digital impressions. High-definition 3-D images improve your communication with patients, practices, and labs. For more information, visit carestreamdental.com.

Booth 1414

Henry Schein

Industry-leading Dentrix Enterprise from Henry Schein is centralized practice management software that helps multisite practices achieve standardization and harness economies of scale. Considering practice management software? Learn more about Dentrix Enterprise at DentrixEnterprise.com/DE, or talk to a Henry Schein representative by calling (844) 898-0904.

Booth 1024

GC America

GC America is excited to announce the October 2016 launch of G-CEM LinkForce resin cement in the United States. From inlays, onlays, and veneers to CAD/CAM prosthetics, the choice between different types of restorations has become wider. With substrates such as zirconia, lithium disilicate, and hybrid ceramics, mastering all the cementation procedures is now a difficult challenge. G-Cem LinkForce resin cement is your solution.

Booth 1016

Henry Schein Business Solutions

You can't manage what you can't measure. With a Dental Practice Pro business management dashboard, you can measure and manage all aspects of your practice in one central location. You can view an immediate snapshot of your critical practice metrics, including patient statistics, practice revenue, financial expenses, employee forms, office documentation, and much more, from anywhere at any time. To learn more, visit HSDBPS.com or call (855) 801-1125.

Booth 3621


The IMS Infinity Series Cassette from Hu-Friedy features a new modern design with an innovative hole pattern and silicone rail system that significantly increases exposure to hard-to-reach areas of instruments during reprocessing, creating an optimal environment for cleaning and sterilization. The cassettes are compatible with all cleaning equipment, including automated washers. IMS is the perfect solution to protect your investment in Hu-Friedy instrumentation. To learn more about the IMS Infinity Cassette Series, go to hu-friedy.com/ims.

Booth 1205

Ivoclar Vivadent

SpeedCem Plus self-curing resin cement is ideal for the cementation of restorations made of zirconium oxide. It's also suited for cementation of restorations made of metal ceramics and on implant abutments. Unlike other products, it allows for a complete and uniform light cure. SpeedCem has strong self-curing capabilities that provide an additional measure of safety when seating restorations that are opaque or impervious to light. The cleanup is fast and simple. For more information, visit ivoclarvivadent.us.

Booth 1414 (Henry Schein)


The new i-CAT FLX V-Series is the first series of upgradable and dedicated 3-D CBCT imaging solutions. These products enable practices to drive practice growth and expansion with the confidence of knowing their investments can expand with them. The i-CAT FLX V-Series is affordable, starting at under $90,000. It provides no offset scanning, 2-D dedicated pan, enhanced low-dose and ultra-low-dose imaging, and much more. Learn more by visiting


Booth 2202


Announcing the new Minnow Polishers from Microcopy, the "go-anywhere" polishers! Perfectly suited for single-patient use, Minnow Polishers provide just the right fit when accessing pits, fissures, and tooth anatomy that larger polishers just can't reach. Their small sizes provide an efficient and economical answer for finishing off all classes of restorations using today's nanocomposite. Plus, they will not crumble with use. For a sample, visit our booth, go to MicrocopyDental.com/sample, or call (800) 235-1863.

Booth 2300


Brush & Bond Universal provides significantly higher bond strengths to dentin and enamel in addition to impressive adhesion to metal alloys. Included in the kit is the popular Ea-Z-y Primer, Parkell's porcelain-priming system containing MDP and silane for enhancing the bond strengths to restorative resins and dental ceramics. Use this all-inclusive kit for all of your restorative needs. For more information or to order, call Parkell at (800) 243-7446 or visit parkell.com.

Booth 1147

Oral Arts Dental Laboratories

The BiteSoft Anterior Splint from Oral Arts Dental Laboratories is the choice for eliminating headaches; jaw or neck pain from bruxism or TMJ; and preventing chipped teeth. Occlusal load is distributed over four lower anterior teeth, reducing the force of clenching by up to 70%. In addition, there is a decreased chance for permanent mandibular shift, chair time is minimized, and a reduced vertical opening increases comfort of the custom-fitted splint. For more information, call (866) 395-6649 or visit oralartsdental.com.

Booth 1021


The Planmeca Fit Open CAD/CAM System is a complete chairside restorative system allowing you to scan, design, mill, and place metal-free indirect restorations in a single dental visit. Planmeca Fit's easy-to-use intraoral scanner, combined with the unparalleled precision of the mill, provides uncompromised clinical results. The Planmeca Fit is "open" so scans and designs can be shared with other technologies or dental professionals for cooperative planning, or sent to dental laboratories for advanced fabrication. Learn more at planmeca.com.


SecureTip is the only saliva ejector designed with a locking mechanism to eliminate the possibility of the tip dislodging from its suction line. Its unique design allows it to screw securely into the valve, resulting in an ejector that functions like a single bonded piece. This prevents slips, drops, and the need to replace O-rings, which saves both time and money. SecureTip saliva ejectors are ergonomically designed with a soft head to ensure patient comfort.

Booth 1614


Septocaine (articaine HCl 4% and epinephrine) is available in a 1:100,000 or 1:200,000 ratio. For more information, call (800) 872-8305 or visit septodontusa.com.

Booth 637

St. Renatus

Kovanaze (tetracaine HCl and oxymetazoline HCl) nasal spray is the first product that allows for dental anesthesia to be administered through a nasal spray and without using a needle. Kovanaze is indicated for regional anesthesia when performing restorative procedures on teeth Nos. 4-13 and A-J in adults and children weighing 40 kg or more. For information, call (800) 770-9400 or visit st-renatus.com.

Booth 2261

Shofu Dental Corporation

The Attachment Removal Kit for Clear Aligners from Shofu Dental is a complete system for minimally invasive and effective removal of orthodontic attachments created with direct resin composites. The instruments and removal protocol incorporated into this kit will help dental professionals safely remove the attachment "buttons" and restore surfaces of teeth in a quick and efficient manner. For more information, visit shofu.com/en.

Booth 1837


The Jiffy Universal Ceramic Finishing System is the only universal finishing system for high-strength ceramics. All of the system's adjustors and polishers work interchangeably on porcelain, lithium disilicate, and zirconia. The Jiffy Universal system features Ultradent's specially formulated diamond grit, providing optimal smoothness and outstanding polishing results. The multigrit diamond particles allow for effective adjustment of ceramics for a high-gloss finish. To learn more, call (800) 552-5512 or visit ultradent.com.

Booth 1411


Admira Fusion is the world's first all-ceramic-based direct universal restorative. Based on Voco's evolutionary nano-ORMOCER technology, Admira Fusion is a technological breakthrough as a direct restorative. It offers many advantages compared to composites, including up to 50% lower shrinkage and shrinkage stress, improved esthetics and handling, and a new level of biocompatibility-as it contains no classic monomers. Admira Fusion comes in both syringes and capsules. It is available in 18 shades, including three different opacities.

Ionolux represents the newest generation in the resin-modified glass ionomer product category. Light-cured with composite-like esthetics, Ionolux offers the benefits of glass ionomer technology with fluoride release without making esthetics secondary. Additionally, Ionolux comes in a self-activating capsule and is immediately packable with non-stick handling for easy application and placement. Available in five shades, Ionolux is making old new again!

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